Paul’s pro pigskin prognostications week 13

Last week 10-6 119-56 for the season

This week I see

Eagles at Facons: This one is practically a playoff game as the loser will really be behhind the 8 ball the rest of the way. Eagles experience in big gmes make the diference Eagles 27 Falcons 24

Rams at Bears: Jay Cutler and company take out a season of frustration. Bears 30 Rams 13

Lions at Bengals: Which Cincinnati team will show…the one that swept the Steelers, or the one who lost to the Raiders? I say the former. Bengals 34 Lions 14

Titans at Colts: Titans on a roll since Vince Young came back into the fold.,. Colts no where near as dominant as the Saints or Vikings, but building momentum every week and Peyton Manning is not phased by pressure situations. Then again neither is VY. Have the hammer cocked, but can’t pull the trigger on the upset special. Colts 31 Titans 27

Broncos at Cheifs: Broncos snapped their skid on Thanksgiving and with the extra time to prepare for this one it will make all the difference. Denver 24 KC 20

Pats at Dolphins: Pats are without doubt a couple of rungs below their status in the past, but still plenty talented and they have the division title in their sights. Fish give it a battle but in the end Brandy and company get er done. Pats 28 Fish 26

Raiders at Steelers: Big Ben should be back from getting his dome rattled aroundThis smells like one of spots where the Raiders will just lay down when things turn tough, and look for them to get tough quickly. Steelers 34 Raiders 7

Saints at Redskins: Skins a lot more competitive but no where near the level they would have to play in order to pull this one off. Saints could be caught overlooking this one but not enough for it to cost them. Saints 38 Skins 20

Bucs at Panthes: Panthers fan has been clamoring for Jake to get benched for ages, and with a broken finger it looks like Jake will finally find pine time; But be careful what you wish for, Matt Moore is lucky to be holding a clipboard. Tampa 14 Panthers 10

Texans at Jaguars: This one promises to be a barnburner, look for the Jags to get it done just like they have very quietly all season long. Jags 30 Titans 27

Chargers at Browns: Bolts playing some of the best ball in the league. Cleveland would have trouble wth a Canadian team right now. Bolts 35 Browns 3

Cowboys at Giants: Chance for Wade Phillps and Tony Romo to quiet the critics and pretty much lock down the NFC east. But the calander has changed to and the tradition Cowboys holiday season swoon is just about to commence. Giants 33 Cowboys 21

49ers at Seahawks: Niners keep their flickering playoff hopes alive. Niners 20 Seattle 16

Vikings at Cardinals: This is going to be fun. Cards are the choice as they have in my view a little extra motivation since they have noit quite locked down the NFC west while the Vikes long ago left the rest of the North behind. Cards 31 Vikes 30

Ravens at Packers: Basically a playoff game for both teams. The Ravens are the team with a little more moxy and seasoning but I cannot go against the Packers at Lambeau this time of the year. Packs 23 Ravens 20