Fedor-Rogers MMA Strikeforce fight one of the weekend’s biggest events

Fedor Emelianko was bloodied less than a minute into the Strikeforce MMA bout, but he still came out the victor with one big shot/blow to the head of Brett Rogers and then it was all over, but this might have been the most exciting/interesting sporting event of the entire weekend.

Pound-for-pound, Fedor might just be the best fighter alive today. That is the word that Gus Johnson was putting out there, and I for one, have to agree with Gus.

I have not seen anyone that can take this guy, Fedor Emelianko…..Brock Lesnar couldn’t take Fedor, but I would love to see him try. Big Brett Rogers, gave it try, but he went down like a sack of potatoes…..

Did anyone else see this fight?

You would have to think that it drew very good ratings for CBS and it was so much better than anything that Kimbo Slice could muster up. Slice just couldn’t cut it, but this Fedor Emelianko-Brett Rogers fight was Pay-per View quality coming into your living room at no charge.

The MMA bouts of this magnitude make pro wrestling look like a Cub Scout meeting with The Three Stooges on board for the main entertainment….

How can we even attempt to compare WWE and MMA? There is simply no comparison. The WWE is good entertainment if you don’t have an alternative, but with the MMA, there is an alternative and it is for the real fight enthusiast who has a certain level of sporting intelligance.

Give us more of Fedor!!!!! He is the best in the fight business today…….

from Wade Keller at www.pwtorch.com:

The widest base of potential viewers for any Fedor Emelianenko fight in history lived up to expectations. The fighter widely regarded as the best MMA fighter in the world this decade stood a tough test from the undefeated, much-larger top contender Brett Rogers, but finished Rogers with a nasty roundhouse nearly two minutes into the second round.

Rogers, a St. Paul, Minn. native who quickly rose through the rankings, entered 10-0 and left 10-1, but perhaps with more respect in the MMA community. He bloodied Fedor’s nose in the opening seconds, pummeled him on the mat and seemed to have him trouble later in the round, and survived some strong punches and submission attempts by Fedor in an exciting, dramatic, back-and-forth first round that had the Chicago crowd rocking.

After the fight, Fedor said he learned a lot about Rogers in the first round and took that knowledge with him into the second, where he exploited what he saw as a weakness, a splaying of his legs during stand-up. Fedor took Rogers down with lightning fast, powerful lunging left roundhouse punch. A few seconds later referee John McCarthy stepped in to stop the fight as Fedor appeared ready to pummel a stunned Rogers with damaging blows on the mat.

Rogers afterward could barely contain himself, saying he wanted a rematch. In fact, he seemed ready for a rematch at that second. He said next time he wouldn’t hold back. He said he doubted himself and it slowed his aggressiveness. Fedor won over the crowd, although at one point “Fedor” chants were drowned out by “USA” chants as Rogers had earned the crowd’s respect after round one.


  1. Fedor, with face bloodied, managed to case his strategically inferior opponent and ultimately prevail.

    I don’t think (based on appearances) that he’d fare as well against his female interpreter.

  2. I did watch the fight..because I had heard all the hoopla about Fedor and honestly wasn’t that impressed…..Rodgers handled him the whole fight before getting tagged with the one right hand. That was a pretty nasty gash that Fedor ended up with on his nose!! It was a good fight…but I think Lesnar would overpower him, although he’d have to stay away from submissions. If Fedor really wanted to prove himself, he’d have signed with UFC..not Strikeforce where the “legend” can continue to be built fighting tomato cans.

  3. That female interpreter looked as if she had Gus Johnson a bit worried about his own safety. She might be the #2 contender behind Brett Rogers.

    Why don’t they teach these guys to speak English. If we can learn to speak Spanish and French, why don’t they have the fighters take a few English classes in the morning before they hit their workouts in the afternoon.

    We should not pay these champions until they can request their US Dollars by of US communication…..Fire the interpreter and hire an English teacher…..

    Let’s not take anything away from Brett Rogers. He put up a great fight until he left himself standing wide open for that roundhouse from Fedor. As Bamm Bamm mentioned, Rogers was able to open up Fedor and I still have to believe that Fedor Emelianko is the greatest fighter in the world.

    Fedor reminds me of a white Mike Tyson, back in Mike’s early days. Fedor is like a Russian tank. I had heard of him, but had never seen him before Saturday evening’s fight. CBS was fortunate to get this one into Prime Time and I hope they can get more of these….

    Bring on Lesnar……….This would be better than a Starcade match with Nikita Koloff vs. Magnum TA…….

    Does anyone still do wrestling on Thanksgiving evening??????Chris Plano or Tim Blaze/Woody where are you man?

  4. Ageed, Andy, Fedor reminds me of Mike Tyson from the 1980s, mainly in terms of sheer excitement and brute savage force. You could feel the electricity from the crowd come through the tv set. A spectacular ending from a spectacular fighter!

  5. You are right on the money CJ. Fedor is the NEXT BIG THING in sports and that fight Saturday night was almost as good as the Hearns-Hagler fight at the Greensboro Coliseum back in the 80’s……

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