Football in Focus TONIGHT at Shane’s Rib Shack(Keller, Overman, Welch and Formica)

It will be “Media Night” on our final fall show from the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace this evening….

Football in Focus hits the curtain call TONIGHT and what better way to close it than to bring on the area’s top sports media reps/personalities and see what they have to say about your kids and your football players.

At Shane’s at 6pm LIVE we will have Tom Keller from the News and Record and since we couldn’t get Tom Clancy(Part-owner Baltimore Orioles), Tom Keller will be just who we need to talk about the games of weeks past and to look at what we have left….

Ogi Overman of the Jamestown News can give us the heads up on the Ragsdale Tigers and let us know how far the Tigers will go in the playoffs and if they will win the State Championship this year. We couldn’t land Keith Olberman, so Mr. Overman will be with us and he knows more about Ragsdale and the Tiger kids than KO knows any way…..

Bill Welch is the Billy Crystal of Guilford County and if Bill Kopald is out of the market, this is the man you want covering your teams and stories. He was with the original “Friday Football Fever” team. with Mike Hogewood and crew and he knows more than we will have time to talk about, since he has carried a camera on the home front for more than 30 years…..”Windows 7″, he came up with that, “Friday Football Fever”, he came up with that too………(Bill Welch, currently with News Channel 14, TWC14…)

Brian Formica is the current chief and sports leader at WFMY TV2 and he has the games covered and cornered on the current rendition of “Friday Football Fever”….Brian is with the Fever and News 2 team out of Elon and he may a solution on how the Phoenix can one day get past Appalachian….Brian has been on the scene for the entire season and he will have some thoughts on who is going where and who will be going to the Championship Games……Brian has worked with the news and sports at WFMY 2, so he may be the Bryant Gumble-type leader we have been looking for here in the community. Let’s take a look at “Real Sports” with Brian Formica tonight, shall we……

Tom, Ogi, Bill and Brian TONIGHT from Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace on last Football in Focus Show of the season…….

We will also hit the college and pro games with Jim Modlin….