The radio revolver speaks: No more Meeks… On January 1, WMFR going All-Sports with SNR


Max Meeks is out and 1230AM WMFR is changing their format to ALL sports. No more Dr. Laura, no Fred Thompson or any political talk. It is literally Sporting News Radio 24/7…..

On WMFR 1230AM, come January 1, there will be no more “Opinion Please”, no more “Tell Your Neighbor” and no more “Max in the Mornings”……

WMFR/We Make Furniture Right, will become WSNR/We’re Sporting News Radio and we are doing it 24/7 with all sports, all of the time.

I’m not sure if they will change the call letters, but 1230AM will become the second full-time 24/7 sports radio outlet in Guilford County along with 790 the Ball/WBLO. WBLO is actually licensed for Thomasville, but they have studios in High Point and they can be heard pretty much throughout Guilford County in the daytime.

Max Meeks and the Breakfast Club will no longer converge on Friday mornings at the Raddison Hotel across from the Radio Building in downtown High Point.

No more Wes Jones, Dennis Elliot, Bill Ayers, Bill Price, Larry Craven, Larry Dunlap, Frank Shaw or Casey Jones to lead the charge of the Radio Brigade in High Point. No more broadcasts of the Christmas Parade the Tuesday before Thanksgiving each year. The Birthday Club with Max has lit the final candle on the cake…..

WMFR and Max Meeks, will be No More, come January 1, 2010…….


  1. Great! This area needs more sports radio. Raleigh has 4 stations with sports so you would think we could finally get 2 radio stations carrying sports. I just wish or hope someone could or would produce some “local” sports programming. We need programming that can not only speak about the ACC but the MEAC, Southern conference and our local sports such as high school, A&T, Wake Forest or Guilford College.

  2. I’m all for more sports radio. However, the Triad needs some local flavor. Just running syndicated stuff would disappointing.

  3. Curtis Media may look to make 1230 much like their former 620 the Bull in Durham with area colleges, a pro team or two and loads of Sporting News Radio. They will also look to carry regional talk shows offered by their current 680 WPTF outlet in Raleigh, with PrimeTime with PackMan-type shows…

    The Max Meeks Cookbook is available on Saturdays at the Westchester Flea Market in the old Zayre’s Store in High Point and it is selling for just $1.75, with autograph photo of George “Goober” Lindsey included…….

  4. the curtis media messed up the sports radio market for raleigh. they took the best 2 shows from 850am and moved them to 2 separate station of 620am and 99.9fm. 620 does not have nearly the reach or audience that 850 had and the espn program on 99.9 sucks. thus, if it is the curtis media group behind the changes coming to 1230, then it will suck to. they are good with producing political talk shows but they have no idea how to produce sports talk shows or how to piece together the programming.

  5. I agree with a lot of what you are saying. The 850 signal almost comes in like a Greensboro station during the day by way of car radio and it sure has been good hearing Dave Glenn on there for the past month between 12 noon and 3pm, but that will all change tomorrow,(Dec. 1), when 99.9 takes the program over there full time.

    850 the Buzz was a good deal all the way back to the days of Mike Solarte and the Sports Bar where Mike would pour you a drink between 1-3pm and there was Mike Church and Pat doing the regional talk before they(850AM)went all Sports…..

    850 will go with Don Imus and the rest of the day who knows????? But it will be Curtis owned and operated and Don Curtis, as you say, does a great job with political talk and news talk. His sports talk goes a long way back to Gary Dornberg on Monday nights and then Tony Rigsbee took it over and he was very sharpe on baseball history.

    One of the best shows they ever created over at Curtis and through the old Capitol Broadcasting Company was the Jim Valvano Show….For it’s time, that was a pretty strong offering, as Jimmy V was very hot for a few years on and off the court.

    1230 will probably come on with some Taylor Zarsour shows, as he was on in Raleigh with the Big Tailgating Show and Carolina Tar Heel studio hosting for a while and he doesn’t really appeal to me, but he has been getting a big push down in the Triangle for a while now, and he seems to have the ear of some big decision makers…

    I think Zarsour’s dad owned a couple of AM sports stations in that market that folded a few years back and he has stayed in the market….

    The big question that remains is, “Will WSJS/WSML 600/1200 eventually go all sports too and join WFMR 1230 in a Triad Sports Network with Sporting News Radio and other programming and will Curtis position 101.1 FM Talk WZTK as their Triad News Talk Station and try to make WZTK the Big Dog in the Talk radio circles and will they drop that JAZZ on the weekends and on holidays when RUSH Radio 94.5 kicks in gear in January 2010?????

    The only thing we can do is stayed tuned and as always for the best and most in local sports news keep it on GSPN…………….

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