Central Carolina Sports Academy head football coach resigns

I just received this at the site from Gary Dandridge by way of his Sprint Blackberry phone and the word is that:

CCSA- Gary Dandridge Resigns!!‏

Central Carolina Sports Academy head football coach Gary Dandridge has resigned and we hope to have more details later on in the day……


  1. The reason the comment was deleted last week was because it was in the Gripe or Complaint Box and those get deleted on a daily or least a semi-daily basis…..

  2. Ok Andy, thanks. I was just trying to give you a little heads up of some upcomming news…looks like the first ball has started rolling.

  3. How far do we see this going???? Are we looking at a re-enactment of the Veritas Sports Academy downturn from one year ago??????

  4. I’m not sure, I’ve got my ear low to the ground on this one. I hate to comment about something that’s not true or shouldn’t be said quite yet. I’ll let you know though.

  5. This place was a joke from the get go.
    I’m not a bit surprised at this news. Is Chris McCAin still enrolled there?

  6. No. He’s gone from there. I heard his parents found out about some of the stuff going on there and pulled him out PRONTO!

  7. Well pulled Terrance (Topps) after they failed to return numerous phone calls and answer basic questions. Things just seemed to be headed in the wrong direction from the time that Ricky Proehl dropped his association with the program.

  8. Wow, how does Mccain afford Oak Ridge ? This whole High-School Athletics things in Guilford County is so out of control.
    Kids are going from school to school. This is so terrible. It stinks.

  9. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    It is strange to me that almost the entire BBall team from Northern found there way
    to ORMA. Not that they followed Coack K or anything, It is probably the academics
    that is the attraction at ORMA. Such was the case at Northern.

  10. Absolutely Not. I was just wondering how this all came about.
    I believe you were the one who said the whole Athletic thing was out of control.
    Do you believe it is all about sports ?

  11. McCain probably cant afford anything since he is still in high school. Thats what parents are for. And as far as why the parents can afford it, its none of your business.

  12. Yes. And you know it is too. ORMA is undergoing some serious financial issues right now and there is no way
    that a kid can be guaranteed a good education there when you dont even know if teachers are going to be there
    because they may not get paid. Besides, the Lawson kid has been everywhere. if it were about education, then they
    would be over at Northwest High. The teachers over there really work hard with their kids. What about Western,
    Dudley, Ragsdale. I am quite sure Kathy over at RHS runs a tight ship. her teachers really work hard.
    Come on , do you really think it is about education?

    I think the kids ought to do well at ORMA, but dont try and BS the people an say it is about education.

  13. No need to get offensive. I was just trying to reason some of these things out. You are right some of these kids have been everywhere. I just remember reading in the paper about
    one of these players changing schools for academic reasons. For some parents it is about
    education and you can’t blame them for that.

  14. No offense intended. I am not angry, but we have to be realistic about what has been happening in Guilford County
    the last 3/4 years with BBall. I love sports. I had children to participate. I dont like what has happended.
    Also, I dont like the behaviour of adults who have basically condoned the actions. That is why I said what I said.
    But, no offense to you. This is just my opinion.


  15. If parents want to move their kids around then that’s their business. Most of it is probably about basketball, but if you can get a little education along the way, there’s nothing wrong with that either.

    Most of what we talk about here is football, basketball or baseball related. Not too many readers come on here and ask what a certain kid did in the classroom last nine weeks. How did that kid do for the semester? Did he score well on the SAT that he or she took last week?

    We don’t get much of that stuff and if you get sufficient education you should turn out OK, no matter where you get it. Most of your learning foundation or fundamentals are established in grade school any way. In high school you are attaining advanced learning skills and shoud have the basics under your belt already.

    If a kids parents want to send him to Oak Ridge to play for Coach K that is their business and none of ours although people are prone to talk. I hear good things about the parents of these kids and they just want to see their children excel and they believe they have the best chance to do that through athletics and they have made the determination that by attending ORMA and playing for Coach K that they will be going up against the best competition there is available and that their son will be seen and have the best chance to get a scholarship.

    That’s what the AAU summer ball is all about. Getting the scholarship and most families feel that with the schorlarship money, that will relieve a huge financial burden for at least four and sometimes five years when their kid goes off to college.

    Everyone has a plan and this is the one that this group has chosen to explore. They get to travel a lot and see and meet many new people so they are bound to be learning something, and I know in the long run that all of us want to know how all of them are doing and see how they do in their games, since we have followed most of these kids for the past 3-4 years….

    After watching ORMA last Saturday night, they have some improving to do and let’s hope they can get better and learn on the court and maybe pick up some of the military discipline at the same time.

    Many of the things that are expected of them now won’t be when they get to college, so I hope they grab a few good habits as they go thorough this year..

    This issue ultimately belongs to the parents and the coaches, so let’s give them a chance and see how it settles out.

    You have to wish the best for the kids and pull for them….

  16. I agree with you Andy. I always pull for the kids wherever they go to school. The only issue I have is with some of the parents. They are willing to go to extremes to insure that their child gets the best athletic experience. If they put the same effort in insuring that their child gets the best educaton, we wouldn’t have to hear about kid’s having to reclassify, not making the minimum grades and SAT scores or failing out after one year of college. Instead of playing travel sports in the summer, some of these kids would be better served attending summer school and working on their game locally. As the parent of a child that plays travel sports, if I would have simply invested the money I have spent on sports, I probably could have sent her to Harvard.

  17. oppi,
    Stick to talking about sports.”I am quite sure Kathy over at RHS runs a tight ship” – that is a joke. She has a lot of skills, but being an academic leader is not one of them. Sorry.

    And the teachers at ORMA work hard too. The parents think they are doing what is best for their kids.

  18. i can see a lot of the points that have been made and i fully understand all sides. however, i absolutely think the majority of these parents are fully concerned about their kids future first and not just pushing the sports. i think a lot of the comments being made about these situations are often out of line and mis-informed.

    personally, i have a daughter and son living in the northwest area of greensboro and both of them are straight A students with all the benefits and more of any other kid. they play travel AAU b-ball and we fully support and push them with the sport. from an educational viewpoint, it will not matter whether my kids go to northwest, northern, ORMA or GDS. when my kids reach high school age – i would not hesitate to transfer them into the private school system if it meant greater visibility for their educational and/or b-ball skills. my kids and most of the other really good players will secure their b-ball college offers playing AAU and they will close the deal with good grades in school.

    we have always told our kids that we are not paying for college. they will earn it by performing the following: classroom grades of As, high performance on the court/field, involvement in the arts such as band or projects, and community activities such as church or helping local organizations.

    the bottomline is that we will do what is best for our kids based on what we think is important and our family situation at that time. we have spent a lot of money and time with AAU and we will for the next 5-8 years. while some may question why – i will only say that between going to practices, private training, travel weekends and attending school games – we have had an absolute “ball” as a family supporting our kids with b-ball. i cannot fault these other parents and i hope their kids enjoy the experience because it is all about the kids and the experience from viewpoint.

  19. What about the basketball program there? Is it in the same shape? Can you tell me anything about the coach there? DoDoes he have experience? Is he respected? Thanks.

  20. oppi,
    Stick to talking about sports.”I am quite sure Kathy over at RHS runs a tight ship” – that is a joke. She has a lot of skills, but being an academic leader is not one of them. Sorry. by suzy

    Sorry suzy but you couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve had two kids graduate from there and have one there now and will have another one start next year. Kathy Rogers does a great job and is one of the best principals you’ll ever find.

  21. “Sportsoutlet”….

    There is a bigger picture here. We have to teach our kids something more than what they can get from society, but
    what they can give society. Our kids are growing up today with all the wrong values. It has become all about this
    “ME” attitude and less about “US”. I am quite sure these parents want what is best for their kids, but what is best
    is not always something immediate. Sometimes you have to stay and build from scratch. What we have seen in he last 18 months ahs been
    players/parents jumping in and out of bed with this coach or that. The only thing gained from all of this is humiliation from some of the parents and their children. What happens to those kids who went to this CCSA? Clearly this was a sham from the beginning.
    How can any kid who attended this “institution” really say they received an adequate education. it has been a real
    black-eye to the county and the parents involved. I repeat myself from earlier, this is not about academics, but about
    exposure. The parents whom sent kids to ORMA did this because of the BBall coach. If they are really concerned
    about their children’s education, then the kids would have not been banned from NC High School Sports.
    The parents are sending the wrong message to their children. This is not the proper way for theses young men
    to start out. They can not pull that crap next year if they receive an scholarships. Players at that level area dime
    a dozen.
    To those parents who have young athletes that are up and coming, keep your kids in your home district.


  22. No, actually, Mark, I am not wrong. I have known Kathy for 20 years and I have worked at Ragsdale. I have had a child there as well. Academics are not her priority. She is not a model of scholarship and will talk down about academic subjects (required to graduate) that she herself did not do well in.
    Go to the student bathroom around the corner from her office. On a good day it reeks of cigarette smoke. On a bad day, it is worse smoke. It has been that way for at leasst 20 years. That is not a tight ship – sorry.
    She is very good at managing running the day to day aspects of the school. Ragsdale has many good teachers. But the push for academic excellence that you can find in some other schools in our county is not present at Ragsdale.
    I know for a fact that ORMA will be better for Jay Canty than Ragsdale was. Is that true for all children? Certainly not. but to criticize parents’ decisions about their own children without even knowing them and their situation is wrong.

    I am in the Ragsdale district and I have one more athlete coming along. He will not attend Ragsdale; it is not what is best for him. I am his parent. As long as I follow the rules, it is nobody’s business.

  23. If you live in the Ragsdale district and he will not attend Ragsdale, how is that following the rules? NO, it is
    none of our business what you do, but you are not following the rules. What are you going to do, use someone
    else’s address? Also, your child is not their for Kathy Rogers anyway. Your son can get a great education despite the Principal. It is your duty to make sure your kid gets a good education.

  24. Suzy never said anything about sending her child to public school. Also, if she teaches or works at a school other than Ragsdale, then her child doesn’t have to go to Ragsdale. Also, if she’s not the custodial parent, then her child doesn’t have to go to Ragsdale. Also, there are the Academy schools. What I’m getting at is…..Oppenheimerfund, you have no clue where Suzy’s child can/should/will go to school.

    There were no actual classes taught at CCSA or by CCSA. Students attended classes at GTCC. Tutoring sessions for all athletes and specialized help for those kids with learning disabilities was provided by CCSA. The also had an association with a private school for those kids still in high school.

  25. The majority of athletes do not change schools for educational reasons. They change schools to better themselves athletically. There are plenty of kids who change schools so they can go for IB programs, academies, etc… Every school in the county has AP classes and honors programs so any child can get a quality education. To think that these athletes are changing schools for academic reasons is naive. I am a firm believer in community schools. If you live in a district, you should go to school in that district. The only way out of this would be attending private school.

  26. I can send him anywhere that Doyle Craven will approve . .
    To the school I work for, to wherever I can tranfer, to wherever I can get him transfered if Ragsdale doesn’t offer what I want him to take – Hebrew, for example, -to an IB school, to the early college, to any number of private schools. I can move. All of those are following the rules.
    The principal sets the tone for the school.
    My child is not THERE for the principal. But there are much better schools (public and private in Guilford county than Ragsdale.
    And you are right, it is my job to make sure he, not only gets a good education, but is in the best school for HIM.

  27. This is an interesting topic. Does anybody know how long this has been going on in Guilford County? I grew up in an area where each school district consisted of a couple of elementary schools, a couple of middle schools and, at most, 2 high schools (normally 1). The only way to go to another school was to move or go to private school. Taxes were collected on a school district basis so transferring was not allowed.
    Suzy has outlined all of the ways you can go to another school. The “Fair Play” policy instituted by GCS will not work because of all of these options. The only people that will be affected are the ones that made no attempt to hide their deception.

  28. “To think that these athletes are changing schools for academic reasons is naive.” – I absolutely agree.
    But to argue that an honors or AP class at Smith is the same as an honors or AP class at NW or Grimsley is equally naive. A class can be labeled AP is the teacher turns in an approved syllabus – It doesn’t mean the teacher is actually teaching all of that or that most (or any) of his/her students pass the exam (that information is never published – ever notice that?).
    I have my children transfered for purely academic reasons. I sent 2 to Duke and one to Wake. I am hoping that the baby will be as lucky. How many kids from Ragsdale got into Duke compared to kids from Grimsley? They don’t publish those numbers.

    I readliy concede that for every parent like me, there are many who will transfer using academics as a front. But you aren’t the thought police.
    As long as a family follows the rules and doesn’t lie, it is nobody’s business.

    last comment – you guys have a good day!

  29. I agree that community is important, but so is opportunity. It’s difficult to judge the motives of parents. If moving provides an opportunity for a scholarship, then I’m moving my child.

    I have a child who is a quality student and athlete. I love the school that he attends because I have a solid relationship with both teachers and administrators, but I am seriously considering moving my child to another school because of the football coaching staff. Before someone accuses me of bad parenting, hear me out. This is not about winning or losing. This is not about playing time.

    I know that if my child is blessed to stay healthy, he will earn an athletic scholarship to play football on the next level. We have already had two in our household do that. I have a kid who any coach in Guilford County would love to have on his team including the one he currently plays for. Parents have complained about this coach and his coaching staff. Those complaining aren’t just the kids and parents of those not seeing playing.

    *Kids are being verbally abused. Let me explain. I played football in junior high and high school. My coaches used colorful language and yelled a lot, but he never cursed at a player. There is a difference between…you’re blocking like you should be elected Prom Queen and you’re blocking like a #$%#%. There’s a difference between calling a kid a stupid $%^& and telling a kid that’s the dumbest decision you’ve ever seen on the football field.

    *Kids are being pressured to play hurt and or being punished for not playing hurt.

    *There is little to no help provided by this coach to those students who don’t have the resources or understanding of what they need to do to play at the next level. He and his staff push students to take high school courses that will do little for them except to keep eligible for football. Ex: Take weighlifting instead of a class that makes you eligible to attend a UNC System school.

    *This coaching staff is not good at coaching football

    I’ll pose the question…WHAT DO I DO? My kid loves football. He wants to play football. He’ll play for this coach if he has to. People (parents, teachers, admin) are actively trying to have this coach and his staff investigated. Am I wrong, if I choose not to await the outcome and send my child elsewhere?

  30. No, you are not wrong. Only you know the situation. You need to weigh the options and then do what you thing is best for your son. What everyone else thinks is irrelevant.

  31. As a parent that has transferred my kid out of their home school I really feel compelled to say how important the balance of academics and athletics can be for a student. I left my home school because academically, socially and athletically my son was not happy. I am very fortunate that my son is an excellent student so I could legally tranfer him through several GCS magnet program. The coacch at the school that I left is a mean vicious coach that tries to destroy the confidence of a kid if he does not like them. He sat a senior on the bench senior night and never once let the child play even though this kid was a good kid that came to every practice, every game and sat on the bench every game to never play in a blow out games. Thank God that was not my child and all I could think after leaving was how thankful I was that I folowed my parental instincts. He still continues to treat kids unfairly and is allowed to get away with it.The school has fights constantly and teachers that cater to a few. Academically and athletically there was no one there that really cared about my child. In order for the schools to work coaches must be put in place that do not have chips on their shoulders and teachers that are not so burned out that they stop caring about every child. Ultimately we only want the best for our kids and yes we make mistakes but it is not all driven by athletics. But anyone that has a child that loves sports also knows how important sports is to their self esteem.

  32. ” concerned parent”, Don’t listen to anyone that tells you to transfer your son for football reasons. Sometimes you have to get involved with committees within your school and try to affect change that way. I don’t know who that coach or who is on his staff, but I can tell you that if he has an Administrator that is worth his weight, then the coach should/could be fired. How about joining the PTA, Boosters,…etc. They are positive agents for change. However, sometimes these groups overstep their bounds and it turns people off. This football coach you are referring to has no business telling kids to take courses that keep them eligible. I know of only one course that FB coaches will ask kids to take and that is Advance Physical Fitness. This is a weightlifting course. My kids took it when they were in HS, and it did not hurt them at all. The academic part was left to their mother and myself, but I left the athletic part to the coaches. Both my son and daughter were good students and excellent athletes.
    I understand your situation, but you have to talk to the administration about your issue with the football coach. If other parents are concerned, then you need to form a coalition to and go to the administrator and AD about this coach. Always remember you have power if used properly. But look out, with all of the cheating that has taken place in Guilford County, be careful because of a potential backlash. Some coaches may get to the point where if they have a kid who transferred in just because of football, then they would be apprehensive to accept your kid. They may began to question your motive as a parent, and your kid’s overall character. Maybe not at Northern, but good programs would, no matter how good your son is. It would not be a knock on you, but the perception is out there. Talk to some coaches from other schools. Find out what you can do. Dont get any advice from a blog.
    Speak with some of the most senior coaches in the County. They would probably give you an unbiased opinion.
    Norwood from Ragsdale, Pursley from Northeast are your most senior coaches. Herb Goins would also be another source to talk to. These are men who I respect because they have never had any issues with their programs.
    I am not an expert, but I love sports, especially High School. It is the purest form of competition left. With the exception of High School Basketball and AAU, I love all of High School Sports.

    Good Luck to you and your family.

  33. “Concerned parent”,
    You are the only one who knows what is best for your child. Of course weightlifting can hurt a student trying to get into UNC! Because it is a standard level class, it (depending on the student) can lower your GPA. UNC very rarely looks at students without a 4.5 and weightlifting is a 4-point class. If a student has lower than a 4.0 it can help, higher than a 4.0 hurts. It depends on YOUR individual child, and the best person to look out for him is you.
    No football coach will question his character if he transfers legally because the adults in his present school are not acting in his best interest or acting professionally. For someone to trivialize the situation, claim that you are transfering “because of Football”, and question your character is ridiculous.
    You made it clear that groups are already formed to take care of the situation. Stay involved. But don’t feel guilty about doing what you think is in the best interest of your son.

  34. Suzy, I am not trying to be rude, but how do you know what the UNC system wants? If you have the correct courses with good grades and the SAT score to match, then you should be okay. If you have a students who have taken AP courses and Honors courses, you should be okay. My nephew got into John Hopkins by taking courses that were AP and Honors. He was a soccer player who took 4 semesters of advanced physical training.
    Johns Hopkins is not a very easy school to get into. Its standards are higher than any UNC System school. Taking weightlifting courses will not help you. If you are a marginal student from the beginning UNC schools will not accept you anyway. Having weightlifting only broadens the appeal
    if you were an athlete. I am quite sure that UNC schools can look at a transcript and make the connection between a kid who has weightlifting courses on a transcript and him playing sports. Think about a kid who plays in the band, taking music courses. There is a connection. Think about it.
    As far as football coaches not looking at parents, what I said was that there “could” be a backlash. I could understand, at least, if a student moved to one school, but Suzy, there are instances where kids have attended 3 schools in 3 years. What the hell do you think is going on with that?

  35. Suzy, it sounds like you and the concerned parent made the move to a different school after a well thought out investigation. These are not the moves that concern me. 3 schools in 3 years for kids that aren’t qualifing academically to go anywhere. Kids moving around and then having to be reclassified because they are nowhere near grade level. These are the kids that are not being guided correctly. It is obviously acceptable to move a gifted student athlete to an IB program so that they can get into Duke, Wake Forest, UNC etc…. I don’t know if that is necessary, but it is commendable. I attended John Hopkins and played multiple sports. I simply had Honors and AP courses. If you are an athlete being recruited at one of these schools, they don’t mind if you take weight lifting. With all that being said, my child did not want to take weightlifting because it would bring down her GPA.
    This is just my opinion and I hope you and your family find the success you are looking for.

  36. I have been in education for over 30 years. I worked for a while for the admissions department at Duke. I have friends in admissions in most of the ACC schools. As an employee of GSC, I write recommendations for students every day. I have sent three of my own sons to ACC schools. Other than that, I don’t know much.
    How do you know what most students need to get into most schools?
    I never said students should go to three schools in three years following some coach. What I said was, only the parents know what is best for their child. And they have an obligation to do what they know is best for their child regardless of the current controversy or what anyone else thinks. And people who make judgements on those kids without knowing all of the facts of their particular situation are out of line.
    And yes, music lowers your GPA also unless you are taking advanced music theory. For most kids it does not matter. Some kids choose to audit the class. And some don’t worry about it. Again, that decision should be made by the individual parent and child based on their situation.
    The issue, as I recall, was whether the football coach should push students into taking weightlifting – they can certainly recommend it, but it may not be the right decision for every child. And that decision belongs exclusively to the parents. Just because it didn’t hurt your child, doesn’t mean it is right for everyone.

  37. Baltimore can be a tough town. I was mugged when I was there. One side of Hopkins borders on the bad section of Baltimore while the other side borders on the most affluent section (Roland Park). Tell your nephew to stay on the Roland Park side.
    I really enjoyed my four years there, but it was mostly due to the basketball, golf and great friends. As your nephew is probably finding out, the academics are ridiculously rigorous. Nothing at any of our GCS schools could prepare you for the amount of work required to make it there.
    Hopefully your nephew is playing soccer at JHU. They have a great soccer program that made it to the Elite 8 this year. Go Blue Jays!

  38. Does anyone know where Clayton Banner is? I have been trying t o get in contact with him along with some of the others on the CCSA staff. I must have sent over a dozen emails but none of them were responded to. He has not returned my phone calls.

  39. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THIS POST? Banner has his hands in many things that didn’t work.

    Robert Bell of the N&R and http://www.news-record.com has the skinny on the return of Arena Football to Greensboro and itâ€s arena ring-leader Clayton Banner. Banner was the first-ever coach of our old and beloved Greensboro Prowlers who played indoors at the Greensboro Coliseum.

    Former Greensboro Monarchs and Generals hockey coach Jeff Brubaker is now managing the soon-to-be or someday-to-be Peak Fitness Center on Church Street at East Cone Blvd. I guess all the old pro team coaches will eventually be back in town for the Christmas Holidays.

    Hereâ€s what Mr, Bell is saying about Arena Football coming to Proehlific Park:

    GREENSBORO — For better or worse, Greensboro is back in the indoor football business.

    Officials with something called the Indoor Independence Football Alliance, a developmental league for other arena football leagues, were in town today to announce the Texas-based leagueâ€s expansion into North Carolina.

    Clayton Banner, the co-owner and commissioner of the IIFA East League, said Tuesday at least six teams will play football games at Proehlific Park, a private youth sports complex off Horse Pen Creek Road.

    Banner said the IIFA was created last year to provide indoor football players who want to play at a higher level a way of staying in shape. He said the league also provides game tapes to teams from other indoor football leagues looking for replacement players.

    “Weâ€re giving players a way to keep in shape and not just sit around on the couch waiting for the phone to ring,” said Banner.

    He said the IIFA sends game tapes to teams in bigger leagues such as the Arena Football League, the Indoor Football League and American Professional Football League. He said several IIFA players have been signed by teams from those leagues.

    Banner said “two or three” IIFA players were signed by other indoor football teams. He directed a reporter to the leagueâ€s Web site for the players†names, but there was no additional information.

    Officials with the AFL and the APFL said they were unaware of the IIFA and that their leagues had no agreements with the group.

    Banner said games will begin in February. Tickets will cost $10 for adults, $5 for fans 18 and under. Children under 12 will be admitted free. Banner said fans will be able to watch at least two games on Saturday nights — more if additional teams sign up.

    Greensboroâ€s last foray into indoor football wasnâ€t exactly a hit with fans — or players.

    The Greensboro Revolution of the National Indoor football League played two years at the Greensboro Coliseum. The team was plagued by low attendance while players and businesses complained about not being paid.

    *****Contact Robert Bell at 373-7055 or robert.bell@news-record.com for more information*****

  40. CCSA is open every day I have called an spoken to the office staff and got a response every time, here is the number if you really are trying to reach them 336-664-1002 or are you a parent or coach trying to crucify the program for your failures, by creating a false blog!

  41. There is no office staff. You must be drinking the CCSA Kool aid. My failures? Our failures? The only thing we failed at is believing what was told to us and our children. False blog? Seems to me that the majority of these people on this thing have been wronged.

  42. Can anyone tell me about Southern Tech? There is a group of football players going there this weekend from Nashville. Is it worth it?

  43. I am sorry but Southern Tech is in Charlotte in case you didn’t know. We really need to know before our players leave for Charlotte to find out that it is a joke also.

  44. Southern Tech? Another agency, business, whatever you want to call it that is trying to pass themselves off as a Post Graduate school. I love the Christian based program bit that they try and sell everyone on, what a joke! Do yourself a favor, don’t waste your time….stay in Nashville.

  45. Mike, you are right CCSA is a joke and a failure. They got my money but it won’t happen again. I learned the hard way. I figured out things were fraudulent when the players started talking and some of them had not paid any money at all and was still in the program. If players really want to play ball…….study hard and get in a real school. Banner talked a good game. You live and learn from your experiences. I wish we could warn all the other suckers out there.

  46. Talked to the HC himself from Southern Tech. I wanted to know who they played, where the practice and game facilities were located, where my son would be taking his classes (classroom, study hall, etc). I also asked a few other general questions that a normal parent would ask. You know what answer I got? He said that he cannot give that information out unless I was part of the program. So let me get this straight Jacob Henderson, you want me to shell out roughly $10,000 and then you will answer my questions? What a crock of shizzle! Your whole operation is nothing more than a con and a painted up semi pro football team. Are you for real? First of all, you are not a post graduate school and certainly not a Christian based program. Where are your accreditations? Please humor us. Oh by the way, you may want to consider finding someone who knows grammar when constructing information on your website. It certainly could do without the Ebonics. It makes your program sound illiterate. I am curious, what is the SCAC Crown? Oh that’s right; this is something that you made up to make your program look good. It’s amazing what can be found out on the internet and by making a few phone calls. Oh! That fake interview (press conference) of you on YouTube; that was truly genius.

  47. My son started off in the program. They offered me a coaching job. I started asking questions. Then, I got the run arounds. Know one could give me any answers to anything. No e-mails no calls. Then, I was told to get in touch with the head coach. By the way we had 3 meetings that he (the hand coach) never showed up. Is this good business or what? I told my son to wait a year to see if this program fails or not. Well I got my answer now!


  49. I enrolled in CCSA. I had to leave after a week in the program because they had NOTHING together. The coaches were not informing players of practices. The players had no idea when to do things. The education part of it was a joke and Banner is a CON ARTIST. They also stuck us in garbage apartments. My parents spent over $5,000 on the school and I have since gotten exactly $0 back. A couple buddies of mine also left the school after a week after there were promises that were broken and the whole thing ended up being a scam. I hope Banner gets what he deserves, which is jail time, because of the money he has stolen from people. What a joke.

  50. Ex Coach,
    I felt the same way! Every time you needed an answer to a question, it was call this one, call that one, talk to them, not me. It was such a joke trying to get a straight answer from Banner or anybody else in the program. The run-arounds were unending and very annoying. Well, it’s all over now and my parents and I will be fighting for our money back….. If Clayton Banner can be found.

  51. A PLAYER…..I have a question. You are saying that you paid $5,000? There have been many people who have paid different amounts for this CCSA program. This just tells me that CCSA is nothing but a “Cash Cow” for Banner and everyone involved. Anyone who has been involved with a business knows that there is overhead, expenditures and value of service. The cost for doing business is calculated into this formula per unit. A “unit” in the case would be a student/athlete. There is no doubt in my mind that CCSA is all about collecting money with a disregard to the amount paid per person. Think about it for a second here. If we were all in line at the movie theatre and I had to pay $10, the next $15, another $5, then the following pays $20…..some get free popcorn while the others have to pay for it, etc, etc…..is this fair? Better yet, is this ethical? Even better……are you kidding me!!!! Itâ€s a darn shame that someone doesnâ€t take Banner and his Academy to court and sue them for breach of contract and fraudulent business practice. I donâ€t have a child going to CCSA but I do like to read what is going on in my own backyard especially when it comes to sports and education. Iâ€m a retired teacher and football coach who has been in this profession for over 40 years. To read what is going on here is completely unacceptable and should be dealt with accordingly. If all what is written is true, I pray to God that Banner and his staff will have the decency to make amends with these students and parents. Good luck everyone and I wish you the best in 2010.

  52. $5,042 to be exact…. It was supposed to cover my transportation, meals, room, education, and football. They basically just came up with the number. A couple of buddies of mine paid a lot less and some have paid a lot more. It is an abomination that they have gotten away with this thus far. We have tried to bring them to court, but my family lives in Arizona now and it’d be costly to travel back and forth to North Carolina. Also, we have contacted the police department in North Carolina, but no luck on a call back. It’s unreal that I believed in this guy that he could help me in my athletic and educational career. I wish I knew more about it before I committed but it happened. They say you can’t cry over spilled milk….. The fact that CCSA changed their name to “SADA” shows that they schemed everybody involved in CCSA in the beginning. They stole from us and they got away with it. There WILL be legal ramifications eventually.

  53. A PLAYER…..what exactly did they do for you? Can you please give me an example of your daily format? I am sure there are many people out there who would like to listen to this coming from someone who has been there. How did you make your payments? Who did you guys play? What education did they provide for you? Who provided it? Was there facilites such as practice field, weight room, game field, classrooms, coaches offices, etc, etc? What happened with the meals? I understand that this is a lot of questions but many of us are in the dark. Maybe there is a possibility that we can help you along with the others.

  54. Old Coach,

    CCSA promised me I could get a real high school diploma. I have a GED. My parents paid in full at the beginning…. The Friday before school was supposed to begin, the teacher who was supposed to be helping the “High School” students had NO IDEA whatsoever what I was talking about when I called her to ask what time I should show up on that Monday. She had no course books, no course guidelines and was not told that school was beginning on that Monday, meanwhile, Banner told us it did. I was an out-of-state student coming into North Carolina and out-of-state students were supposed to arrive on September 1st. Banner had me show up on April 11th I believe it was, for no good reason. My family had just moved to Arizona and I was in the process of helping them, when Banner told me to come in the middle of August. I had to leave my family 3 weeks “early”.

    The daily routine was stay in your apartment, and if you got a call to come lift weights or practice then you did, and if you didn’t then you missed out. There was no set schedule at all. My roommates and I were in an apartment where there were roaches, a door was broken, no furniture and no cable. We also were left with no food, when the three of us had signed up for the food program. The food program was something called “Angel food”. You would think with all the time they had, they’d have the food program at least set up before we all moved in. No can do…..

    We, my roommates and I, were under the impression that there was going to be two teams for the CCSA, kinda of like a Varsity and Junior Varsity. By the time I arrived in August, I found out that CCSA was going with a 5 team format. One team would play another college, and the remaining four would play eachother. They told us that they had too many players to only have two teams, so they were going with a five team format.

    The practice field was supposed to be an open field at a YMCA and Proehlific Park. In a week, there were zero practices and I think three lifting sessions. The YMCA was the weight room for the players. There was one class room for the “prep” players (the students that were doing college courses attended Guilford Tech). The coaches offices were really small. It was in a business center type of place, where there were a bunch of empty businesses. There was an empty warehouse in the back of the coaches offices that was supposed to be a “locker room ” for us. Come August, it still was an empty raggedy warehouse.

    The whole thing was a scam. Nothing was organized. There were no schedules. There were coaches that had no idea what was going on, and neither did our teaching instructor. There was no meal program, and no transportation provided for getting back and forth to practice and school. They stole money from the people that bought into what they were selling us, my family included.

  55. WOW! I had to read your post a few times just to check my sanity. I am still shaking my head. How did they come to the figure of $5,042? Did they not give you an initial cost for attending CCSA? Are players still there? What exactly was the food program?

  56. I tried to pull up the CCSA website, looks like they took it down. I checked out the SADA website and it basically gives the same information that the CCSA website did but with a few different twists. They are now saying that they offer Sports Medicine, Sports Marketing and Sports Sales programs. This SADA site also suggests that teams/academies like CCSA are going up in different regions on the Atlantic coast. CCSA is listed among the many possible academies but why would they take down their website? There are 11 academies listed yet there is no information available besides a few that list head coaches & directors. Itâ€s very interesting that the HC for the South Carolina program lists Bernie Kuebler. This name sounds familiar and I am positive that I seen his name listed at one time as a staff member of CCSA. Triangle Sports Academy is another one which is ran by Josh Resignalo. Was this guy a coaching staff member for Banner with the CCSA program? Why is the information to his website gone? There was a former Auburn player who was heading up another state but his information is also gone. I also see that there is an orientation for parents and students on January 9, 2010 at 3pm at 6901-D Downwind Rd., Greensboro. Maybe it would be a good idea to check this out and ask some questions.

  57. 6901-D Downwind Rd., Greensboro——- BEEN THERE DONE THAT!!!! THATS WHERE OUR MONEY WAS STOLEN!! Banner’s repsonse to my mother saying they stole our money: “Talk to your son, he spent your money!”…… Resignalo hang up on my father more than a few times when asked if we are getting our money back. Looks like SADA is another Banner-Resignalo money-pit. January 9th, another day in which Banner and Resignalo will scheme more kids and parents into giving up life savings to them, with no way of getting it back. How come the Greensboro police department let this happen?? My mother contacted the DA’s office and they connected us to the fraud division and they have YET to call us back.

    Old Coach, do you know what happened to the CCSA anyways?? Did they play any games?? I saw that the CCSA beat Guilford’s JV team I think like 41-0. When was that and what has happened since then? How are Banner and Resignalo setting up shop as the SADA if the CCSA is still going, or is it not?

  58. A PLAYER, how could he say that you spent the money? I don’t get it. You paid the whole $5042 in advance….correct? Did you not stay the full season at CCSA? How long were you there? Did other players leave? Are you living in Arizona or NC?

  59. Old Coach,

    I stayed one week at CCSA before I realized that nothing was in order and it was a scheme. The schooling wasnt set up and there was no set schedule, no food in the apartments and roaches too, so I had to leave. I live in Arizona now. My three roommates also left. And yes, I paid the whole $5042 in advance. When my parents would ask Resignalo or Banner where their money was, they would say talk to your son, he has your money. The meal plan was supposed to be included in the “tuition”. They were supposed to give us enough food for two weeks or a month, something like that and when I arrived there was no food and the week I was there, no food ever came.

    Do you have any info on SADA or the former CCSA??

  60. Here are a few others who are jumping on the Clayton Banner wagon. They are forming an academy in Atlanta called Atlanta Sports Academy. The general manager is Viondi Pate at 678-379-7560 and asaspartans@gmail.com . They list Fred Baxter, former NFL player as the Head Coach 678-379-7560 and 4thandgoalonline@gmail.com . This information is on the SADA website so it has been made public. Those of you who are trying to contact Clayton Banner may be able to reach him through these people. Josh Resignalo is the head coach and director for one going up in Durham called Triangle Sports Academy. His number is 336-255-6912. This is also public information which has been taken from the SADA website. I believe Resignalo originally was with the CCSA program. There is a Maurice Gravely heading up the West Virginia academy but there is no contact information besides the old CCSA phone number 336-664-1002. Kirk Hendricks is the HC & Director for the Virginia academy and is using the old CCSA phone number. Bernie Kuebler is the South Carolina HC & Director; he also uses the CCSA number. Not sure if any of these people are truly associated with Banner, maybe their information is just padding for the SADA website.

    There is an attorney named Mike Fox who handles cases very similar to this one. He can be reached at 271-5244. Tell him that attorney Mike Barber recommended that you contact him.

    Good Luck.

  61. This is very disappointing. If people are preying on the dreams of the poor and uneducated they should spend some time in prison. I have read nothing good about this crew. I certainly hope Fred Baxter is not involved in this. He appears to be a good man who cares about kids. I hope he does not fall into the trap.

  62. I attended CCSA, and it was the worse decision I have ever made in my life.It was unorganized and not thoroughly planned out.We were supplied with terrible equipment, that I know were not up to standards.Our meal plan maybe lasted us a week.We never had a steady place to practice, we were jumping from field to field constantly. Now the people in the offices and the teachers were ok,hey done the best they could do,but as far as the coaches,it could get no worse.I dont understand how we paid all that money and be in the situation that we are in.I dont recommend that any parent send their child their.

  63. Jamie Boll (anchor/reporter) of WBTV Channel 3 would like to speak with anyone who has information on CCSA and Clayton Banner. He is the one who investigated the NC Tech scam. His email is jboll@wbtv.com and his phone number is (work) 704-374-3534 & (cell) 704-401-8568.

    Banner is having a parent/athlete orientation. Everyone should show up to this orientation on Saturday and also invite Jamie Boll. January 9th at 2:30 at 7616 B Business Park Drive, Greensboro NC 27409. I did notice that there was another address listed on this date but I can’t confirm since the website is down. It looks like Banner took down his CCSA & SADA websites? I cannot get access to them.

  64. The concept of offering kids post-graduate opportunities to prepare for college is definitely intriguing. There is a need in our communities, but there is not easy way to go about this. The time and effort to be successful would be enormous. If someone really wanted to help kids, they would have a very structured day. Basically, you fill every aspect of the kid’s day with activities to help them grow academically, athletically, socially, and spiritually. There is a real need for kids in urban areas to have post-graduate instruction that fills the void of not having male role models available during their youth. It is too bad the people behind these so called schools are more concerned with lining their pockets rather than helping young men.

    First, you build the program around character education. You focus on developing positive attitudes and overcoming adversity. Young men must learn that obstacles appear each day. We have to give them the skills to overcome those obstacles, and the confidence they can utilize the skills. Second, you have classroom time to enhance academic skills and prepare kids for college and beyond. We must teach them how to write and perform basic mathematical operations. Third, you include a work component. This allows your students to earn some spending money while learning to be responsible with money. They have an opportunity to learn budgeting, creating and maintaining a balance sheet, and learning about long-term investment strategies to create wealth. They would be required to work at 15 to 20 hours during the week. They would also do 10 hours of community service each month. They would learn the value of giving back. Then, you would have the football component. This would include no more than 2 hours per day in the off-season, and three hours per day during the season. Two evenings a week you would schedule a spiritual activity that would bring them closer to God.

    The goal of the program would be to prepare young men to go to college or vocational school. While it would be nice for every kid to get an athletic scholarship, that is not realistic. We could have a much more powerful impact on a greater number of young men by helping them realize the potential they have inside. We can help our young people to reach their full potential instead of trying to “get by.”

    This would take an enormous amount of work and money. Even greater would be the amount of love it would take. I wish I had the financial backing to do something like this. There is a real need for positive team experiences for young men between 18 and 22 years old. If we can get them through those years and prepare them for some sort of education, we will see our communities improve.

    I am disappointed to see so many people use football for their own personal gain at the expense of our kids. This shows the need in our community, but it also shows the lack of people with the integrity to make a positive impact. This is something that needs to be considered. We need to find some people with the financial means to get things running.

  65. Read the comments from the following Greensboro Sports:




    I hope all of you who it appears have been scammed, will ban together and Right this Wrong. I truly wish you much luck, and will pray that things work out in your favor.

  66. I didn’t see a list of names for the staff at the Atlanta Sports Academy, nor the name of anyone claiming to run it. That’s odd.

  67. My name is Viondi Pate and I am the General Manager of Atlanta Sports Academy. I learned early on that I should not be associated with CCSA and ordered them to take my information off of their site. Yes we are starting a program in Atlanta and we are in no way associated with CCSA or SADA. If you have any questions about our program please feel free to give me a call at 678-538-6619. If I am not in, please leave a message and I will be sure to return your call. Keep in mind that I am currently working myself so I usually only go to the office when I have appointments right now. I do not know the whereabouts of Clayton Banner. Fred Baxter is my head coach and we have several other former NFL, SEC, and ACC veterans who will be coaching.

  68. Viondi,

    I hope to God you are going to do the right thing by the kids. If you are willing to put the interests of the kids before your own, you may be successful. There is a real need in urban areas for an organization to provide positive male role models for young men. However, if your organization is only concerned with winning football games and making a name for yourselves, or making loads of money, you will NOT be successful. I hope you understand the amount of time it will take to do this right. This is not a 3 hour job. This is a 24 hour a day job, 7 days a week, for 365 days, for you and your coaches. You are always on, and you and your staff must understand this.

    Second, you must be about developing the character of these young men. Too many people have told them for years they cannot be successful. People have been telling them the only way they can make is by breaking the law. They need to be shown that they can accomplish anything they are willing to work for. They also must learn to overcome obstacles, and not to blame others.

    Are you ready to take this responsibility? Are you ready to do the right thing for the right reason? Or, are you more concerned with lining your own pockets? Have you put together a viable business plan? Are you prepared to make sure the financials work out? Or, are you going to take the money and run?

    If you are going to do this right, great. If not, God help you.

  69. I coached football and taught English at an inner city high school for eight years. We won a lot of games, but it had nothing to do with football. Read my post above. If you are in this for the right reasons you will make a tremendous impact. If you are not you will do nothing but destroy kids.

  70. Coach Banner lives in winston-salem in an apartment complex. He is now working with a company called Veritas at the Triad Conference Center at 7616-B Business Park Drive. He is partners with a Mr. Allan Hooker who is well aware of Clayton Banner’s “ways” and he still has him there. If you show up to that address and make a scene with a Dr. Moffitt ( who is the founder of Veritas) They will shut him down and put him out. Banner’s number is 336.575-3623 for now. He may change it. Hooker’s number is 336.587.6356.

  71. ConcernedParent, would you please consider putting this same info on the comments in the other 3 articles related to this issue? Just follow the links from my January 12th post.

  72. Coach Vint I truly hope that one day you will be blessed with the financial backing and/or tools needed so that you can take this concept and do it the right way and be rewarded by seeing the lives of the kids involved bloom, not only in the aspect of sports but in personal growth.

  73. I have been reading your blogs all morning and I am really shocked and concerned about what I am reading. I am trully sorry that you and your kids were “victims” of a shady situation.
    I have a couple of thoughts though: 1. There seemed to fundamental flaws in the management of the CCSA program. It may have been a geniune institution, but looks to have ended up in the wrong hands. Poor management (or shady management) can ruin a good thing. 2. Appears that there was one or two people responsible for the bulk of these issues, and a lot of trusting employees, parents, and players (kids) that got burned in the end. Appears there were a lot of people working in and around the program that were burned as well.
    I am not a CCSA sympathizer, first off. I am upset and angry that anyone would take advantage of kids. However, I do feel, that if done right, these programs could really benefit kids in our communities. I believe the “head” was dead at CCSA. As we all know, if the head is dead, the body will eventually follow. There appears to have been no structure of foundational thinking to speak of. This could have been a really good thing, but poor over-sight and corruption at the top killed itâ€s promise.
    I am a former full-scholarship STUDENT-athlete at U.N.C. at Chapel Hill. I played football there and got my degree in psychology and later my masters in the same field. I did play some pro ball, but after my playing career I choose to focus my attention on service to my community, specifically itâ€s kids and their parents. I am now working towards a doctorial degree, and work as a clinician, counseling kids and their families.
    Why am I giving you this? Well, I am a part of a upstart program similiar to CCSA. I have been working hand-in-hand with the guy whose is developing it to help provide, oversight, structure, and help put in place fundamental programs needed to run a program like this successfully. I have procured the help of academic administrator, high school and college level (doctorate level) educator, and passionate, experienced program developers.
    We have come up with a 3 pronged structure approach that includes: 1. Academic, 2. Student Support Services, and Athletics. We are applying to be a non-profit, and our focus will be growing a program that will help kids, and not our pockets. We understand that if we are successful, we will be able to make a living, but more importantly, we will improved the lives of some young people and their families.
    CCSA was an unfortunate situation, and if the accusations are true, those involved in the corruption and “theft” should be made to face the consequences. However, please do not lump of all together. There are some of us out here intent on helping our kids, families, and communities. I will use your comments and concerns to guide my development of our program; We will learn from the mistakes of CCSA and not repeat them; and we will remain focused on our goal of serving the kids, their families, and our communities.
    I will continue to read your blogs and wish you all the best. Good luck to you and yourâ€s.

  74. As someone who has seen first hand what Central Carolina Sports Academy and Academic Coaching Services are about, there is a lot of blame to go around. First off, I can not blame Coach D or any other coach for leaving because they were not paid for the services rendered.

    Second, there were suppose to be tutors hired by ACS to work with the students at the study halls. Needless to say that didn’t happen. From what I have been told, they tried to have the tutors work for free. The first tutors that they brought in had all received their undergraduate degrees from different colleges and were willing to help in anyway they could. I have no problem with them refusing to work without getting paid. How many of you are willing to work without getting paid? The second wave of tutors they tried to bring in were jokes. Then the lady who runs ACS, Coach J, was not much better. Why does she only use the first letter of her name? What is she trying to hide? She also had an attitude problem from what I heard. She was known to play favorites with the students and made no attempt to try and hide that. I hear she is still running her business and has a less than stellar reputation.

    As for Coach Banner and Peter Carpenter, they are both crooks who stole from these kids, and Peter stole from Banner as well. My advice to everyone out there, do not get involved with anything that has either of these two guys name associated with it. You will regret it in the end

  75. I was interested in the comments about Southern Tech in Charlotte. This program has been up and running for a year, and I have seen very little information about it. The website looks much better than the CCSA website ever did! I would like to know if this is a legitimate program from someone who has had experience with it. It is easy to lump all post graduate programs into the same heap as CCSA is in but that might not be fair. Does anyone have first hand experience with Southern Tech?

  76. I do not need to throw stones, but the first thing I noticed about Southern Tech was the grammatical errors on their website. No professional organization, especially a school, should expect to be taken seriously without editing their web content. Other than that I know very little about their program.

  77. Southern Tech complete fraud. Coach and Wife are were under charges. Do some google research and you will find out. The only juco in NC that has football is Louisberg. take care.

  78. Listen to what Bob just said, this should be enough to convince anyone that Southern Tech is crap. Their webiste comes directly from the Ebonics dictionary. Through first hand knowledge this “Holy Roller” fabrication is a complete joke.

  79. After seeing the comments I checked out the Southern Tech Website. Surely their website did not have grammatical mistakes any ninth grader could correct. It is ironic is how the sentence touting their academic prowess contains not one but TWO errors. I don’t think I would ever send a kid to any of these schools… Here is the line quoted directly from their website:
    “Southern Tech’s educational program provides one of the finest academics settings with a online academic instruction.”

    In about eight minutes I found numerous errors in grammar on their website. That is not exactly a strong endorsement for their academic rigor.

  80. Hello Coach Vint!

    My only reason for starting this program is to help the kids. Every coach on my staff has a passion for helping kids and all of them played major college football. I am a licensed professional and my home is in Atlanta. I can assure you I have more to lose than anyone involved. I was born and raised near hear and I’m not going anywhere? You are invited to come and visit. We are planning an open house around the end of June. I look forward to meeting you and any other interested parents or players.

  81. BIG4DKIDZ is with Atlanta Sports Academy.

    Coaching Staff:
    Head Coach/OC/WR: Fred Baxter-NFL/Auburn
    DC/DB: Chris Shelling-NFL/CFL/Auburn
    QB: Joe Hamilton-NFL/GA Tech/Arena
    OL: Demarcus Curry-NFL/Auburn
    DL: Damon Dawson-NFL/N.C/Hampton
    LB: Jason Miska-Auburn/All-SEC
    RB: Kelsey Crook-Auburn
    Consultant: Joe Burns-NFL/GA Tech

    *No other Prep School in the country has a coaching staff of this caliber*

    Keep checking the web site http://www.atlantasportsacademy.com for more info!

  82. ASA, you mention that all your coaches and staff played major college football….who cares. This has nothing to do with educating kids and it certainly does not mean these guys can coach the game either….big difference from playing to coaching. Having a passion does not generate results nor does it qualify one as an educator. You’re going to need to do a lot better than that to convince everyone that you’re legitimate. Coming on this blog makes you look like you’re using other peoples misfortune for your gain. If you want to be taken seriously, how about talking about what you can do for these kids academically and the staff/program you have in place to guide them. Donâ€t hit us up with online courses and spirituality classes either.

  83. I am glad you say you are starting the program to help kids. At this point, however, those are just words. I pray you will do the right thing for the duration.

    I have to agree with Old Coach, that being a college player does not make you a good coach. And, the level of football you played matters less. I played small college ball and that really had no impact on my coaching ability. I coached with a couple of guys who played major college football. One was a good coach, and one was terrible. What was the difference?

    The greatest quality a coach can have is integrity. The second most important quality is love, and the third most important quality is an insatiable desire to become a better teacher. Many of our children in poverty have one thing in common…. Broken Promises. All their lives people have made promises that are not kept. They also lack positive male role models who truly care about them. The fact that your coaches played major college football is only relevant if they have the three qualities mentioned above. Being a player does not mean you can teach. Being a player does not mean you will have an unconditional love for our young people. Being a player does not mean you have integrity. However, if your staff possesses all three of these qualities, you will have a successful program. They also have to understand the time commitment. They will have to be “on” 24 hours a day. They also have to understand they will set the example for the players. If they run around cursing and losing their temper, the players will as well. If they are patient and use mistakes as teachable moments, they will be successful and profoundly impact the young men.

    If you have questions or need any guidance, send me an email at coachvint@gmail.com. I know very few things, but our staff took an inner-city program that had lost 20 straight games, and had a 38% graduation rate, and we helped every kid graduate and 85% went to college or the military. We also managed to win quite a few games along the way. The most important thing we did was help our kids become better people. Along the way we became better people as well.

    I will add you to my prayers and ask the Lord to watch over you and provide you the guidance you need.

  84. I am glad you say you are starting the program to help kids. At this point, however, those are just words. I pray you will do the right thing for the duration.

    I have to agree with Old Coach, that being a college player does not make you a good coach. And, the level of football you played matters less. I played small college ball and that really had no impact on my coaching ability. I coached with a couple of guys who played major college football. One was a good coach, and one was terrible. What was the difference?

    The greatest quality a coach can have is integrity. The second most important quality is love, and the third most important quality is an insatiable desire to become a better teacher. Many of our children in poverty have one thing in common…. Broken Promises. All their lives people have made promises that are not kept. They also lack positive male role models who truly care about them. The fact that your coaches played major college football is only relevant if they have the three qualities mentioned above. Being a player does not mean you can teach. Being a player does not mean you will have an unconditional love for our young people. Being a player does not mean you have integrity. However, if your staff possesses all three of these qualities, you will have a successful program. They also have to understand the time commitment. They will have to be “on” 24 hours a day. They also have to understand they will set the example for the players. If they run around cursing and losing their temper, the players will as well. If they are patient and use mistakes as teachable moments, they will be successful and profoundly impact the young men.

    If you have questions or need any guidance, send me an email at my screen name @ gmail. I know very few things, but our staff took an inner-city program that had lost 20 straight games, and had a 38% graduation rate, and we helped every kid graduate and 85% went to college or the military. We also managed to win quite a few games along the way. The most important thing we did was help our kids become better people. Along the way we became better people as well.

    I will add you to my prayers and ask the Lord to watch over you and provide you the guidance you need.

  85. Gentlemen,

    You two coaches (D and Vint) are absolutely right and before joining any organization I was gonna put my name on, I wanted to research it and programs like it. I found your blogs, was astonished by what I read and felt I needed to show my support and concern by responding. I also used your blogs in a positive and took it back to ASA and its affiliates as an example of what cannot happen here. I deliberately withheld the name of the organization I am affiliated with.
    Coach D, I understand your wavering confidence in a program such as our’s. All I can offer you is a invite to visit us during our open houses, and ear to listen to your concerns, and my word. We are careful not to post anything on our website or make any promises we cannot keep. I realize only time will validate our mission, but we take on the challenge. Our goal is to produce well-rounded STUDENT-athletes.
    Coach Vint, I thank you for your offer and will accept it. I look forward to speaking with you in the near future. Your prayes and support are greatly needed. I look forward to garnering your support through our faithful service to these kids in the future. Please continue to watch our website for further information, future updates and invites to visit us.



  86. I see everyone making an effort to complain on this blog, but no one is making an effort to join together and stop Banner from running this scam again. He is still scamming kids from what I have been told as recently as today. If you aren’t going to do anything about it then stop complaining.

  87. Coaching Staff:
    Head Coach/OC/WR: Fred Baxter-NFL/Auburn
    DC/DB: Chris Shelling-NFL/CFL/Auburn
    QB: Joe Hamilton-NFL/GA Tech/Arena
    OL: Demarcus Curry-NFL/Auburn
    DL: Damon Dawson-NFL/N.C/Hampton
    LB: Jason Miska-Auburn/All-SEC
    RB: Kelsey Crook-Auburn
    Consultant: Joe Burns-NFL/GA Tech

    You say that no other prep school has this caliber of coaching staff. What is their background as coaches? Like I said earlier…who cares where you played. Heck, I know of some high school guys who can coach the pants off of many college coaches.

  88. Some of the guys are currently coaching in high school. Many have been graduate assistants on the college level. The most important thing is these guys are excellent teachers, they know the football, and have a passion for helping kids. There are many high school coaches who do nothing to help kids go on to college and that’s what we are here for not to see who has the best coaches. As a start up organization, if we don’t have coaches who our players really respect , we are fighting a losing battle.

  89. The only reason we commented on this blog was to separate ourselves from the CCSA.
    Old Coach, you are welcome to come and visit at our open house and see for yourself. Other things we are doing differently.We have an extensive application and interview process. We are spending almost half of the cost of our program on housing. We have kids who are not even playing sports but are using our high school affiliate to obtain their high school diplomas and some are using it to graduate early so they can enter college early. I just spoke with a high school counselor today who will be using our program to help her kids who cannot pass the graduation exam to get their high school diplomas. We are using Kaplan for our ACT prep classes. We have a great facility on a college campus. We are doing everything that we can do to make our program a success on the front end, but it starts and ends with our hearts and faith. You can use the link below to view our student housing. Make sure you examine the cost!


  90. I am a coach that was at CCSA, so I know just about everything there is to know about that operation. Most of the things that have been posted about the program are true. The program brought in at least $150,000 and at least $100,000 is missing. It is believed that Banner took a trip to Russia, bought a house and car with most of the money. It is also believed that he is still sitting on some of it. Most of the coaches that were originally brought in were lured by lies. We were told that all of the facilities were secured, but they were not. We were kicked out and off of the YMCA’s fields because Clayton refused to pay or contact the YMCA administration. He currently owes them $40,000. He was given the opportunity to call them and negotiate that amount down to $15,000, but refused to pick up a phone and communicate with them. That is is mode of operation. He is nothing more than a glorified salesman that will not hesitate to lie, collect and run. Most of the coaching staff stayed on through the season, with hopes of getting the kids that could get out away from the program, but most of them were enrolled in remedial classes that would not allow them to get a transferable credit for at least 3 years. Banner set the program up as a trap to make money. The promises that were made and not carried out are still adding up. He is currently working with and for Veritas, which seems to be just as crooked as CCSA. The new man in charge is Alan Hooker, who claims to be an upstanding and honest business and Christian man, but itis nothing more than a mask and front. He has no concern for the coaches that were caught up in the Banner’s scam in Greensboro. He pleads ignorant, but has been told on several occasions what the situation is/was. Many of the coaches that were affiliated with the program are still trying to figure out what to do. Most are trying to press charges, because they were given bad checks. After trying to deposit his bad check, one coaches account was down to -$800. Another coaches mortgage bounced. These are things that Clayton let happen and has no remorse for. He is looking to do this type of thing again as soon as possible. In addition screwing the coaches, Banner is still going around saying the coaches were let go because they weren’t performing their duties, when the truth is we only got paid once the whole season, but tried to hold on for the sake of the kids. Additionally, Banner is spreading many rumors and untruths about why the program failed. The program failed because he never had the best interest of the children in mind. He embezzled a very large sum of money and all of these things are going to catch up with him.This is a general overview of what went on at CCSA/Student Athlete Development Association/Piedmont Sports Academy/Veritas. At this point I have no hope of getting the money that was lost in dealing with this situation, but I don’t want any other coach, kid or parent to get caught in this trap again. There are over 100 kids that took out loans up to $13,000, that have no clue what to do next. There are still coaches that got caught up in this that haven’t got themselves together yet. It was/is a mess and the man that did it has no remorse. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  91. EVERYONE SEEMS TO WANT TO GET BANNER TO BE ACCOUNTABLE. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THIS I would propose this plan. Lets all meet at the Greensboro Public Library on N. Church Street on the second floor February 15th at 7pm. I will bring the reporter if you will all come and tell her what is going on. SO HOW ABOUT IT? THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS…..WILL YOU COACHES AND PARENTS MEET? IF THE ANSWER IS YES…..SEND ME AN EMAIL MRDGAINES@GMAIL.COM…..HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

  92. Check this one out http://news.cincinnati.com/article/2009 … ll-academy
    I believe this is the Correct Link – Editor











    Check this one out http://news.cincinnati.com/article/2009 … ll-academy
    I believe this is the Correct Link – Editor

  93. I was just informed by Mr. Gaines that another News & Record Reporter is doing an investigation of this issue with Clayton Banner and the CCSA issue. His contact Mila Barnhart is going to keep him abreast of what is going on. Until then the 15th is postponed.. THE 15th IS Postponed. He doesn’t want to mess up any thing being put together at this time against Clayton Banner. There is the fear that he will run off again and they are trying to aviod that. I will keep everyone informed on this blog. Clayton Banner’s day is coming people just hold on.

  94. IS CCSA still in operation? My son attends GTCC and has been contacted by a former HS coach who has just become involved in this and want’s my son to participate. I can’t seem to find out if it has anything to do with the old scam or if it is something new and legitimate. He has been attending what he calls football meetings on Tues afternoons, and maybe Thursdays. He has not paid any money, but has been told to apply for loans. My son is the typical 20 yr old and you can only get so much information out of him.

  95. Concerned Mom-

    Take about 30 minutes and read everything that has gone on with CCSA.

    If you still choose to participate you deserve everything you will get. lol

    Have your son continue to go to school and get a job in two years or if he wants to play ball and pay for it walk on to a college or university program and try an earn a scholarship.

    Hopefully that’s the ultimate goal.

    If your son is good enough this won’t be an issue…if he is not, you will be in debt or he will be in debt for a long time.

    Just remember loans have to be paid back and you need a good education to get a suffice job to handle life after his bubble burst.

    Sooner or later parents have to step up! Not be ignorant and naive to this corrupt world. Lead your children down the right path and not allow the children to lead them. Its for there own good in the journey of life’s lessons.

  96. I have read everything but am still confused if there is a legitimate program now going on, or is this Banner guy still involved.
    I have printed out every page of this blog and given it to my son. He is 20 yrs old, supports himself, so all I can do is give him advice at this point.
    He was a pretty good player coming out of HS, received a little scholarship to play at Lenior Rhyne, however, he tore his ACL during practice before the season ever started. His knee is fine now, but he has been out of the game for a year.
    He just wants to play football.

  97. ConcernedMom. Please take to heart what I am telling you. Clayton Banner is still a crook. Allan Hooker is his new partner but they both are crooks. There is no teaching department and there is no meal program (your son will have to fend for himself) Verista took on Hooker and Banner but the same bad habits are being practiced. They want your son’s loan money to pay for the apartment, but I can promise you they will NOT refund his money if you or he change your minds.
    You will do your son a disservice if you allow him to attend CCSA or the new name Piedmont Sports Development.

  98. Just found this out:

    Charles Banner has an issue to resolve in Winston Salem:

    01/29/2010 20:08 Arrest 167 CHARLOTTE CT

    Need to find out when the court or hearing date will be?

  99. The rope is getting shorter by the minute:

    Clayton-your day is coming…get ready, say your prayers, and kiss your you know what good bye!

    Hope it was worth it! The profession will know what you are all about!

    This is just a start of what’s to come!

    See below:

    Arraigned Offenses for Case Number: 2010065866 CR
    Arraigned Defendant Name: BANNER,CHARLES,CLAYTON
    County: GUILFORD
    Court Date: 02/26/2010
    Session: PM
    Court Room: GB1B

    Offense Code Description Statute
    2670 Felony FELONY WORTHLESS CHECK 14-107(D)

    Arraigned Offenses for Case Number: 2010065980 CR
    Arraigned Defendant Name: BANNER,CHARLES,CLAYTON
    County: GUILFORD
    Court Date: 02/26/2010
    Session: PM
    Court Room: GB1B

    Offense Code Description Statute
    2666 Misdemeanor SIMPLE WORTHLESS CHECK 14-107(D)(1)

  100. Mom,

    The best bet for your son would be to find an NAIA or Division 3 school where they will give him a shot. However, college is not for football. College is for getting an education. If your son simply wants to play football there are plenty of men’s leagues where he can play for a few hundred dollars.

    DO NOT LET YOUR SON GO TO OR DO ANYTHING WITH CCSA! Tell him you will support him in following his dream, but you will not let him knowingly make a huge mistake.

    He should send tapes out to NAIA and D-III schools with a copy of his transcripts. Follow up with the coaches two weeks later with a phone call. If there is interest begin the admissions process. Make sure you only consider schools your son can get into academically. He will probably be a walk-on and will have to work his butt off. If he has a great attitude he can make it. He must know how difficult it will be for him just to get an opportunity. This is not to discourage, but to prepare for some obstacles to overcome. There will be coaches that will not return phone calls. There will be coaches that tell him they don’t have a spot for a walk-on. There will be guys that will tell him they don’t think he is good enough. Keep digging. Get 50 copies of his transcript and SAT scores.

    Did he stay at L-R after he got hurt? How were his grades? This will impact him as well. Or, did he withdraw before classes? Be completely honest with everyone you talk to.

  101. “ConcernedMom” and anyone else with a student in the Greensboro area that wants to play football for the team aspect, with someone that appears to be doing this for the love of the game, and as a means to provide a positive outlet for young men. I’ve only spoken with the person doing this team once, and i usually can be a pretty good judge of character, but he seems genuine. Anyway, look into and see for yourself:


  102. On behalf of the Triad Hot Shot Organization “”Concernend Mom” thank you for the kind words!

    The Triad Hot Shots are a non profit Semi Professional Mens Football organization that participates in the Alliance Football League. The http://www.triadhotshots.com web site further explains our mission and team objectives that are strictly enforced and reiterated each and every practice.

    We would welcome all interested players (and their family) to visit us on our web site and/or attend a practice to meet the coaching staff and highly dedicated Hot Shot players.

  103. Semi-pro football is NOT educational in any way. These teams will NOT get you eligible. They are not going to help you be
    nond what you do for them.

  104. Triadhotshots seems to have one of the problems banner’s group had; poor grammar. It send a bad impression when you can not format a sentence properly. Tsk, Tsk.

  105. I want to clarify. There is nothing wrong with semi-pro football as a recreational activity. I know many men who are happy to have an opportunity to play football after high school and/or college. However, some unscrupulous individuals are trying to use semi-pro football as a cash cow by preying on our young people.

    If you want to get your academics in order, go to a junior college. In most states you can attend a community college full-time for less than $2k a year. They have great support system to help you succeed. You can then play for a local semi-pro team for less than $500 a year.

    Do not use any of these programs as a way to get into college.

  106. Hello Coach Vint. My son attends community college, and just wants to play football recreationally, not as a means to go pro. I think a legitimate semi-pro is great opportunity for those kids that just want to play for the love of the game, and not as a future career, especially if they are attending a community college. I think a legitimate semi-pro team is a better option if kids fall into this category rather than being preyed upon or scammed into programs like the ones Banner misleads them into.

    It’s just an option. My son has never played on a semi-pro team so I don’t know much about them, but it seemed this one may be a good option.

    Everyone’s situation, and goals may be different, but it’s always good to have options, and be informed about as many as possible or else we end up being pawns to the likes of people like Banner.

  107. Coach Vint,
    The problem with D3 schools is they cannot offer any type of scholarships for athletics. All D3 schools we have looked at are private with tuition anywhere from $25k to 35k. We cannot afford that, even with some financial aide he quailfies for.
    The only D3 school in NC with a football team that is not private is UNC Pembroke, that I know of.
    My son did not stay at LR after his injury. The main reason was because he didn’t think he would ever play again, and knew he would not get the athletic scholarship for any future years, so it was unaffordable.
    He is fully recovered and attends GTCC with a 3.5 GPA.

  108. If he has a 3.5 he will qualify for some academic money. There are state schools in D3 that are very reasonable for tuition. NAIA schools offer scholarships and some of them are state schools. However, he is not going to get a football scholarship. He can take out student loans and work part time. There are no free rides.

    I went to a small college, played two sports, worked two jobs, and managed to graduate in 4 1/2 years. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth the effort.

    Bottom line… If he wants an education he will get one. If not, he won’t. He is not going anywhere for free. Only one or two kids from each high school even have a shot at a scholarship. Your son is out of football. There is no scholarship for him right now. Perhaps he can walk-on at a school and earn a chance. Like I said, it will be hard. However, overcoming obstacles is what builds character.

  109. Banner had court today April 1st for three worthless checks! He’d be better off to pay some of his debt’s.

  110. I’d like to know more about this court case that Banner is being arraigned for…… Banner stole over $5,000 from myself and my husband. I notified the DA’s office and they brushed me off to the Greensboro police dept. Nobody wanted to hear my story. I called multiple times to the GPD Fraud Division and to this day, still have not heard back. Banner is a scam artist. I don’t believe I will ever see that $5,000 but let it be known, I was not the only one who was scammed. There were over 100 kids at the practices for CCSA and I’m sure many of them had to pay the same amount I did. I’m holding that canceled check with his signature on it just in case anybody wants to team up and go after this guy. And reporter Andy Durham, when questioned about the situation, was only saying good things about Clayton Banner. It’s unbelievable how this guy got away with STEALING money from innocent families just trying to get their kids an education and get on the road for a sports career. Banner needs to be arrested!!

  111. Banner has friends on the GPD and other places in greensboro, so he will never see the inside of a jail in Guilford County. The only way you will receive justice is to have someone outside of the county take a look at him.

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