HS football Saturday moring rewind: Are you ready for Ragsdale-Dudley Round Three???

Last night it was Dudley over High Point Central 21-6 at Tarpley Stadium and that’s where Dudley and Ragsdale will meet the day after Thanksgiving for the second straight year, as the Tigers topped Sun Valley 33-24 in Jamestown. Northern Guilford advanced to Round Three with their 42-9 victory over Hickory Ridge and the Nighthawks will host Anson County next Friday evening in the Nest on Spencer-Dixon Road…..

Ragsdale and Dudley in Round Three and the stakes/emotions will be high after the Panthers won last year’s contest at Tarpley and then went on to win the 3-AA State Title. The game was nearly dead-even in the first half in 2008, before Dudley turned up the heat in the kitchen and began bearing down on the Tigers’ QB Tim Romer and that made the difference as the Panthers claimed the victory.

Ragsdale earned the 2009 advantage, with their 18-8 Tiger-takedown of the Panthers in Jamestown, back on August 28. That game was tight too, but Ragsdale took advantage of the Panther secondary with big pass plays from Luke Heavner to DeSean Anderson and Luke Sonricker and that did in Dudley.

With the Series now tied at one game a-piece, the next meeting on Friday November 27, promises to be equally entertaining and remember the stakes and the emotions are going to be running very, very high.

This promises to be, “A Can’t Miss Contest”

We will break it down more as the week unfolds.

Last night in the Dudley win over HP Central the Panthers out-rushed the Bison 214 to 0! HPC, with 0 yards on 29 attempts and the Bison picked up 72 yards through the air. Dudley had 29 yards passing, but the ground game for the Panthers was a big difference and the Panther defense, piloted by LB Major Bryant, made even a bigger difference as the Major made out like a heat-seeking missile and made several key strikes on his “target of the night”, HPC QB Drew Adams.

To see more on the game go to the News&Record account when you Click Here.

To read the High Point Enterprise article on the game Click Here.

Ragsdale won out over Sun Valley and one of the highlights was a 19-yard pass, from WR Tyquan Roberts to former JV player Justin Briley, and that later led to a touchdown by the Tigers. Mount Tabor defeated #1 West seed RJ Reynolds last night, 26-22, and now the Ragsdale-Dudley winner will host the Mt. Tabor-AC Reynolds of Asheville winner in Round Four…….

In last night’s game, Ragsdale actually trailed Sun Valley, 17-13 at halftime.

The full report on the Ragsdale victory, from the HPE, is ready for you when you Click Here.

We could use a source or a re-cap on the Northern game, can’t find the totals, which we would love to have, anywhere. Maybe our man at NG, Chris Jones, can round us up some info. We could sure use it, with Keenan Allen TD’s, Scarfone TD passes and etc……


  1. I can’t give all the details, but there were alot of bad calls from the refs, or I should say bad no calls. One of the Nighthawks was hit on the sidelines, after the ball was dead and sent to the hospital. This player wasn’t even in the game, no call! The next play a blantent face mask, no call… two plays later, Scarfone was hit hard and was taken out of game-no call… should have been roughing the passer…. emotions ran high and hot and the refs were losing control late in the game.

    Marice Harris had an interception that he ran for a TD, right after a turnover where the pass intended for him was intercepted.

  2. Dudley 21-16. the bloom falls off the ragsdale roses. great kids at ragsdale, but they cannot win the big one!! soccer, wrestling, etc. are the sports they excel in on the men’s side!!!! i may be wrong, but we shall see.

  3. Trust me on this, put your money on Dudley to advance! heard the Tigers were facing a little team unity issue!

  4. Mike,

    What are you talking about man? From the way the parents talk over at Ragsdale, that team is the most cohesive that its ever been at Ragsdale. The parents tailgate before games and socialize with each other, the parents bring biscuits to the coaches to show their gratitude, the players love one another, so I’m not sure what you have been hearing. Interesting though, or you may be just trying to spark something that isn’t there.

    I’ll tell you this though, I’ll be pulling for Dudley. I’m a fan of neither, but those Ragsdale fans are getting pretty cocky in my opinion. Some Ragsdale fans claim to have the best wide receivers in the state. Some Ragsdale fans claim to have the best defensive line and in their opinion the whole Guilford County defensive nominations should all just belong to the Ragsdale defense. Now don’t get me wrong, Ragsdale has a great defense, but why be so cocky? Some of the fans try to play it down so that Karma doesn’t bite them in the arse, but you can tell they think they got this wrapped up with a pretty red bow. From what I’ve seen, Dudley definitely had their chances in the 1st matchup. Take away Dudley’s bad snap down towards their goal line and a little defense on the fades and Dudley has the possibility of winning that game.

    Dudley will have to do things differently. They can’t expect to just ram it down Ragsdale’s throat and win.

  5. nighthawknerd: Always the refs fault. You are SO smart, we need you on the field next year helping us officiate. You up for the challenge??

    Nope, cause your a girly man, and we dont accept those.

  6. Mike has no clue what he is talking about. This is the closest group of kids I have ever seen. Closest team I have ever seen. They spend all their free time together. In fact, they’ll be even closer this week. Got a little pleasant surprise coming. The coaches even let the leaders of the team deal with most discipline issues. Just another anonymous person trying to stir it up.

    Clouds, nobody thinks they have anything ‘wrapped up’. In fact Ragsdale doesn’t have any superstars, no D1 players, nobody splashed across a Rivals page, nobody having their recruiting trips discussed on the internet. They are just a very close knit group that has been to gether for the most part since they were 9-10. Nobody from out of district, nobody living with their grandparents while their parent is in High Point. Just a group that has been together a long time and enjoying their HS years. We would appreciate if you would let these boys enjoy their HS years without some of you strirring it up.

    You are right about one thing, the first game was a close game. But you say take away some plays and Dudley possibly wins that game. Take away a questionable pass interference and Dudley doesn’t score. That knife cuts both ways my friend.

    Just let the kids play. Some of these kids from each team know each other. For the most part there is mutual respect.

  7. I have seen both teams play twice this year, and I dont root for either team, but if Ragsdale loses to Dudley it will be a bigger upset then when Parkland beat Ragsdale in state playoffs in baseball last yr in the first round – 5th Round draft pick beaten in first round of state baseball playoffs wow – anyway Ragsdale is so much better then Dudley, unless there are injuries I dont know about Ragsdale will win by 20. Oh and come to think about it I dont think the 5th round pick pitched in that game??? Maybe Coach Norwood should sit Desean, Heavener and save them for the next game – then Dudley may have a chance – lol

  8. Mike C.,

    Do I need to copy and paste what some of your Ragsdale friends have been saying? I’ve never said that y’all didn’t have a close knit group, but what I did write about were comments that have been made from the Ragsdale patronage. Ragsdale has the best receivers in the state (check), for the guilford county nominations just choose the whole Ragsdale defense for those selections (check), and Ragsdale has the best defensive line in the state (check). The fact is those comments were made. Probably not by you who seems to be even keel, but you have your folks out there that likes to talk whether you acknowledge it or not and those folks think this year is “gift wrapped”.

    Dudley wins this one this time, because they will show Ragsdale who has the best defensive line in the state. #90 will be all over Heavner this week. Watch and see!

  9. Don’t turn this into a blame match because the game is one that everyone has been waiting for. I am a Dudley fan but I also know out guys have to come ready to play. No one is taking anyone likely and that’s mutual. Both teams respect one another and the adults need to stay out of it.

  10. Clouds when does having an opinion mean something is “gift wrapped’? Ragsdale may very well have the best group of wide outs in the state. They have had 4 different recievers go for over 100 yards in different games. Can you name any other team in the state to have accomplihed that feat? 3 of those have multible 100 yards games. saying that does not mean they will win or that they are over confident. How is that cocky? It is just fact. No less than it’s a fact Dudley and Ragsdale have great coaches, and players.

    You are saying Dudley has the best d-line in the state. They very well could. Still does not mean that Dudley wins. Certainly doesn’t mean it’s “gift wrapped” for DHS. You make these comments as if they actually mean anything. They don’t! They are your opinion and you are entitled to them.

    You have faith in the Dudley kids to whip us. We have faith in ours. Neither is wrong.

  11. I agree with stopit. I am just excited that one year later we are back at Tarpley after Thanksgiving Day playing football against the #3 team in the state. However, I will say after seeing Dudley play this year, I was really impressed with that defensive unit in the Northern Guilford game- arguably the best they’ve looked all year as a unit. The NG game was a “huge game”, and they presented the same challenges as Ragsdale. This is why I like Dudley in this game by 3.

  12. Stopit is right. Quit trying to stir it up and let the kids play. I sure hope the kids don’t read all this junk. More and more coaches are telling their kids to stay off these sites. I know the Ragsdale coaches did and I don’t see a bunch of Coach Davis’ kids here either.

  13. I don’t know about other sites, but I think sites such as this one, get the fans and the players fired up and we need to keep the fire burning right up until game time.

    You can’t wait until game day. You have to light the fire the minute the horn sounds at the completion of the previous game and you can never let up…

    The minute you walk off of that field you have to start focusing on the next game.

    Soak up everything you are hearing and seeing and bring it to the field/stadium on Friday night.

    This is the “Game of the Year”, and it must be treated like that…..

    Everything you do this week must be built around this game. You must see Ragsdale and Dudley in your sleep. As Mickey once said, “you need to be spitting lightning and crappin’ thunder or something like that.

    This is, “THE GAME”, and you have to treat it like that on all fronts…..

  14. Luke shut up and stick to talking about football. Clearly you have no knowledge about Ragsdale baseball and the decisions that were made. It was a special night for Parkland and they played better.

    stuff happens

  15. Andy, I love this website. It has nothing to do with you. I just hate when the people make it personal with the kids. Leave al the negative out and cheer on your team. At the end of the game we will have a winner. I’m cheering for the panthers but praying that everyone stays healthy.

  16. Good call stopit. We don’t want to stop it, we just want to keep it clean and whoever hits the hardest on Friday wins and whoever is the sorest on Saturday has lost.

    Will Heavner be able to get his traction so he can throw and will Major Bryant be in that backfield with Heavner when he is trying to throw?

    I think it comes down to the Dudley defense versus the Ragsdale offense and can the Tigers pass again on the Panthers……

    Heavner can hurt you when he has time to connect with Anderson, Roberts, Shouse and company.

    Major Bryant can hurt you when he is allowed to create General confusion in the process of dishing out Corporal punishment, and watch the Privates as Colonel Sanderson tries to avoid receiving the Captain Crunch just outside Lt. Oliver North’s bunker in the West End zone over on East Lee Street just South of Tarpley Stadium…..

    Should be a lot of fun this Friday night. The game belongs to the kids, we are just trying to wratch it up a notch or two, and the kids will do the rest come Friday….

  17. Word to the wise,”don’t bet your Xmas money against my Panthers,or you’ll be like your boi Elvis . . . . .a blue Xmas ! lmao

  18. Some people are saying that Dudley’s field looks like a cow pasture and plays like a mudhole. I don’t know what to make of that. What are the rest of you hearing?

    Could this game be moved for safety needs?

    When would we know?

  19. There were sloppy fields all over the state after all that rain . How can you expect ideal playing conditions?
    I have watched all the games at Tarpley Stadium this year and have not seen many players come off that field with twisted ankles or knee ploblems.
    I have seen players from all teams come out after hard hits …thats football

  20. Ross the field at Dudley is the worst in the state. The state has rules from the amount of seating required to be available for playoff games – why not minimum standards for the field itself?

    The players and coaches at Dudley are awesome – the field however is a joke. Mo Brown should step in and require a change of venue if the state does not do so first.

    It’s truly hard to understand why a field can be in such bad shape year after year. Heck it was bad in August. Has anyone that works for Dudley ever heard of weed killer, fertilze and seed?

  21. Ross,
    It’s one thing for a school to have a “sloppy field”, but for a school to have a field that is 90% mud and holes and have sprinkler heads sticking up out of the ground is another. Friday’s game should be moved to another site! It is not acceptable for our children to play a state playoff game on this field (Dudley or Ragsdale). And, I think that the guys from High Point Central who twisted their ankles last friday night because of the field conditions would agree – something needs to be done about Dudley’s field. Ragsdale’s field is not in great shape, the rain has torn it up too, but it at least has turf on it and there are no gaping holes or sprinkler heads sticking up out of the ground! Friday’s game needs to be moved to another site, what’s wrong with playing the game at High Point’s Simeon Stadium, Grimsley, or any other Guilford County High School? The players’ safety should be North Carolina High School Association’s top priority.

  22. I do know what im talking about, i probably know more then 80% of you “fans” out there… not trying to “stir” anything up, I know there have been some “unity” issues for a fact, every program has bad eggs, thats all! Bet the house on the Panthers!!

  23. Mike you are misinformed. There are not any issues. “Bad eggs” do not play for Ragsdale and I do not mean – not start – I literally mean they are not on the team.

  24. I know Ragsdale has a respectable program with coaches and kids who love the game. But Dudley is the same way, that is why im taking Dudley in this one. But i heard through the grapevine that #11 will be back for Ragsdale, if so that could make this game very interesting with Ragsdale having four decent WRs then.

  25. I was at the NG game when they played the Hichory Ridge thugs. The refs were very incompetent. Hickory Ridge should be suspended from post season play next year. Their fans are worse. They cheered when the NG player was knocked out.The refs ignored it and wanted to continue play. There were 3 touch downs called back on NG. One flag was thrown after Keenan had already scored the touchdown. The penalty was a block in the back against their player and NG player at the same time. LOL That’s a first. It looked like Hickory Ridge players watch Rick Flare and use his tactics. When a NG player is laying on the ground after the play is over, use the fall on his chest as hard as you can and be sure to use the elbow in the chest. Cheap shots out of bounds, late hit’s to Scarphone, face mask in front of the ref, chop blocks, obvious holding calls, pushing after the play is over… no flags !!!! One of their players was thrown out with 4 minutes left. This was after 2 hours of dirty football. So when you say we always are blaming it on the refs, we can on this one. The coach of the HR team should be fired.

  26. Dudleyfan28 says – “But i heard through the grapevine that #11 will be back for Ragsdale, if so that could make this game very interesting with Ragsdale having four decent WRs then.”

    Desent? Just Desent? Really? That’s actually funny.

  27. Things that make you say “what” you need to get a grip. That comment was not meant to disrespect the WR. Stop trying tostart a fire.

  28. notaftballumpirefan: Thanks so much for proving just how stupid AND ignorant “SOME” football fans are. I’ve officiated football at every level possible, high school, college, and pro. There is no such thing as a late flag. Sorry.
    Fans: We don’t care what the fans do. Doesn’t fall under our jurisdiction, UNLESS, someone proves to be a treat to coaches, players, and officials. What the morons do in the stands, not my concern.
    Chop Block; what is a chop block? Bet you don’t know! It’s a delayed block, whereby 1 block is high, 1 is low, or vice versa. Very seldom done by definition.
    Late hits, OOB: your sitting in the stands, how did you see it?
    Holding calls missed: The holding you say that were overlooked. where they “advantage vs. disadvantage??? Play runs right, you don’t throw a flag on the left tackle for holding.
    Seeing as how you are so smart, let me pass you name on to the local high school booking agent, so you can join their ranks, and improve everyone to your standards.

  29. Saw that commercial again on ABC 45
    They have a good shot of the Dudley Band doing their halftime routine of the Smith 1st round playoff game on that Dudley field (upcoming trip to perform at the Gator Bowl).

    Folks , the field looks pretty good Check it out yourself at
    gcs newsbreaks

  30. It’s November 24th, teams have been playing since August find 1 field in Guilford county that in prime condition after Soccer & Football(high and middle school).

    As far safety is concerned all fields are checked by officials before games are played.

    I was at the HPC game ankles were twisted from hits and bad tackling fundamentals not due to mudholes or sprinkerheads.

    Ragsdale field or any other in the area are in the same condition .. with the field being what it is … The coaches are going to have to make adjustments that’s all .

    The game will be at the “PANTHER’S DEN” and there in lies the problem for Ragsdale supporters .. @ DUDLEY …. is it fair to Ragsdale ?? …Maybe Not..But because it is the RULE set forth by NCHSAA it is what it is. Reidsville has the same seed #3 with the same record .. Northern used the rule to get #1 seed. Same rule was applied last year… Whoever wins gets a home game next week for the WEST REGION..Good Luck to Both Teams.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving

  31. Delvon – “Ragsdale field or any other in the area are in the same condition …” That statement is simply false. I would dare say that every field in Guilford county is in better shape than Dudley’s – that would include the pastures used by A&T college to raise cows. The field is a safety hazzard period. I was at the HPC game last week and I had never seen anything like it. I do agree with you when you say “Good luck to both teams”.

  32. Delvon, the boys have no issue going to Dudley. In fact they prefer it. They want to go back. It’s more parents complaining than anything. The kids don’t care. The kids even had their pictures taken in the ‘away’ uniforms this year. They prefer them. Just need to make sure someone can count the number of tickets sold. Sometimes the math skills get weak on Friday nights.

    Dudley’s field is probably as wet as anyone’s. The only difference is the potholes. I seriously doubt a sprinkler is sticking up as someone here claimed. Several boys will be going over to check the field out late in the week. They’ll get a look for themselves.

  33. Mike, as I stated “there in lies the problem for Ragsdale supporters “.. I never once mentioned the players complaining about where they were playing.

    You will get no negative comments either way form me concerning either team..

    As far as potholes that may be a little drastic … its not Cowboy Stadium … But its playable as deemed by NCHSAA .. Maybe if they get the ticket count right They can get a P.O. for some sod for whichever team wins before next Friday. The point is both teams will have to lineup on the same field and play. Let’s just wish the guy’s Good Luck and let THEM PLAY.. we adults had our day let these young men enjoy their time to shine.

    HPC Fan – I do not recall any fans running on to the field,so how can you tell me about field conditions,Every field in the state was going to be wet and muddy on last Friday.

    Again I say”with the field being what it is … The coaches are going to have to make adjustments that’s all .”


  34. Yea the WRs at Ragsdale are JUST decent. DeSean Anderson has pretty good speed, no where close to Amerson, he has ok hands, and doesn’t block too well. I know he beat Dudley corners a few times earlier in the season, but i don’t see that happening again. #85 is just a big kid, not fast, very hesitant, and not always too sure what to do with the ball once he has it. #14 had one good game and that is about it, not very reliable. Luke Sonricker had good hands and ok speed, but first week coming back from an injury, you never know how much he is going to play and plus he might be scared seeing that big #11 and #10 coming his way. I say decent, not great.

  35. hey im a dudley fan but im not gonna go out and say that ragsdale wr’s are decent. The Anderson kid is a pretty darn good wr, yeah he beat our dbs on 2 deep passes but he has pretty good speed cause he caught some short passes and turned them into big gains. Yeah Amerson is good but im not gonna say he is way better than Anderson. Yeah its gonna be hard for Sonriker (hope i spelled it right) to come back and be the same threat he was early in the season. All and all Ragsdale has some pretty good playmakers and i look forward to another great game. Go Panthers!

  36. DaudlyFan28 – That may very well be the single dumbest post I have ever read, Please note – I am a Dudley fan. Ragsdale people please ignore anything else that comes from DudleyFan28. Truly dumb 28 – truly dumb.

  37. i dont know where yall get some off these respond from but its like this ragsdale is going to win this game they have come way to far and are playing with a chip on there shoulders because bs seed placing and everybody in greensboro is doubting them again! expect ragsdale to be very pumped and if anything expect dudley to be very scared.. even though they got to drop one loss they know who they lost to…

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