The Morning Run

This morning was really a run and no jog. The sun was out in the beginning and then it went away when the fog came out, and I haven’t seen it since, on this Tuesday.

There was beautiful sunrise and then here comes the fog and I saw a lady, but could hardly see her dog, on my morning jog/run.

Red skies at night, sailors delight, Red skies in morning, sailors warning! The word on the street was always, Mr. Sun shine on through, when Mr. Moon quits, we’ll be counting on you.

It looks for today, that Mr. Sun is done. And on that Morning Run, the speed was up today, just make my old feet pay, and a kid at the bus-stop said hey, so I guess the speed is what you need to get onlookers to show you some heed.

It’s just amazing what happens when you pick up the pace. You’ll have stuff going on all over the place.

Time to get clear out of here and get ready for the Wednesday edition of The Morning Run…..