Coach of the Year in the County?????

It is time to start casting your votes for the Guilford County high school football Coach-of-the-Year…….

Was it:
Rodney Brewington-Smith
Daryl Brown-Southern Guilford
Chris Causey-Western Guilford
Steven Davis-Dudley
Kevin Gillespie-Page
Fritz Hessanthaler-Southeast Guilford
Wayne Jones-High Point Central
Scott Loosemore-Eastern Guilford
Rodney McCoy-High Point Andrews
Tommy Norwood-Ragsdale
Tommy Pursley-Northeast Guilford
Johnny Roscoe-Northern Guilford
Martin Samek-Grimsley
Scott Schwarzer-Southwest Guilford
Joe Woodruff-Northwest Guilford

Who do you choose????? We will keep the voting going until next Wednesday evening at 8:45pm and then we will deliver a Pecan Pie to winner’s house on Thanksgiving Day in the afternoon…..

Who is the coach of the year and the voting deadline will allow you to keep it coming right on through the completion of, and after the BIG GAMES, this Friday night…..

Who is your Coach-of-the-Year????? Who gets the pie and not in the face??????


  1. Johnny Roscoe-Northern Guilford.

    I think he has done a tremendous job with his team. Most people were saying they wouldnt succeed while playing their first year of varsity conference play and ended up being conference champs while going undefeated. Now they are in the playoffs with a #1 seed. Gotta give that coach and group of young men credit.

  2. I think Coach Brewington of Smith should definitly get Coach of the Year.
    It is very difficult to take a losing program for multiple years and make people believers. Not just public but to get the kids to believe in themselves.

    Although they lost in playoffs…they made it.


  3. I realize that Brewington did a great job this year but not “coach of the year”. At this point the jury is still out but I vote for Norwood or Davis

  4. Brewington has done a good job and I think most everyone in the community is happy for Smith HS. But it’s Tommy Norwood, hands down.

  5. Gotta be Coach Davis because he’s shown he can coach on any level. He has a team that can play both sides of the ball. He believes in his team and makes them believe in one another.

  6. This year it has to be Norwood. In the case of Northern Guilford anyone can coach there, as long as you are a good recruiter. They still have players that don’t belong there. But that is another topic for another day.

  7. FBFan…I totally agree and we all know that, but lets not take away from coach Norwood, whom, is 34-4 over the last 3 years and haas made the jumpt to 4-a and has not missed a step. I guess we can also make a case for Coach Davis over at Dudley. Look at what he lost and wha the os doing now. Those are your coaches. I have to put a plug in for Brewington at Smith. That school is a total mess. Some of my clients whom know a little about
    GSO have made comments about how Smith has gone down as a school. Coach Brewington over at Smth has done a good job.

  8. FBFan…I totally agree with your Northern statements, but lets not take away from Coach Norwood, whom
    is 34-4 over the last 3 years and has made the jump to 4A and has not missed a step. I guess we can also make
    a case for Coach Davis over at Dudley. Look at what he has lost and what he is doing now. Those are the candidates
    in my opinion. Maybe we can also put a plug in for the guy from Smith. That school has been a disaster since
    Rogers took over. He has fired more coaches for nothing. Brewington went into a situation, where in the past
    3 years they just wanted a heartbeat, and helped Smith turn things around. Some of my clients whom know a little about
    GSO have made comments about how Smith has gone down as a school. Coach Brewington over at Smth has done a good job.

  9. This nonsense will never end. Coach Roscoe has done a great job and the kids have done a great job. I am sure that the coaches at the other schools have also done a good job. Are you sure that Coach Norwood has players that are all in district? I assume his kids are in district. No athletic directory would knowingly allow an ineligible player to participate.

  10. Tom I agree. They have done a great job. And it was FBFan that brought up the non-sense. All players at Northern are where they should be. Point blank period. And I dont think Tom was voting for Norwood.

  11. Actually Norwood’s players are in district and several have been reviewed by the County. Someone raised this question on the new County hotline and several kids were reviewed. As usual with a Norwood program, they found nothing.

    And I vote for Norwood. If you could see what he has personally done with the O-line you would understand. Great developer and leader of young men. Has not lost a conference game in three years. Made the move to 4a just fine. Tip of the hat to Davis and Brewington as well.

  12. Since they have won consistently over the past few years, these coaches are obviously great. But to always dismiss Coach Roscoe as a contender is adsurd. This is Ragsdale’s year, so I don’t begrudge Coach Norwood any accolades. Coach Davis has also built a great program. To say anyone can coach at Northern is ridiculous. Come up and watch one of Coach Roscoe’s practices and it will become very clear that this man can coach.

  13. Norwood gets my vote back to back unbeaten seasons is pretty dang good….If Roscoe can do it next year without Keenan Allen I’ll give it to him then.

  14. Is the criteria for COY just winning? How about coaching, mentoring, uplifting, perserverance, commitment.

    These things are all represented with all the coaches. Many can do these things with kids, parents, and community who already believe…but to do these things with as much adversity as the Smith program had for the last 3 years shows Character and deserves COY.

    Great job—Coach Norwood…. had many senior returning *expected
    Great job Coach Davis….lost many talented players last year, but still had some. Did much better than expected.
    Great job Coach Roscoe…..Northern School has a great influx of talent and spirit No doubt they would be competitive.

  15. Tom, I think people are saying that because of the issues at Northern and number of players whom have transferred
    from other programs, there will always be a ? about that school. It is a shame that the well was poisoned
    by Coach K. He has created a bad situation.
    Lets just bring this to a head and say Roscoe has players that came in from other districts. These players came
    from established programs. If those players were at their original school, then Northern would not be in the playoffs.

  16. ” My vote”….AMEN BROTHER.

    Coach Roscoe’s influx of talent is not legitimate. I can not give that program any credit because of the kids the yhave from other schools.

  17. They are incredibly strict now. There will always be jealous and thick minded people that won’t let things die. No doubt, Johnny Roscoe should be coach of the year.

  18. Amen…Sister. lol I am a girl.

    To notaoppen… I am not criticizing Northern. I actually careless about that mess anymore.
    When I say influx of were re-zoned…. legitimate or otherwise came from NW and NE..established programs when school opened. Other families moved into district so their child could attend Northern….that is why I say expected to be competitive.
    Which one of those coaches could go to an established losing, moraless, left for dead program and raise it from the ashes…until proven my vote is still for Brewington

  19. All of the coaches were listed in alphabetical order(I sure hope they were) and remember what we learned in senior math class.

    Pie are round, Bunny bread are square……

  20. Andy

    I noticed that right off the bat. I Hope everyone else did as well. How else would you put it out there to show non-partisan

  21. I am sorry “MYVOTE”. I guess that is juts me being sexist. I guess I was assuming all men are on here. My wife
    of 25 years will get a big kick out of that.

    As for notaoppenfan…You are right, we should let it go. I think sometimes we forget that the sun shall also
    rise. But dont get upset when people voice their opinion. Also, go and talk to Eastern, NEHS, Ragsdale, Grimsley,
    NWHS, and Page to see how they feel about losing players to NGHS. Legal or illegal!!

  22. My vote is for Johnny Roscoe. I am a NGHS Football Parent whose children went to Summerfield Elementary and NW Middle. Johnny Roscoe has coached my son for the past 3 years. Coach Roscoe is not only a football coach to his players, but he is a mentor, a SAT tutor and a friend. He has touched so many lives at NGHS. He held character building classes for each of his varsity players as part of their practice before school started. On Monday, August 24, the day before school started, when most kids were having their last fun day before the beginning of the school year, he had each of his varsity players bring canned food and they took a field trip to two homeless shelters, met with the staff, the guests and delivered the food. Yes, he is a tough coach that makes his players work hard, but he strives to make them great men as well.

  23. I agree with the votes for Norwood, he has done a great job at Ragsdale.
    Coaches are some of the most over worked under paid people in the school system
    and I salute all of them. They spend countless hours away from their families to help mold the lives of young men and women.
    I think what some of the people on here is saying is sucess is much much sweeter
    when you watch these kids grow up in the community .They play pop warner and pee wee football in the community, go on to middle school and then play on Friday night.
    Everyone knows thier names their kids grew up together and on Friday night you set in the stands surrounded by families you know. To see a group of young men like this suceed is awesome and we appluad their efforts.
    When a coach year after year takes what he has and makes a team out of them
    I think that is what a real coach is all about.

  24. Coach loosemore he helped a team that was once 0-5 finish 4th in conference 4-7 and made it to the playoffs but lost to the #1 seed by 3

  25. Great post hatsoff!! It is so great if a coach, and parents know all of the players and have known them since elementary school and recreation league ball. Unfortunately we did not have local football in Summerfield and my son had the privilege of playing at Lewis Recreation for 6 years, then playing at NW Middle before playing at Northern High. Since Northern is only in its 3rd year as a school, it started out with all new staff and a new head football coach. The attendance lines of our school took in students from NW and NE and some of these kids and parents did not know each other until 3 years ago but we are all Northern Family now.

  26. There are none blinder than those who want see. Coach Roscoe has been the only sense of integrity that the school has had in these rough times. I too have a son who has played for Coach Roscoe all three years. My son is not a starter or a star, but Coach Roscoe has showed interest in his well being the entire time. When my wife went through a illness the Coach was there for my son. To my fellow parents who have already stated the board of education drew the lines not the coach. Yes a few kids have transfered in and there have been some who have also transfered out because of sour grapes. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. I grew up in Greensboro area during the 70’s and early 80’s when a certain school between elm and church some how manged to get all the good players. Coach Roscoe is more than a coach to these young men he is a good example to follow

  27. If your criteria is winning, you could go with Davis-Dudley,Norwood-Ragsdale,Roscoe-Northern right off the bat,but, in terms of a team turn around . .I would definitely have to go with Coach Brewington at Smith. I can remember when he first came to Greensboro and I was working the NFL JPD/HPD camps how he keep mistaking me for another coach . .but he at least was consistent about it. Coaching against him,he is always trying to put his team in a position to have success,whether they win or not. It was this perserverence that paved te way for his team to play with the never give up attitude this season. Yeah winning comes in all different shapes and forms,but from what he begot and his stick to itness,he was a dangerous foe each friday night . .not the automatic win, you had to prepare to beat them because if you slighted them,it could be bad news for you. This is why I don’t agree with the conference champion being coach of the year by winning the conference. Brewhaus . .ya got ol’ bawl coaches vote, now keep on pecking away . .evrything that’s up will fall, and evrything that’s down will eventually rise to the top . . .DON’T EVER GIVE UP !

  28. I think the NG faithful are missing the point here. We all know NG is not just made up
    of NW & NG players. Get real! But that’s not what this thread is about. I agree with
    the ol’bawl coach it is not just about winning games Coach Brewington at Smith has done a
    great job turning that program around. Give Brewington coach of the year, Roscoe
    can have the Humanitarian Award.

  29. Coach Roscoe is simply the best. My son is fortunate enough to play for Coach Roscoe and I have been so impressed. Take a look at his record and the accolades he has and there is no competition.

  30. Coach of the year is not about going undefeated or the number of wins and losses you acquire. It is about the changes you make in the community and in the lives of young men. I have said since the beginning of the season Brewington deserves coach of the year and I still stand by that statement. He turned a community of doubters into a community of believers. He has made believers out of those who suit up for him in practice everyday and on Friday nights. Of course all of these coaches have an impact on the lives on the men in which they coach but I think Brewington’s situation does not even compare. You’ve got my vote, Coach.

  31. Johnny Roscoe should be Coach of the Year. Came out of retirement in South Carolina and came to Northern. He knows how to coach and handle young men. Part of coaching is being able to relate to the kids. They respect him.. Other coaches could learn from him.

  32. ” Coach of the year is not about going undefeated or the number of wins and losses you acquire. It is about the changes you make in the community and in the lives of young men ”

    I would agree with this statement…if Coach Brewington has changed the mindset at Smith he has done wonders…and things don’t turn on a dime, it will be a 2 or 3 season process, so lets give Smith their due, this year they stepped up, next year they will step up more then the seeds Coach Brewington has planted will bloom bigtime…I could definately support him as coach of he year…

    Having said that, Coach Roscoe has taken something from ground zero to what is there today at Northern…just because all the kids there did not grow up playing together should not be a reason to villianize them or the staff…in fact it could be considered a hurdle to get over that the NG players did not know one another when they started all this. I mean it’s a new school! Everybody at the school was “transfered in”.

    And if someone picks up and moves into the district, more power to them. Maybe they saw an opportunity to go to a new school without baggage, get away from “politics”, who knows…No one owns them. Most parents try and do what they feel is right for their kids… maybe some parents felt Northern was the “right” situation for them…again, it’s a new school, at first there will be all kinds of ways it fills up with students. There is a reason all the real estate companies advertise “new Northern schools”, it is a selling point and the schools alone will cause people to move into the district. Nothing unique or sinister there.

    Back to coaching. It has taken one h*ll of a coaching job to get to this point, to put a team together from nothing. The first year they were bused over from 2 different campuses, no locker rooms or home field, no one knew each other, coaches didn’t even know where the other schools they were playing were located…Yeah they have had KA now for 2 years but there is some serous talent otherwise on that team… these players had to be coached through some big time BS that none of the kids should have had to go through. They have had the most scrutiny ever in the history of high school football. Everything is on the up and up, let these kids have their day instead of, as I said earlier, villianizing them!

  33. Sorry I have to say it. Coach Oakley and staff (Smith) knew this class was going to be good. Coach Brewington scheduled some real easy teams (Waddell, Norcross, Atkins) Dudly’s JV team could have beaten these three. They did have some games get away from them this year, but they did blow some games (Grimsley 3-0??????). Also everyone in Greensboro that goes to the mall knows they had practices with 50+ players all spring. Anytime one of our sports teams played at Smith in the spring you could see them practicing, everyday I drove home from school we’d see them holding practices with way more than the allowed number of players. No one reported it because it was “Smith” Now that they are good lets see if someone reports it. Still my vote goes to Coach Davis. Our only loss was ro Ragsdale and Im waiten from payback! Smith is getting better but Dudly is still your Daddy

  34. I can’t believe that anyone would or think they can deny what Coach Brewington has done over at Ben L. Smith this year. When coach Oakley had the job at smith he had the same amount of time that coach Brewington did. It is not a coach vs coach or staff vs staff but you can not devalue what Brewington and his staff has done.
    1. Gaining Administrative support-
    2. Getting virtually every athlete elegible that could help the program
    3. building a JV base
    4. Hosting a Jamboree
    5. Weight Room program
    6. Passing Leagues
    7. Changing the schedule

    several factors go into play when changing the culture of program and to accomplish that in just 2 seasons should be recognized as Coach of year. Coach Davis at Dudley inherited a winning program. He should be recognized for maintaining a powerhouse program because that’s hard to do, but a team like Smith who played with viturally everybody and made it to the playoffs I say that’s nothing less than remarkable. There were alot of teams that would have traded with Smith, don’t forget that!

  35. I agree with everything you’ve said. Smith has done a great job, they were competitive against us twice this year. But you missed my point, they broke the rules in the offseason with what they can do with the players. This is the same as the dude at Northern that is winning with players from other places. It doesn’t mean he doing a bad job of “coaching” it just means rules have been broken.

  36. My son Plays for Coach Brewington, I know exactly what you are talking about this past offseason. Coach Brewington puts on several football related events in which he invites outside individuals to come and help our kids with life skills, coping with peer pressure and to be better students. His first year he had 60 or so players compete in the JPD camp as he did this year. Please get your facts straight because the majority of the kids you saw does not play for Smith and the camp is not even run by Smith coaches but outside organizers. Just don’t vote for Brewington but don’t make statements like that when you don’t know the facts in this situation. Just keep promoting your Coach of the Year, Coach Brewington has done so much for this community please don’t tear him down. I hate someone has to go through negative comments or false accusations, please, please give the Coach of the Year to someone else but leave our Coach alone. We love him and want him to stay here and keep helping the school. Perception is always reality when you don’t know the true story.

  37. Having said that, Coach Roscoe has taken something from ground zero to what is there today at Northern…just because all the kids there did not grow up playing together should not be a reason to villianize them or the staff…in fact it could be considered a hurdle to get over that the NG players did not know one another when they started all this. I mean it’s a new school! Everybody at the school was “transfered in”.

    Did they all come from different schools, maybe some of them played rec ball together or against each other. Does that not count as playing together!!! Some folks need to read what they type before hitting the submit key.

  38. Can we drop the issue with playing with players from other schools? Everybody is playing with players that either started with another school or should be attending another school. Schools with academies and IB programs will always have players that should be at other schools. If a parent does not feel their child is benefitting from one school academically or otherwise, have every right to move. NG as a whole have been thru the ringer and still is. Trust me every player at NG belongs there and they are whooping butts and taking names lata.

  39. My votes for Coach Brewington! I haven’t seen anyone pour so much heart into a football program and expect the same from the staff and players, absolutely NOTHING LESS! I have seen him in action and I must say, he’s consistent,honest, and sincere with what he does. He wants the program as a whole to be successful (as any good coach would) and that’s quite commendable in my opinion. Of course there are pros and cons to any sports program/organization. However, Coach Brewington has made a notable difference in the community and just at Smith as a whole. Not taking away from the other COY nominees, but Coach Brewington deserves it to me. It’s more than just putting points on the board it’s about having HEART too! Brewington shows that everyday! There I’ve said my peace!

  40. I really echoe your statement Smith Believer, I have never seen a coach who sacrifices so much time and energy into a school and program. He was also the announcer at the Basketball Games last year just to boost moral and keep the kids involved in the program. He had virtually his whole team inelegible his first year to loosing only one kid this year and it was for attendance and not grades. This was his 2nd year! He played everyone tough and lost to only 1 non playoff team and that was Grimsley. I wish you would see the new equipment, the Shoes, the Uniforms, the Weight Room, The field upgrades. I have followed Smith athletics for years and I have to really say this guy is for real, this is 2nd year by the way and wow. He has my vote!

  41. Feelin you Football Fan! Yes I saw the weight room and equipment! AWESOME! I mean who do you know in that short amount of time do all that!? That’s a lot of work in a short a period of time! Gotta give it to him! Go Coach Brew!

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