Northern wins big over Asheboro

The final score was Northern Guilford 63 and Asheboro 14. Northern goes to (11-1) and Asheboro closes out at (4-8). We were at the game and wrote all of this down so here it is……

Nighthawks 63
Blue Comets 14….

And it went something like this:
NG-27 yard TD pass from Rocco Scarfone to Keenan Allen…Chris Gafford’s kick was good and it was Northern 7 and Asheboro 0 with 5:09 left in the 1st quarter…NG 7, Asheboro 0

NG goes up 15-0 on a 5 yard run by Keenan Allen with 2:29 remaining in the first quarter and the two-point conversion was good on a pass from Scarfone to Maurice Harris….
NG 15, Asheboro 0…..

NG scores again with 34.6 seconds left in the 1stQ on a 19 yard run by Allen and the Chris Gafford kick was good on the PAT and the score moves to,
NG 22, Asheboro 0 End of first quarter…..

Northern connects on a 65-yard pass play from QB Scarfone to WR Maurice Harris with 7:37 left in the 2ndQ and the Gafford kick is good and it’s now:
NG 29, Asheboro 0…..

Scarfone and Harris connect again on a 75-yard pass play with 3:48 remaining in the first half to put NG up 36-0 after the Gafford kick and at the half it’s:
NG 36, Asheboro 0…..

Joseph White took the opening kickoff of the second half back to the house on an 85-yard KR and with the Gafford kick it’s a 43-0 ball game with 11:44 to go in the 3rdQ…
NG 43, Asheboro 0….

Scarfone and Harris do it one more time for the night as they hook up on a 53-yard pass play at the 6:01 mark of the 3rdQ and with the Gafford PAT kick it’s now:NG 50, Asheboro 0….

Backup quarterback Daniel Downing comes in and he goes to backup RB TJ Logan for a 29-yard TD pass and Downing takes a knee on the two-point conversion….This TD came with 9:23 left in the 4thQ and it put Northern up:
NG 56, Asheboro 0…..

Asheboro broke up the shutout when they got on the board on a 3-yard TD run by Dimetri Fagler and Brandon Burgh got the two-point conversion and the Comets are on the board with 5:43 left in the game and it’s now:
NG 56, Asheboro 8….

Northern puts one more score up on the board with 4:47 remaining on TJ Logan’s 44-yard touchdown run and the Austin Pope kick is good to make it:
NG 63, Asheboro 8

Asheboro closed out the scoring on a long 58-yard TD gallop by Matt Nixon and the two-point attempt failed at 3:31 mark left on the clock and that is how it ended up at:
NG 63, Asheboro 14……

Northern had the ball on the Asheboro one-yard line with a minute to go in the game, but they took a knee and did not look to score and they just let the clock run by taking a knee back at the Blue Comet 5-yard line….QB Daniel Downing took the knee and the game was then over as time expired with the final:
NG 63, Asheboro 14…..

Keenan Allen-3TD’s
Maurice Harris-3TD’s
Rocco Scarfone-4 TD passes
TJ Logan 2TD’s….

Harris over 200 yards receiving and Scarfone 311 passing yards…..


  1. Andy,

    I woke up saturday morning and ran out and bought the .75 cent news and record to catch up on some scores from the Friday night HS games. the scores were posted but no writeups on a few including the Northern Guilford game. How is this possible with a guy like Keenan Allen and a team that is a #1 seed and heading to a State Championship?A guy like Keenan Allen only comes around once in a decade and the News and Record doesnt cover every game he plays? This is nuts!!! On Sunday I go out and buy the 1.50 News and Record to see how Western Guilford made out and to see what they say about Ragsdales 31-0 win which I attended.Dudley got the big headlines which is fine as they deserve it but absolutely no writeup about the powerful Ragsdale team and nothing on Western Guilfords game against Mt Tabor. I could not beleive it. This is the State tournament and these schools are getting no ink. Western boasts one of the best players in the area in Aaron Jones and the sunday paper tells me nothing about what he did in The 14-7 loss. This is so out of hand.
    Well I’m glad I can hit your website to see how these teams and superstars did in their respective games and it cost me nothing.if your readers want to find out more about Keenan Allen and Aaron Jones they can pick up the November issue of Sports Carolina Monthly late this week as we are doing features on both of them. The magazine is free just like your website and we bring the triad the sports news they are looking for.Good job Andy.

    Johnny O

  2. I heard the promo for the new November edition on 790 the Ball and do look forward to seeing it on the street….

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