Bass is coming back

They say he’s back in the saddle and the real “Outlaw” Ron Bass will be coming back and he will be in the ring on November 21 down in the great state of Florida….

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With the frightening snap of a bullwhip, known as Miss Betsy, “Outlaw” Ron Bass has been intimidating wrestling fans while bashing opponents and busting heads since his debut in 1975. From his historic 1983 feud with Barry Windham — who lost a Loser-Leaves-Town Match to Bass, but then returned as the masked Dirty Yellow Dog — in Championship Wrestling from Florida, to his memorable battles with Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake in the WWF, Bass has traveled the world and seen it all.

From regional territories to small time promotions to “the grandest stage of them all,” Wrestlemania, the rugged Texan helped revolutionize the industry, then left on his own terms, hanging up his bullwhip and retiring in 1989.

But the legendary “Outlaw” is back.

“Back in the saddle,” Bass recently told SLAM! Wrestling from his home in Tampa, FL, not far from the Crystal River National Guard Armory where he’ll be climbing back into the ring — one more time — to compete at the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup on November 21. The match will be a Texas Bullrope Match, his specialty, against an opponent who has made a name for himself on the Southeastern independent scene in recent years — the self-proclaimed “every woman’s dream” — “Superstar” Sean Davis.

“You call him ‘Superstar’?” Bass said with a hearty laugh. “I’ll tell ya what happened. Here I was retired from wrestling, minding my own business, when I saw a poster for a wrestling show comin’ to Florida. I thought I’d go up there to Crystal River and see what it’s all about and see what’s goin’ on with the young guys rasslin’ these days. So I got to talkin’ with some of the young guys, along with some of the fans who came up to me for autographs and pictures — telling them how much I appreciate their support over the years — when all of a sudden this young guy, Mr. Sean Davis comes up and gets in my face and (starts provoking me). And here I am thinkin’, ‘What is this goin’ on?’

“Well, I still got a lil’ bit o’ pride,” said Bass with his Texas drawl. “And this fat windbag is getting’ in my face. And if you call out my number, we’ll be goin’ to fist city, if you know what I mean. And that’s exactly what happened and this Mr. Sean learned real quick that there might be a little frost on the chimney, but there’s a real fire still burnin’ in the kitchen.”

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