Coming out of practice and the scrimmage with Northern, Western and Ragsdale

Three-team Jamboree/Scrimmage last night at Western Guilford, the home of Athletics Director Jim Clontz and the Hornets, and Northern Guilford may have lost a few players from last year’s championship squad, but they have enough talent returning to turn it up a notch or two as the regular season approaches….

I just caught the end of the Ragsdale-Northern scrimmage, but there were good things to be said by all about the Northern Guilford effort, and Ragsdale looked solid against Western and Northern….

Ragsdale is very sound on the fundamentals and they have several new players that will make key contributions and the Tigers showed inside strength and they also had some young guards that were listening to closely to Coach Shoemaker and they took the ball into the lane, drew the fouls and hit their free throws….

The word on Northern is, I got two words for, you, Frye and Berry. They are both much-improved and from what I’m hearing, Frye is showing no ill effects from the hand injury he incured this past summer at the showcase down in Charlotte…..Berry’s three-point shot is even better than last year, when he was draino from the corners and he hit his peak at the perfect time in the game against Bertie in round one of the Regionals down at ECU/Greenville…

Frye and Berry are showing the leadership the Nighthawks need here early in the season and right now Western is looking for a firm hand at the point.

Western will have to settle down and decide who they want to bring the ball up and who they want to set the offense. Tyler Stutts, has already joined the Hornets after the WG football loss to Mt.Tabor, back on Saturday and he will help hold down the fort on the inside with Wilkerson and Spinks. DeEric Baldwin now has a Mohawk haircut and he will also add size to WG Hornets as they post up down low…..

Western has a regular season game coming up this Saturday so they have to get the horses/Hornets ready and willing to be filling up that basket with about 70-75 points per game…..

Last night’s scoring from the notebook paper pads in the stands had Northern taking the three-way dance over Ragsdale #2, and Western at #3….

Here’s what the note takers in the stands had as the final results:
Northern 37
Western 22

Northern 35
Ragsdale 28

Ragsdale 36
Western 22………

These games were comprised of three 8-minute quarters and Heath Lineberry(Southeast Guilford-grad), was in charge of the timing and the official clock at WG.


  1. The thing with both Northern and Ragsdale is that they will get stronger after football season. I know that Northern is hoping Keenan Allen and a couple of other footballers join the hardcourt boys.

    Ragsdale will see an immediate impact from Tyquan Roberts, D-onovan Smith and Kalik Parker who are still out on the gridiron.

  2. Good call yc8 and Ragsdale might even get a shot a Luke Sonricker who has shown interest in basketball coming off of the football injury. Roberts, Smith and Parker will be solid additions and I think DeShawn Shouse will be out there on the hardwoods too for the Tigers…

    For Northern you might just be talking title time again if Keenan Allen and Maurice Harris join in. Jon McBeth is due out after football and he saw major minutes as a freshman last season.

    Wouldn’t it be crazy, if for some unheard of reason, that Norhern got knocked off in their quest for the State 3-A football title, but they won it all in basketball with Allen and Harris out there with the other Nighthawk regulars….

    Northern won’t have to worry about Kinston and Reggie Bullock. Coach James Abell and High Point Andrews will have to worry about Kinston and Bullock later, hopefully, since Kinston has dropped down to the 2-A level…..

    Another crazy thing is that JT Terrell who was at Burlington Cummings and he is committed to Wake Forest already, Terrell is now down at West Charlotte for his senior year……

  3. I’m not so sure about Keenan Allen playing basketball. In my opinion, that would not be a smart decision.

  4. On the Heath Lineberry front…..That’s what they were telling us down in Falcon Country.

    The guy is a very hard worker and butt buster no matter what HS he came out of.

    He and Coach Clontz have taken the high road together over the years….

  5. that is eastern and northeast this saturday nite at northeast. wg will host northeast on next tuesday…

  6. That’s what I was thinking too. WG vs. NEG on Nov. 24 and then again on Dec. 8…

    Western was supposed to face Southern somewhere here in the early mix, but that got changed because of the football playoffs with Southern just finishing up and having to wait and get some more hoops men from the football team.

    Western probably would have been ready to go since they only had two guys(Stutts and Baldwin) jump on board late….

  7. andy, the WG game vs Southern was supposed to be this friday..rescheduled until 12/21/09….

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