Live Scoring – Friday – 12-04-09

Dudley fails to score from the 2 Yd Line, turns ball over on downs.
AC Reynolds – 9
at Dudley – 8

End of 3rd Qtr
AC Reynolds – 9
at Dudley 8

9:11 PM – 3rd Qtr – Kinston 0 at Reidsville 10

3 min 3rd Qtr
Marion 9yd Run/Extra Point Good
AC Reynolds – 9
at Dudley – 8

10:07 3rd Qtr
AC Reynolds gets safety from Dudley
Reynolds – 2
at Dudley – 8

8:42 PM (Dudley 3rd quarter just underway)
At The Half
Kinston – 0
at Reidsville – 8

HALFTIME at Dudley

3:23 in 2nd
Dudley TD: Pass:Moore to Martin, 2pt Conversion fails

AC Reynolds – 0
Dudley – 8

8:12 PM
Dudley sacked AC Reynolds in the first quarter in a defensive battle in the Semi-Finals:

AC Reynolds – 0
Dudley – 2


  1. Saw the Dudley game and all I can say is Coach Davis’ good job thsi year was overshadowed by Dudley’s ineptness on Offense and lack of kicking game. Dudley should have run the football more in the re d zone. Penalties killed them. I will say, though, they were robbed on 2 plays; 1.The TD, and the last play ofthe game where the ref did not throw the flag. Clearly it was pass interference. I was emabrrassed for Dudley. This was horrible.

  2. Those refs did it again!!!!! He probably didn’t throw a flag because he as shocked they were passing!

  3. Here we go Dudley loses and it”s all refs fought. JUST ADMIT you got beat by a better team. You scored 8 points all night and the refs didn’t cause that , that came from ACR defense. The best thing you can do is stop making yourself look stupid by blaming the refs.

  4. This team was not good at all!!!!! No it was not the refs fault I would say play calling. We do have a kicker and he’s kicked in our biggest games Page Smith and Ragsdale. Why the coaches went for 2 instead of the extra point…I don’t know. Why in the first half they opt to go for it on 4 and goal (5yd) instead of field goal…I don’t know..Why they decide to pass for on the goal line with 30-40 seconds left on the clock instead of now running…i don’t know..Why you decide to go for it on 4 and 7 instead of trying the field goal for the win…I don’t know…..Then you decide for field goal get delay of game penalty 5 yards…instead of staying with field goal for win you try to go for td on 4 and 12 or so….Defense held it down!!! Offense looked a little beat up out of sync….Why runt he wild cat the whole first half when you have established a passing game I don’t know….mix it up….Wasn’t the boys fault at !!! Eagles…you guys could have beat this team. They were not good.

  5. Somtimes you get the bear,sometimes the bear gets you,tonight . . .I totally agree with eagle’s post,a great deal of uncertainty and undecidednees on the offensive play calling. Kick, kick, kick !!!! The Panthers squandered a great many chances to a lesser team that they had faced all season. Somethings are meant to be, some are not,tonight was quite puzzling to say the least. There’s a lot of soul searching to be done,but night will turn into day as it always does, so . . .deal with it ,it’s not life or death . .but it was a game the Panthers had all the chances in the world to win . . .but came up short to a lesser opponent . . that’s the beauty of this game called F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L,somebodies gonna win, somebody gonna lose . . tonight it just happened to been DUDLEY. C’ya !

  6. The Reynolds Rockets are going to Raleigh.

    It has been a great run by the Dudley Panthers going 29-2 over the past two years and 42-5 over the past three years……

  7. I’m sitting here watching the Bama game wondering how HS OC’s dont feel the need to use decoys and make adjustments to get the ball into playmakers hands. Bama and Florida have stacked squads and know its importance!!!!! Guess why they are HS coaches. Just glad we dont play in the 4AA where ofenses tend to have more balance. I agree with the Ol Ball Coach about the bear. Thats why you dont go hunting bears with a BB gun. We need to move in a new direction. Ricky Lewis spoiled our offensive coaches and now that he’s moved on they coach like hes still there. Use what you got to get what you want. Had a funny thought….. Why do kids play like they want to get to the next level and some coaches dont. Hey kids work hard and do your best to be at the top of your game!!!!! and hopefully you will play for an OC that practices what he preaches. Davis should have stepped in and taken over the play calln. He’s a defensive whiz. I will give him that much and has a eye for what the defense is trying to take away. We won the game statically in every area EXCEPT OC Football IQ!!!!!!!! I dont think he has the acumen for the job…….

  8. Had nothing to do with the REF’s!!!! ACR was penalized more than we were. Simply Put the OC owes every player an apology. Wont happen though…. Takes softball to do that. They will blame it on the kids. Remember, if not for the pic last week against Ragsdale and our ability to finally score on the 4th attempt from the one. We probably wouldnt be talking about my panthers, but the tigers. OC was bad last week and we were less lucky this week. Dont blame it on a ref. Put the blame where it belongs and true football fans know where that is!!!!!! Lets say it together KICK THE FIELD GOAL and coach every element of the game cause it will come back to get cha!!!!!!!!!

  9. They have had a good run, BUT now they will have to coach!!! They have had a great deal of talent come through, but if you pay attention to middle school and JV ball, the well is going to run a little dry after next year. Get ready!!!!! Going to be a long fall if they dont learn more X’s and O’s. Davis could be a head coach anywhere. He is a defensive master mind and put the kids in the position to make a play. Offensively……. He may get a middle school job, Dont get me wrong he can win with superior skill players in the backfield. We only had one true stud in the backfield this year and role players. No where near what we have had in the past. We were better on the edge, but what is the edge with our O. I think every team has its own personallity and skill set. Most coaches tend to tailor there offense to the players they have. Colleges recruit players for their systems, in high school it works opposite. We had a great year and if we got beat by a better team I would be fine, but to loose the way we did with a defense that would tear limb from bone playn offense while we used a wine and cheese offense sucks. Wonder if reidsvilles OC would jump ship or a least do remedial training for our OC, Naw he would listen HE KNOWS………

  10. happy to see dudley lose this one…they are a little too cocky …can’t be cocky about this one

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