Coming out of the Northeast-Eastern Guilford games

Was at the games last night, which were the season-openers for both clubs at NEG and there was a split with the Rams’ girls winning and the Wildcat boys claiming victory….

Girl’s game:
Northeast Guilford(1-0) 52
Eastern Guilford(0-1) 49

EG girl’s stats;
Capricia Small: 13 pts, 3 assts, 1 reb, 1 blk
Miranda Jenkins: 11 pts, 7 assts, 5 rebs, 4 stls, 2 blks
Kierra Purcell: 7 pts, 5 rebs, 1 blk, 1 stl
Kristin Crosby: 6 pts, 3 rebs, 2 assts, 1 blk
Tierra Smith : 4 pts, 4 rebs, 1 asst
Courtney Torraine: 3 pts, 7 rebs, 1 stl
Karimma Jackson : 3 pts, 1 asst, 2 rebs, 1 stl
Amiriyah Jamison: 2 pts, 6 rebs, 1 asst, 4 stls
Whitney Parks: 1 rebs, 1 stl
Autumn Rumley: 1 asst
April Totten
Priscilla Ojare:

Boy’s game:
Eastern Guilford(1-0) 68
Northeast Guilford(0-1) 65

The girl’s game had Eastern up 21-20 at the half, but NEG came back and hit their key free throws down the stretch(and they got a lot of them) and the Rams got the win for Coach Brandon Apple, and this puts Coach Gunn under the gun, as the Wildcats start out with a loss and they have a tough road ahead of them with Northern Guilford looming on the horizon in their conference…..

You have to give Coach Apple’s kids credit, they hit those foul shots when they had to and EG was a bit out of control on some of their late, last-second, shots……EG has to get back to running the offense and not just bringing the ball up the court and taking a wild outside shot…..

On the boys side of things, Northeast has some real depth this year, but not enough to handle Brandon Hairston and the EG Wildcats last night. Hairston hit for 26 for the EGC(Eastern Guilford ‘Cats) and he had help from Tre’ Radcliffe, who added 13 points to the ‘Cats cause.

The Wildcat guards, Butch Huffman and Adam Gunn contributed 10 points a-piece and Huffman along with and beside Gunn kept the offense moving in the backcourt…..Darius Dawkins also added 8 points and Jeremy Gaddy 5 to help pace the Wildcats inside play…..

Hairston was the man, and he was all over the floor at NEG, diving for loose balls and making plays all over the place…..He should be a Pre-Season All-County selection, and where did he come from, I’ve never seen this ‘Cat before……..

Northeast was led by Darius White, who a real sweet outside shot going for NEG, while Bryce Benjamin was the only other double-digit scorer for the Rams with 10…P. Scales had 9 for Northeast, while Williamson and Fairly hit for 8 each and Tijani, Griffith and Mitchell all pumped in 6 points each…..There is that depth as nine men scored for the Rams.

Northeast does have the depth this year and Coach Curtis Hunter also has a lot of different lineup combinations at his disposal. The Rams seem to have a number of kids in the same height range with most being in the 5’9-6’2 area and although they are not real tall, they are quick and they are talented. NEG also does a very good job of keeping the ball alive on all the offensive end and even though they are not huge, they do a good job on the boards…..

More games on the way, but for right now, all four of the teams we saw last night have a shot at making the playoffs, it’s just how they go about making them that remains to be seen……


  1. Brandon played varsity last year as a freshman averaged about 10 a game……also Adam Gunn is a sophmore with a high IQ for the game and Butch is basicly that too….. the team this year isnt as big in size with the departure of williams but they run the court much much better

  2. Brandon came by way of Danville, VA early in middle school. He is the cousin of Dudley’s Kiera McIvor and Smith’s Adrian Wimbush.

    As a freshman last year played varsity but was a bit contained in the type of offense (my opinion) everything ran around Quayshad and in my opinion there was a lot of division on last year’s team.

    He scored 26, but it was not a selfish 26. They are a bit small, but they got fire and play with a lot of heart and they have good point guards.

    Go wildcats!

  3. That was a good game between Northeast and Eastern Guilford at our gym on Saturday night. That Hairston kid is the best that I have seen around here that is not named PJ from Dudley. I heard he is only a sophomore. He is really good.

  4. Darius Dawkins is pretty good too.. I go to all of the games. He is the cousin of Duke’s Andre Dawkins. They are always giving Brandon Harriston the fam and glory when personally i dont believe he is that amazing. He is not a team player at all. He is all about himself. He does not like passing the ball and from watching him play he see’s himself as air jordan. Which he is not.

  5. Well I think the oppposite of you they all played hard and worked as a team. Personally I don’t know what you are talking about but he is a good player and he does pass the ball but that is your opinion soo you can stick with it but i know alot of other people who think otherwise…. 🙂

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