From Charlotte: GDS over ORMA by 3 points(52-49) now with game details and scoring

Sunday basketball at the Time Warner Cable/Bobcats Arena has the Greensboro Day School Bengals topping Oak Ridge Military by three points on a last-second shot by Brandon Dorsett….

Oak Ridge has Jay Canty, Jacob Lawson, Asad Lamont, Justin Mitchell, the big seven-footer and others and GDS has Dorsett, Jordan Robertson, Lucas Weavill, Robert Kleinmann, Christian Pulliam and more…..

Greensboro Day should be right at (6-0) on the season and ORMA somewhere near (2-3)…….GDS vs. Mt. Zion on Tuesday and High Point Central on Saturday……(Both games at the Day School.)

from the web site:
52-49 Greensboro Day School over Oak Ridge Military Academy on Sunday and here’s the breakdown and the scoring totals…..

Home: Greensboro Day school- final 52

First quarter: 18

Second quarter: 15

Third quarter: 8

Fourth quarter: 11

#3 Lucas Weavil: 13 pts.

1 Brandon Dorsett: 11

5 Christian Pulliam: 8

44 Quayshad Williams: 7

22 John Terry: 5

2 Robert Kleinman: 2

11 Jimbo Brumley: 2

15 Jordan Robertson: 2

45 Jaleel Roberts: 2

Lucas Weavil had 4 three pointers….

Won by a buzzer beater 3 pointer by Brandon Dorsett…

Guest: Oak Ridge- final 49

First quarter: 13

Second quarter: 13

Third quarter: 13

Fourth quarter: 10

#11 J. Canty: 20pts.

24 J. Lawson: 13

21 A. Lamot: 11

1 C. Rankins: 3

33 C. Richmond: 2


  1. how can we even mention justin mitchell when talking about this game and these 2 teams? he is a poser and would not play a minute if anyone else were healthy
    go eastern alamance eagles!!!!!!

  2. It was a good game. I really enjoyed watching 2 great teams go at it. Athletically OMRA reign supreme. Thinking the game and being fundamentally sound GDS hands down won. I watched both the coaching styles and brain over powered brawn. GDS is definitely a force to be reckon with. It’s amazing how 2 different coaches would coach the same players. Meaning if the coaching roles were reversed I truely believe Freddie would haved out coached Stan and beat him by 15 or more. Now before the readers get your panties in a bunch you had to watch the game and be unbias towards your team. ORMA was rejecting everything that came inside, slam dunking, and was the best team athletically. But when it came to strategy and smarts GDS was numero uno. Christen pulling up for the baby J’s, the defense holding their defensive assignments, freshmen Jonathan Terry in at cruch time keeping his poise and ripping the ball with 4. something seconds, Brandon Dorsett with 4. something seconds left driving the court and releasing the ball with a soft touch around half court for a buzzer beater. No matter how flashy ORMA was GDS kept its poise and kept chugging along. Now thats GREAT coaching! You can slam dunk once, twice, even 20 times but each dunk is only 2 points, but if the other team keeps pushing the ball down your throat after every dunk, you’re in for a long night. GDS REPRESENT! Big ups to Freddie, YOU’RE the MAN!!!!!!!!! Go BENGALS!!!!!!!!!!! And by the way I’m a Dudley Panther fan. Coach Price man up and make a date to play GDS. I can’t believe you’re running! Freddie is taking no prisoners, put your name on the dotted line and it’s on. Last year you avoided GDS and you did the same thing this year. And I’m tried of hearing the excuse that you haven’t heard anything about a GDS and Dudley game. We the PEOPLE want a GDS DUDLEY game, can you hear me NOW! Im a panther through and through but you’re actting like a punk, man up and bring back PANTHER PRIDE!

  3. i am not affiliated with either school but ORMA is so much more athletic than GDS. #1 fan is right, you can have all the flashy play you want, but if you do not play defense you will lose. Defense rules. Freddie does a good job and surrounds himslef with good coaches. Steve Shelton and Jeff Smith. I’m not sure but I think Coach Smith handles the defense and has college coaching experience. I have only seen GDS play only once this year but they are a fun team to watch play, especially defense, they get after you.

  4. I am new to the area when it comes to following the local high school teams but from what I have seen and heard over the past 2 years “Dudley is afraid to play the GDS boys in basketball”. I know the kids would love the opportunity to play each other but the Dudley coaching staff is afraid of getting their butts kicked within the city limits. Freddie and the GDS boys will play anybody home or away to get his boys better and to test his coaching staff. The Dudley coaches will only play tough competition located 70+ miles away from their office. I have suggested before that they meet halfway in the Greensboro Coliseum on a Friday or Saturday with 2 other good area teams and make some good money for their schools. The public would attend this game with twice the fans that a UNCG game could draw. I know the Dudley people read these messages daily and they can hear the cries of the public begging for this annual match up but why is Dudley scared, why is Dudley scared, why or why is Dudley scared?

  5. Why does Dudley need to play GDS? We have played them many times over the years so it’s nothing new. We have City of Palms coming up, a date with Kinston at the Dean Dome, GW-Danville x2 and Oak Hill. I’d say we are in pretty good shape. We don’t need “validation” of participating in the PHI or from some “local expert(s)” on the direction of our program. Besides, this thread is about GDS and Oak Ridge, lol!

    At Dudley, We Got This!

  6. ORMA has a long way to go, they haven’t gelled as a team yet, and btw the way Justin Mitchell has been playing with a banged up knee, and ankle the whole season. But GDS and ORMA will play again in January, and I would love to see how the outcome of that game will turn out.

  7. Outcoached? Are you serious? ORMA only had three of their top 6 available and Canty was playing hurt. Missing two post players and Michael Neal. GDS was much deeper YESTERDAY and they were probably favored to win by 20. The fact that ORMA was in the game and had a chance to win shows that they are very well coached. Give them health and some more practice time and we’ll see what happens in late January when the two teams meet again.

  8. His knee wasn’t busted up the last 3 years, was it? He plays like a ‘deer in the headlights”!

  9. With the exception of Frye and Dillon, ORMA will eventually have the team
    from Northern who won the State Title last year. Neil, Lawson, McCAin, Mcbeth, Lamont.
    Get ready the boys are back together the Coach K show rolls on.

  10. #1Fan has a good summary. But let ORMA get everyone back and it could easilty be different. GDS plays very well as a team. ORMA has the better athletes. Teams usually beat athletes but ORMA at full strength is pretty tough.

  11. I was @ the

    game yesterday b/c I wanted to orma play and everybody is talking about GDS, sorry GDS
    would have lost that game if the refs would have called the game fair.
    I never blame refs for a outcome but you can tell GDS
    won b/c of the refs and they was killing jay hitting
    him in the face pulling him man then the Ref gave him a tech
    which I understand if I was jay I would have
    said something as well, but when GDS player throw
    the ball in the stand he did’t give him a tech the other
    Ref had to come and give it to him. Trust a great game
    Stan was not out coached the fact the lost by three @ the second
    says alot. Next time they play if the refs don’t take it away from ORMA they
    will win hands down.

  12. Here we go, it was the refs and poor ORMA did not have all their players. Start making excuses. ORMA is so much more athletically talented than the Day School even with who they played. As far as practice, ORMA has had just as many practices as GDS. ORMA has a very good team and will probably win a lot of games with the talent they have, but thewy just could not beat GDS. tHIS IS THE ONLY TIME THEY PLAY EACH OTHER THIS SEASON.

  13. Stan is the man! He will make that program very good! He knows how to coach and he takes on any challenges. How come teams around here did not schedule Oak Ridge?

  14. Dale Fulton u are just mad because EA lost all of the players they had that were actually good. Good don’t mad because no one wants to play for Coach John Moon anymore. Plus he is only kid so somethings shouldn’t be said. If u can’t say it to the mans face don’t say it at all. U are probably one of the ones who acts like u are cool with him when he comes back to Mebane and then talk behind his back. Get a life.

  15. I was at the game so let me give you an unbiased opinion. Both teams looked a little sloppy because they have not had time to gel. ORMA was the more athletic team and was well coached but GDS defense and outside shooting was far superior. Lawson and Canty was blocking every thing. GDS ball front court was better with Brandon, Christian and Lucas. ORMA has three loses and I feel that is because the team is still learning to play together. Please remember Veritas and how they thought if they bought together good players they could win against the powerhouses of Christ School and Oak Hill. They ended up being a not good team and players start to go back to their home team. I am thinking if ORMA do not gel quicker the same may happen. If you look at their schedule you will see them doing a lot of traveling and playing great national teams but they have not been together long enough. I know the school needs exposure to get money to stay open but you will not get exposure with a subpar 2-3 record. I did enjoy seeing the high flying Lawson and Canty but the team needs to gel. They should have loaded their schedule up at the last 10 games and play mostly local state decent teams. They would have been a great team by game 16 or 17. Now let me get to GDS…I am conflicted because I do not know if Coach Johnson should be loyal to the school or to the athlete. The correct answer is both but I do not see that happening. Coach Freddy is one of the winnest coaches in this area but his kids are not highly recruited. I think he is so obsessed with winning that he does not highlight the talent on his team. It is no reason Brandon Dorsett has not signed with a high Div 1 college last year. But the winning system Coach Johnson runs does not showcase his talents. If Brandon was playing at Dudley he would have been signed by an ACC or SEC school by now. Coach Johnson can win but at the same time open his offense up to highlight his good players. Coach Johnson is an awesome coach and his kids know the fundamentals of basketball. With Coach Johnson connections I think more players should be recruited at the DI level…..Just may thoughts…Watch out for Cola Man blog on Triad HS Basketball….

  16. Cola man,
    No offense, but Dorsett is not an ACC player by any stretch of the imagination!!!!!! He cannot play defense and his jumper is definitely not big time. Can he go left?
    Just my observations!!!!
    Say Pepsi, please!

  17. He won the game against ORMA by going left. I see Pepsi Dude you can only insult and not make logical points. This site is not about that but please bring facts. I can tell by your email address you are from ORMA. Do not be a sore loser and do not reply on this site and say you are unbiased because I have called you out and told the truth. Yes that is my opinion about him but you still have not addressed any of my previous points. We are not here to tear down our Triad kids because we are trying to build our broke school off the backs of black basketball players. (ORMA)…go crawl back under your rock…..Cola Man….Get ready for my blog…it is coming soon!!!!!!!

  18. I will look forward to your blog, fool!!! My e-mail address has nothing to do with Oak Ridge or my business. he wnt left from 50 feet? You were not at the game were you? My comments would be repeated by anyone else who was honest about the player in question’s abilities.He is not an ACC basketball player I repeat. Not dragging anyone down, but I am just a realistic sort of person. So, people can make stupid comments an dusguise them or call them positive and people can make comments that are only realistic and they get criticized for being negative. Give us a break!!! I will bet your blog will be a real intellectual breakthrough in the basketball evaluator’s hierarchy!!!
    PS. I cannot wait for you blog! I will be it will be awesome!!!

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