I think we found Devin Murphy!

Whatever happened to Devin Murphy the curly headed guard that was with the Northwest Guilford Vikings last season?????

You know the kid that liked to take it to the corners and pop the three-point shots…..

Well we found out earlier in this campaign that he is no longer at NWG, but I think I found him and what could prove to be his brother this morning and it looks as if they have found a new home on the Greensboro Home School team.

Greensboro Home School boys baketball over the Durham Home School team yesterday 86-57 and Devin Murphy had 25 points for the Greensboro Home Schoolers and Drake Murphy had 29 for GHS, and I would assume that Drake is Devin’s brother or his cousin, but not his dad or his sister or mom or even uncle.

This is meant to be a positive piece and I wish Devin and Drake and the rest of the GHS team the best this season. I enjoyed watching Devin play with his deliberate dribble and playing style while he was at Northwest and now we will keep an eye on him at GHS…..

It is hard to get away from the watchful eye of this Greensborosports.com site and I still remember a kid from a few years ago, named Jordan Shelley, that started out with the Greensboro Home School team and later went to start for the Southeast Guilford Falcons…….

Maybe Devin has decided there’s no place like home for him, Greensboro Home School for basketball that is……..

Today’s info on Devin Murphy found at the News and Record when you Click Here.

The info is on the Today’s Scoreboard…..


  1. This finding is of no surprise to some. Not trying to sound all negative but the kid had issues at NW. Hopefully he takes direction better and is a little more respectful to his new coaches and “teammates”. In any event, good luck to him.

  2. I know Devin, he’s a great kid and a a very solid basketball player. He has a knack for being at the right place on he court at the right time. As for his “issues at NW”, I think the new coach may have had some resonsibility there. Futhermore, it’s easy to say a shooter is not a team player after a shot is missed and he could have dumped it into a post player which we all know never miss. Yhe Vebber kid shoots everytime he’s open from the arch (which he should)-guess he’s not a team player either.

  3. B-ball fan, the issues stemmed further than with the coaching staff, which made all efforts to tolerate and please the kid, to no avail. Lets talk about how he treated his own teammates, with total disrespect and very Rudely. He was a selfish player. Any player who would call out hit own teammates after making a shot because the ball was not given to him is pretty selfish in my book. Actually, the Vebber kid is one of the most unselfish players I know. There are deeper issues there. Lets hope this move has matured him.

  4. OKKK, what does Kidd and Hughes have to do with the Players????????????? Wrong beef here Jones. Don’t drag the kids into adult issues you have!!!! PLEASE, Give me a Break!!!!

  5. I saw this link and couldn’t sit there without speaking up for Dev. First of all, kids a baller. He’s competitive, intense, passionate, savvy and aggressive. Very good athlete and he plays hard. Second of all, he’s a good kid from a good family. I don’t know the situation(s) but apparently he called the bluff on the table and left. I’m assuming there were ego issues on both sides, but there was no amends, and apparently someone felt big enough to come on a blog and defend themselves because one of the best 17 year olds in the conference is playing in a home school league. I’m not trying to blame anyone for anything, but i dont like to see a kids moral character be questioned when i have seen otherwise. I’ve also seen that NW has dropped a few close ones, maybe GHS would be a good place to recruit…

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