Can anyone help this lady, on today’s edition of “Tell Your Neighbor”, Buddy Bray’s “Trading Post” and Dave Compton’s “Tradio” all rolled into one?????

Can anyone help this lady restore her drag racer, as today Terri takes time to tell of troublesome tendencies that are tearing down her efforts to help her husband during the Christmas Season.

It’s like another edition of Wes Jones with Tell Your Neighbor, Buddy Bray with his Trading or Hitching Post or Dave Compton’s Tradio on the radio.

Can anyone help Terri with her dilemma????? Maybe someone from Terry Labonte Chevrolet can step in and sort this out……..

Here’s what she has for us today and maybe there’s a mechanic in the audience today that can give Terri some good advice. E-mail is included….

Probably the wrong place to ask but you guys all know racing, and I need help…..hoping someone will e-mail me an answer. I have a 1979 z28 cam. The engine is a 350 bored to 60 over with 11-1 manleydome pistons 202 intakes cast #461 set of camel hump heads 305 duration cam with 578 lift two 660 center squirt carbs. Found out motor was worn out want to rebuild. Do I do the same back, what can I do for more hp? what do I change? this car dragged long time ago with someone else. I know nothing, need help to make something fast current that can compete to make a dream come true for my husband. Someone please help that is in this what looks like winners site..truly thank you.

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