Pizza Hut Invitational Basketball Tournament Seedings and Pairings

Posted seedings and pairings:

► 2009 Women’s Seeds:
1. Northwest Guilford
2. Smith High School
3. Northern Guilford
4. Page High School
5. Ragsdale High School
6. Grimsley High School
7. Northeast Guilford
8. Greensboro Day School

► 2009 Men’s Seeds:
1. Greensboro Day School
2. Grimsley High School
3. Northwest Guilford
4. Northern Guilford
5. Ragsdale High School
6. Northeast Guilford
7. Page High School
8. Smith High School

Pizza Hut Invitational

MEN’S Tournament Schedule

Dec. 31 Jan. 1 Jan. 2

#1- Greensboro Day
Game 1- 1:00 pm
Court 1
#8 Smith

#4 Northern
Game 2- 4:30 pm
Court 1
#5 Ragsdale

#3 Northwest
Game 3- 11:30 am
Court 1
#6 Northeast

#2 Grimsley
Game 4- 3:00 pm
Court 1
#7 Page

Day Two(Jan. 1):
Game 6
1 seed vs. 8 seed winner vs. 4 v 5 winner on Court 1 at 7pm
Game 5
3 seed vs. 6 seed winner vs. 2 v 7 winner on Court 1 at 5:15pm

Day Three(Jan. 2):
Game 5 winner vs. Game 6 winner in the Championship game on Court 1 at 7:30pm……..

Pizza Hut Invitational

WOMEN’S Tournament Schedule

Dec. 31 Jan. 1 Jan. 2

#1 Northwest
Game 13- 4:00 pm
Court 2
#8 Greensboro Day

#4 Page
Game 14- 12:30 pm
Court 2
#5 Ragsdale

#3 Northern
Game 15- 11:00 am
Court 2
#6 Grimsley

#2 Smith
Game 16- 2:00 pm
Court 2
#7 Northeast

Day Two(Jan. 1):
Game 17 #1 seed vs. #8 seed winner vs. 4 v 5 winner on Court 1 at 3:15 pm
Game 18 #3 seed vs. #6 seed winner vs. 2 v 7 winner on Court 1 at 1:30 pm

Day Three(Jan. 2)
Game 17 winner vs. Game 18 winner for the Championship on Court 1 at 5:30 pm………


  1. Thanks! I am a little confused on the schedule though. I think the format didnt come out right. It is hard to tell who plays who and the time.

  2. I hope that is clearer for you now with the old:(Day One Dec. 31)
    1 v 8
    4 v 5
    3 v 6 and
    2 v 7……

    The times will be a little earlier than usual on New Years Eve and New Years Day with the formula after day one going:

    1v8 winner vs. 4v5 winner(Day Two Jan. 1)
    3v6 winner vs. 2v7 winner

    And then you have the winners of those two games meeting in the finals….(Day Three Jan. 2)

    Just remember Day One and Day Two times are a little earlier than usual due to Holidays….

    Championship Game times are 5:30 and 7:30

    The late game on Dec 31. is 4:30pm and on Jan. 1 it is 7pm…..

  3. thanks Andy! guess I wasnt patient enough. It’s all clear now. The girls seeds is looking like a NWG/Smith or NG championship. The boys is looking like a GD/Grimsley or Page championship. Gonna be interesting on both sides. There is usually an upset every year. I wonder who it will be this year.

  4. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, those three NWG Vikings(Bennett, McIntosh and Flores) are really something special…I would take them on my team any day of the week.

    They really have a good understanding of the game.

    The Smith girls can fly with DuBose and they are very athletic inside with Wilkerson.

    The Northern girls are deep and getting deeper with Amanda Coffer joining in.

    The Grimsley boys are young and deep with Carter Gourley set to be the senior leader and Lee Sweeney the garbage man….He’ll clean up and Greensboro Day is so deep, how do you get around that defense that they throw up?

    For GDS, part of their power comes from Smith, Shelton and Johnson Jr., the coaching staff……….

  5. I have seen the 3 NWG players play all summer. Those girls are good. McIntosh is gonna be fierce at point and her 3’s are deep and almost perfection. Bennett cannot be left alone no where on the perimeter. Floures is a shooter anywhere on the court. I can see why they have the No 1 seed. But the top 3 seeds are going to be the ones to watch. But I will predict an upset somewhere among the 8. For the boys, NG just got a whole lot better with Keenan Allen and Maurice Harris. Not only are they great fball players, they very good basketball players too! I watched Maurice play JV @ NEG and he was dunkin as a freshman. Seen both of them play AAU bball and athleticism oozes from their blood. With key returners Frye, Mcbeth, Berry they are sure to be contenders.

  6. Boy they better be glad that the BIG D women are not playing in that tournament! They would run the table and draw a better crowd! Northern girls played us last year and we had the second team in before the first quarter was over! We are waiting on NWG! Lets see how the BIG THREE handle that mano e mano type of intensity!

  7. Andy,

    What do you think about the seedings?

    I can see Smith being in 7th or 8th because they finished 7th and
    Northeast finished 8th. How did Page Drop to 7th and how did Northeast
    move up to 6th from 8th last year.

    Have you visited with Page, Northeast or Smith I would be good to have a
    summary like you received from Dudley.

  8. Page lost Finney, Brooks, Oates, and Weethee from last years team. Stacy Greene returns from last year along with Jon Spain and De’Mone Harrison.

    The Pirates will be young this season, with a number of sophomores contributing minutes.

  9. I did a detailed report on Page last week. I think Page did lose a load of players, but Coach Kent will bring this team along with young guards in the backcourt with Stacey Greene and Spain and Harrison up front.

    Greene, Kent, Eaves, Harrison, Spain and we need some depth here…..

    I have not hit NEG or Smith as of yet, but I hope to. Smith has been a real unknown in boy’s basketball lately but their girl’s team in set for a break-out season.

    I was at Western last night for their scrimmage with Eastern and High Point Central and Western has two former Northeast players that have joined the Hornets in Antwan “Tweezie” Wilkerson and Mike McCleese….Both are contributors and Wilkerson can be a game-changer.

    I will have to do my research on NEG and Smith and get it up here on the site…

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