Reidsville Final

I post the scores several places, I got a Reidsville final via Facebook:

“26 – 0! Win streak still intact. The seniors on the team have never lost a game. The JV team was undefeated this year and the same was true for the Middle School team.”

Courtesy of RHS 1975 Classmate Michael Russell


  1. Tell Reidsville to come to Greensboro/Jamestown and play some of their friends down 29. It won’t happen…chances of that win streak ending are much greater.

  2. Reidsville is the football capital of North Carolina, I think most people on this site wouls agree with me on that.

  3. Actually, I would say Richmond County or Shelby over Reidsville.

    If Reidsville played either of those teams schedule, especially Richmond, they would have a hard time winning 7-8 games a season..

  4. Joe we are talking championships here something Page football has not won since Reagan was in the White House if anyone can remember back that far, I think Reidsville has 18 state titles, name me another school thet is closr to them.

  5. Funny how Page came up in your comment.. I don’t recall bringing that school up.

    Championships or not, Richmond County in the top 10 all time in winning percentage in the nation.

    1. John Curtis, La.—–(14-1)——-.9008: 469-49-6
    2. Dolgeville, Ny———(10-1)——.8541: 432-68-14
    3. DeLaSalle, Ca———(12-2)—–.8477: 369-63-8
    4. Mountain View, Az—–(12-1)—-.8374: 344-66-2
    5. Seneca Valley, Md——(12-1)—.8316: 326-66-0
    6. Richmond Sr., NC—(12-2)——.8224: 387-82-5
    7. Brentwood Acad,Tn——(8-5)–.8220: 398-85-3
    8. Olathe North, Ks———(8-3)—.8203: 251-55-0
    9. Blakely, Pa—–(closed)———.8170: 252-51-14
    10. Fmngton Hlls Hrrison, Mi-(4-5)-.8094: 345-80-1

    It says alot to be able to win year in and year out at the 4A level, playing the teams they play every year.

    Reidsville is 498th on that list. Oh, and just to let your know Page is 276th.

  6. Funny how you failed to mention anything about the question I asked about state titles, I am still waiting for your reply to my question about state titles. Also Reidsville has won 48 straight I would say that is winning year in and year out. You are judged on how many rings you win.

  7. From what the NCHSAA record book says Reidsville has 14 as of 2008. Also 2 of them were in between 1961 and 1971, when State Championships weren’t played. There were Eastern and Western Region champions, but not state champions, so technically its 12. Not sure where 18 comes from.

    1969 – Class AAA – Northeastern (East) Reidsville (West)
    1970 – Class AAA – 71st (East) Reidsville (West)

    From 1961 through 1971, play did not culminate in a state champion in all classifications.
    Regional champions are indicated by the number of their respective regions in parentheses, or by Eastern and Western
    champions when that was as far as a team could advance.

    That’s straight from the record book.

    So, to answer your question. Name you schools that are close to them.
    Robbinsville has won 13.
    Rockingham high back then, now Richmond Co. has 12.
    Thomasville has 8.
    Independence has 8.. in a row, state record.

  8. You can throw around numbers all you want. The real question who is dodging who? It might be Reidsville, but I know Coach Robertson personally I highly doubt that. So take a look at the staffs of these so called juggernauts down/up 29 and see if you can find the ones playing dodgeball. Guarantee you AD Jones and Coach Robertson aren’t playing dodgeball.

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