Paul’s Pigskin Prognostications week 11

Last week 10-5 98-46 for the season, though I should be 0-1 for this week but alas decided I would rather reorganize me CD collection.

Now that I’ve got my musical house in order here is the slate for this week.

Washington at Dallas: The Cowboys post Thanksgiving implosion is on the way. But for the moment all will seem right with Wade’s Warriors as the Skins are still a complete train wreck. Dallas 31 Wash 13

Browns at Lions: Even though one is a bitter senior citizen and the other quite dead Jim Brown and Bobby Layne will still be an improvement on the current players at their positions. Lions 3 Browns 0

Colts at Ravens: Schadenfreude: is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. Seeing their old team come to town makes Baltimore fan more psychotic than usual, which is saying a lot. Ravens would be the trendy pick here as there is every reason in the world that Indy should lose this one, emotional game last week, being on the road, having the division title practically in hand, etc. But alas Peyton seems to be one of those guys who is all about the Schadenfreude Colts 35 Ravens 24

Cardinals at Rams: What is up with all the teams returning to their former homes? And why does it seem in each and every case this week that those coming back to roost are going to rout their competition? Cards 37 Rams 7

49ers at Packers: Almost a playoff elimination game. 49ers still real iffy, Packers no real world beaters, but it is Lambeau in late November. Packers 23 49ers 17

Steelers at Chiefs: Steelers will be in a foul mood, KC could keep it interesting for a while. Steelers 24 Chiefs 10

Seahawks at Vikings: The perennial playoff contender that was Seattle up until 2 years ago is gone, and not coming back. Brett on a mission. Vikings 34 Seahawks 14

Falcons at Giants: G-men had their break come at the best possible time. Look for a recommitment of focus as the Falcons are still proving to be the same old Falcons. Giants 28 Falcons 17

Saints at Bucs: Oh boy this could be ugly. Saints 41 Bucs 15

Bills at Jaguars If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? If a team is in playoff contention and no one bothers to come out and see them play do they move to LA? Jaguars 30 Buffalo 17

Chargers at Broncos: San Diego licking their chomps, Not that things were not bad enough already for Denver, Orton is on the shelf so Brian Griese gets his first start in over three years and the defense is starting to be exposed after giving up 27 to a Redskins team that hadn’t scored over 17 since G-dubs first term. San Diego 35 Denver 20

Bengals at Raiders: Cincy must be on upset alert, oh who are we kidding. Bengals 38 Raiders 13

Jets at Pats: “The Hoodie” catching some slack for his dubious 4th down decision that perhaps would have been more appropriate for a late name drunken game of Madden on the X-box. Even a genius can be wrong. And geniuses do not let slumping division opponents have a heartbeat. J-E-T-S JETS JETS NOOOOOOO. Pats 34 Jets 16

Eagles at Bears: Chicago will be in desperation mode. Bears 24 Eagles 20

Titans at Texans: Titans with a heartbeat this season after all, though it is too little too late. Texans need every win they can muster to keep pace in the wildcard race. I wonder if the Titans plan to break out their old school Oilers uni’s this week? Sure that would go over like Bruce Mitchell over at the Cornette house for dinner. Texans 30 Titans 24