Friday Night Postponed Live Scoring 11-14-09

Updated 9:43/11:35 – Field Reports are still coming in.

Smith (5-7) – 20
at Dudley (11-1) – 47

East Mecklenburg (7-5) – 50
at Page (9-3) – 28

Watauga (6-6) – 0
at Ragsdale (12-0) – 31

Crest (7-5) – 27
at Northeast Guilford (8-4) – 14

Eastern Guilford (4-8) – 7
at South Johnston (11-1) – 10

Southern Guilford (5-6) –
at Havelock (10-1) –*****Still set for Monday at 7pm.*****

From Western Guilford Fan:
Western Guilford (5-7) – 0
at Mount Tabor (9-3) – 14

Friday Night Scores
Asheboro – 14
at Northern Guilford 63

High Point Central – 14
at Glenn – 13

Kinston – 21
High Point Andrews – 20

Richmond County – 42
Northwest Guilford – 7


  1. Tough loss for the Pirates but a great season! Still trying to fathom a pass on 1st and goal on the 4 that gets intercepted. Also trying to figure out why are backs are lining up 10-15 yards off their receivers, they have been doing that all year it was only a matter of time before it killed us. East Meck has a running back #22 Ronald Howard I believe was his name…smoked us left and right. Kid had a lot of speed and we could not stop it. East Meck was killing us on the quick out and running the RBs in the flat. They will face Olympic next week, who lost their QB to a broken clavicle in the game on Friday. I expect to see East Meck in the third round meeting Butler. Once again, great season Pirates!

  2. Page has no D. #18 throws 2 costly interceptions in first half. Instead of going up 21-7 at half, its 14-14. All EM in 2nd half. Drew Rogers only bright spot for Page.

  3. As I said last week after the SEG game….Page had some really obvious weaknesses exposed last week against a much smaller team……sounds like East Meck watched the films and learned how to take advantage. I kind of thought they might go to the second round though.

  4. I went into this game with no high hopes. East Meck is playing the best of the best. Their record and seed are very deceptive…losses coming from Butler, Indy, Mallard Creek, Providence and the Myers Park. 4 out of 5 losses to top level NC teams. My issue is still with the secondary and our backs. We were lining 10-15 yards off against Northern Durham in the beginning of the season and they smoked our secondary. Ragsdale smoked our secondary once again lining 10-15 yards off, Dudley too, and East Meck.

  5. I have seen Page play a few times this year and they were the most OVERRATED team in guilford county.

  6. @ Emily–

    You’re right! I talked to Drew earlier this afternoon and I mentioned Meck’s record. he told me that was deceiving because they lost to pretty good teams.

    My guys were simply outplayed tonight. Toward the end of the second quarter, they came unhinged and it affected them mentally. On another note, I only wondered why they didn’t use some of the players they moved up from JV for defense–at least in the last few minutes of the second quarter/first half!!!

    I told Drew all season, the game is 10% physical and 90% mental.

    Whelp, they took it as far as they could. I’m now gearing up for next season. With Drew, Thuc, Devonta running the offense and Tyshaun (Debo) Brooks, Shawn Workinger, Ed Britt, Christian Cranford, Blake Hickman (all sophomores this year) it should be an exciting season for the Pirates.

  7. 27-14 Crest is the final. The scores that I just got from the AP are still listing Havelock and SG as postponed.

  8. I’m going to get this cheesy statement out of the way 1st….I see Keenan playing in Kenan for a State Championship!

  9. Northwest got crushed 42-7 at Rockingham. Think Rockingham run up thee score. Saw in the Charlotte Observer where there were many teams that scored over 40 points.

  10. Can we drop the whole running up the score thing? Northwest didn’t have a very good team, but things may be different next year depending on how well they blend that JV talent. Page definitely has something to look forward to also. James Summers may be the most talented ‘returning’ skill position player in Guilford County.

  11. Good call Ross…I heard last night that Sun Valley had won the game, but the NCHSAA site did not have and the N&R did not have it. I was just looking for that final. You must have found it at the High Point Enterprise or at

    I was just getting ready to head over to the HPE.

    Thanks for the score and that means Sun Valley will be coming to Jamestown to meet Ragsdale on Friday.

    Thanks again….

  12. Dear FB Fan,

    Why would you see Page play a few times this season if you think they are so overrated?
    Whey would you waste your precious time?
    With an 8-2 season I think that they were in no way overrated. Ragsdale and Dudley beat them and they have outstanding teams in their own right.
    Also the Page JV went 10 – 0 – undefeated – so watch for a lot of talent at Page over the next few years.

  13. I am reposting Andy’s post addressing Northern Guilford and running up the score. Take from it what you want, but I don’t have an issue with NG and scoring 63.

    Northern took a knee at the one-yard late in the 4th Quarter and they did the same thing earlier on a two-point conversion.

    The backups were scoring and the freshman kid TJ Logan #19 had two TDâ€s and this kid is going to be real good as is the backup QB Daniel Downing, a lefthander.

    Logan has talent and he had 6TDâ€s in an NG JV game this year. Northern could have scored 100 if they wanted to.
    Posted by Andy

  14. Why are people bashing these kids who go out and play hard every Friday. Good job pirates and all of the teams whose season has ended. Go Panthers

  15. At first I knoew Northern was good but had no idea they would be as good as they are. Great coaching and players. Believe it or not they have some freshmen that are going to be as good as the players now. They have a freshman running back that is very talented and will probably be a D1 prospect as well. Score as much as you want . Do not quit give it all. Good luck Northern. Coach Roscoe came from South Carolina and is heads and shoulders the best coach in this area.

  16. Now that the real teams are left Dudley,Ragsdale and Northern, lets get down to business:

    Dudley is playoff savy with an excellent coach who knows how to win big games. They have a tough defense that make plays at the right time and an offense that has gotten better. In a close game they can establish a long drive to win. They shut down Northern who have been derailing everyone to 7 points. Below average quarterbacks will not beat a Dudley team. Ragsdale quarterback is above average and have the pocket presence to really lead a team. That is one reason they were able to give Dudley their only season loss. Dudley could win State again in a season when many thought they would lose at least three to four games.

    Ragdale has been on a role and have gotten back the swagger that they use to have with the likes of Baker, Brown and company. They play well and have the right type of quaterback in Havner who has the pocket presence that does not rely on extroidinary athletes to bail him out. There 12-0 record is no fluke because they did beat the best in Dudley. They shut out their last opponent and appear to be on a roll. Will they run into the Panthers again? Most of Duley fans are hoping they do. Most of Ragsdale fans are not.

    Northern team has put up some very impressive numbers by scoring over 40 points in just about every game. Most games are over by half do to the fact that Alabama signee Keenan Allen has scored about three times. Maurice Harris gives them another dynamic weapon at the wide receiver spot wher he has the ability to out jump or catch short passes and turn them into six points. Northern could run the table because of those two college bound prospects. If Northern gets into a game where they are trailing by two touchdowns or more, look for Keenan to become the quarterback to create pressure on the defense and to make things happen. So far they have not had to do that except against Dudley in a game where the Panthers defense pretty much had shut them down until Keenan hit Maurice with a touchdown pass. They still could be State champions this time with no controversy!

    Reidsville is in a class by themselves. They beat everybody bad. They are the one team that I see that could upset a Dudley if they were to play and it has nothing to do with what class that they are in. They win over there and have a history of winning. Reidsville fans would want this game more than the Panthers. They will win the State Championship again eventhough they loss lost their previous head coach to the college ranks. Great program over there.

  17. Here are the winners and losers in the playoffs:

    Eastern Guilford: Any time you start a season 0-5 and still make the playoffs by not giving up, shows a great deal of character by the players and coaches. Then you take your best athlete Josh Morehead who has never played the position and say “Its on your shoulders”. That takes guts. Then top that off with coming up a 1/2 yard from beating the Number #1 seed team that was sporting a 10-1 record by losing 10-7 on the road. I say this squad can walk around with their heads held very high and so can the coaches.

    Western Guilford: Losing 14-7 shows that you were in the game and a break here and there and things could have been different. Never the less you showed up and you played the game. The team showed character and discipline which is imprortant. Your quarterback is one of the best in the area and give WG a great thing to build on next year. Winning 7 games next year is more than possible.


    Northwest Guilford: This team totally collapsed during the second half of the season. They were terrible in their conference. Many were touting them early on because of how Dillon was running. This team lacked speed at the speed positions and must find away to change that. They got battered at Richmond County which no one expected them to win any way and not even their players or fans thought so. Something about NWG that starts great but never finishes. Maybe Darlene Joyner girls team will change that this year.

    Page: They must have been still thinking about what happen at Dudley versus this playoff game. They forgot that Dudley lately have been winning State Championships and it is very hard to take the heart of a champion. They had everything in their favor. Home field advantage! Great Weather! Maybe they should have watched GRID IRON and brought a heart with them at the game. The Page of the early days would not have let that happen. I guess most of the players are staying over in the Dudley area and not getting bus like the old days. 50-28 at home is never good no matter which way one may want to slice it. 8-4 season now seems more like a 4-8 season because of the way that they got manhandled. The good note is that with another season of seasoning their returning quarterback could be one of the areas best.

  18. Football Man…..

    I see most of your points but I have to disagree with you on Ragsdale vs Dudley Part 3. If you are a competitor, you don’t care who or where. As a matter of fact, you want to play the best. Dudley is back to back State Champs. Ragsdale wants what they have. There’s no better way to get it than to role into the Panther’s back yard and make them a stepping stone on the way to the title. I don’t think Ragsdale will be upset about having to play Dudley @ Dudley. I think they’ll be motivated and focused. It’s bring your A game or go home. In order to be Da Man….you gotta beat Da Man.

  19. Not that it matters a whole bunch, because Page is still feeling lost after their loss against East Meck, but their final record is 9-3 and not 8-4.

    I will say this though, I have seen the kids who are coming back and who are coming up in the Page program. These kids will have the heart that you said you seen lacking this year. These kids like James and Drew who can carry a team by themselves will be back and ready, not to mention Will Foxx who plays both o-line and d-line.

    I’m excited to be a Page fan, because they have some other great players coming back as well, such as Thuc, JD, DJ, Christian, DeSean Stewart, Shawn Workinger, Ambrose, and Aaron. But you better believe that James, Drew, and Will probably have the biggest hearts of any three players that I’ve witnessed. When you see some of these kids have tears in their eyes after they gave it their all against Dudley but came up short, well, I would say that is heart. I believe these three kids will set the example, the tone, and the leadership for these younger kids that had been lacking there. I believe the coaches did what they could, because you have to have players who care and love the team more than they love themselves. With some of the stories that I’ve heard, well, I can’t say that some of these kids loved the team more than they loved themselves. You will not see one ounce of selfishness in James, Drew, and Will. You will see the heart next year, and I will promise you that. These boys want the ball in their hands, because they want to win and want to do everything they can for the team to help them win. These boys have that Michael Jordan want the ball at the last second attitude. So, with these three players coming back next year, I believe you will start to see a whole different club at Page. These boys will be bringing that swagger back to Page. The team this year may have been overrated as you say, but 9-3 is still a damn good season. Go Page!

  20. Damon

    I agree with what both of you and the other posted stated. Do not misinterpret what I wrote as far as ” Bring a Heart” in a quote from the movie Grid Iron. Sure all the players have hearts or they would not even attempt to play. You were right when you said that they were 9-3 instead of 8-4 my mistake. Now here is something that is not a mistake. Everyone has got to take their game to the next level or this time next year, more tears will flow and it will not be tears of joy. That is when you keep it real with kids and they respect that more. At least the true ball players do.

  21. Football man,

    I agree with your comments about the teams that are left. The cream is rising to the
    top. As far as Kennan playing QB. He has taken snaps in just about every game this year.
    Especially in those games which were close or when NG was trailing which Has not been
    very often this year. Roscoe is smart He wants the ball in Kennan’s hands when the game
    is tight or he needs someone to make a play and I don’t blame him.
    I am not sure who NG will face 3rd or 4th round but they could very easily go all the way.
    The Logan kid is going to be a good one as well for sure D1 material maybe Oregon or Clemson will come calling.

    AS far as your winners and losers section unless your playing this coming friday night
    your a loser. No shoulda coulda woulda gets you anything at this point.
    Put it behind you and get ready for next season. Looking ahead Page, Western NWG and EG will all be tough next year, but that’s next year. Good luck to Dudley, Ragsdale, Reidsville and Northern.

  22. Followup

    I do not know if I would reference the word smart in this scenario. I would say that the coach is wise to make sure Keenan gets the ball. When I look at quarterbacks at this level, I ask could this particular quarterback be as effective if they were in another system given the equal talent level and would have the same success? I believe from watching the QB’s that Luke Heavner fron Ragsdale and the Josh kid from Western Guilford are they only two that foots that bill. I do not believe based on what I have seen that the quarterback from Northern could go to their schools and have the same success. The things that formulate this decision are: Pocket Presence, Arm Strength and Ability to read defenses. I saw those inabilities against Dudley when it was needed most. Against Western Guilford, it was Keenan that bailed them out early in the season.Granted he will be the ALL Conference quarterback when in reality the kid from Eastern Alamance should get it. But Northern won the conference and his stats will look good. I believe based on his talent level at this point that a school like Guilford College or another Division III school would be a great fit . The quarterback from Guilford College had a great career there.

  23. Football Man,

    I totally agree and understand where you are coming from as far as the QB.goes.
    When you are surrounded by talent you can be a average Qb and still
    end up with great stats. It happens in college and pros all the time. However
    when faced with a tough Defence with pressure up front and great DB’s that’s when
    the inabilities really show up, as did at Dudley.

  24. “first I knoew Northern was good but had no idea they would be as good as they are. Great coaching and players. Believe it or not they have some freshmen that are going to be as good as the players now. They have a freshman running back that is very talented and will probably be a D1 prospect as well. Score as much as you want . Do not quit give it all. Good luck Northern. Coach Roscoe came from South Carolina and is heads and shoulders the best coach in this area.”

    Wes…I think you are out of your mind. Steve Davis, Tommy Norwood, and Tommy Pursley are the best coaches in Guilford County. The great thing about those guys is that they coach the players they have. Northern put together an ALL-STAR team made up of players from other schools.
    Those guys named above will coach the players that they have. I arrived in the county 18 years ago and consistently, those coaches have built programs, that were struggling, into powerhouses that are respected around the state. I am a BIG Page fan, but I can not help but respect what those other coaches have done for football in this county. Andy knows exactly what I am talking about. He should give me a big amen on that.
    I commend Roscoe for the job he has done, but we know that he has players from other schools. I am not going to drag that point out, but let
    the truth be told.

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