Top topics of the week

We have been up and down the road this week with stops at Page for soccer on Monday, at the Ray Crawford signing and the NG, WG and Ragsdale hoops scrimmage on Tuesday, to the Greensboro Coliseum for Greensboro-Guilford College men’s and women’s hoops on Wednesday, Football in Focus at Shane’s on Thursday, on to Dudley for the High Point Central football game tonight and then out to Northeast, for NEG-EG basketball on Saturday……

Top topics of the Week as we have been making the rounds:
1) Michael Neal’s(ORMA) broken hand/out 3 months.

2) Keenan Allen headed to the Army All-American game in San Antonio, Texas.

3) Page Pirates in the State Soccer Finals.

4) Dudley kicks PAT’s(Brandon Burkes) and does it successfully in a football game.

5) The power of Guilford in both games, winning over Greensboro College in the Coliseum.

6) The anticipation of UNCG facing Clemson in the Coliseum tonight, with 1,700 Spartan students picking up their tickets on Day One of availablity.

7) Only four Guilford County teams left in the NCHSAA football playoffs.

8 Greensboro Day School and Oak Ridge Military Academy playing this Sunday at the TWC Charlotte Coliseum prior to the Bobcats-Pacers game. We used to do this all the time, back in the days of the Carolina Cougars, at the Greensboro Coliseum. I saw the Pacers back in 1970 on a $5.00 Western Guilford-Ragsdale ticket…..

9) Jim McMillian, a Greensboro man, having his name mentioned on the nationally syndicated Dan Patrick Show on FOX Sports radio this morning, as a member on the late-great LA Lakers teams back in the 70’s. Jim McMillian is one of the nicest and most humble people you will ever meet….

10) A reader wanting Bruce Mitchell’s autograph. I knew the fumes coming out of the Beef Burger were strong, but this guy has gone off the deep-end……


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