HS Hoops Tonight scores from 12/9/09

Dudley 62
Northwest Guilford 57

Grimsley 40
HP Andrews 34

SEG 68
Eastern Randolph 28

Ragsdale 41
Reagan 36

Western Guilford 62
Southwest Guilford 55

Grimsley 68
HP Andrews 53

Grimsley had Krechaun Williams with 28 and Lee Sweeney and Rashad Sweeney had 16 each for the Whirlies…..We had these last night, but for time’s sake we add these other totals today, Burrell Brown had 4 points and Carter Gourley and LaShawn Brown had 2 each for Grimlsey……

SWG 54
WG 48

*****Western Guilford boys fall to (5-1) with their first loss of the season. George Bridges led all scorers with 23 for the Cowboys…*****

SEG 64
ER 41

*****This Danny Pressley kid is starting to become a player for the Falcons as he pumped in 18 more points last night to lead Southeast to victory….*****

SURRY COUNTY – The Greensboro Home School boys team rallied from a 32-23 halftime deficit to beat the Surry Home School squad, 64-60.

Devin Murphy powered the effort with 26 points, while Drake Murphy had 13 points.

Ian Dovan added 11 points for the winning squad, and Josh Van Eerden had nine for Greensboro (9-2).


  1. Dudley 62

    NW Guilford 57

    That’s the word. Panthers hand the Vikings their first lost of the season.

  2. SW boys played a solid game last night. The boys played like a team for the first time all year. This is a good example of a team that does not have AAU/USSSA players on their team. These are for the most part, “part time” players. Greg Bridges had an all around game chipping in 23 points and several rebounds. Chris Love orchestrated a defense that only gave up 10 points to Reggie Perkins. Antwan Wilkerson is still missing in action! Big ups to the Cowboys and keep playing as a team.

  3. How come when our Northwest Guilford girls play a team like Dudley’s we tend to look scared? Heck, we were in our own gym. I see why Northern Guilford girls are glad they do not have to face the Panthers twice again. Dudley girls seem to take other girls hearts out during the game. Oh well for back door cuts!

  4. Thanks to the loyal fans that sent in those scores from your games last night. We really do appreciate it….

  5. NWG Fan,

    please do not take anything from your NW girls. They got plenty of points on cuts..Melissa’s 18 points…..and it was anybody’s game to the end!!!

    Other than East Davidson I have not seen a team whose offense is ran like theirs. Dudley had to lock down on D and play defense as a unit. NWG has not 1 but 2 of the best shooting guards and to hold them to single digits…you have to give the panther’s credit.

    A loss is good. Remember they went undefeated last year and lost in the playoffs.


    Our girls went into Northwest and do what we do! We shut them down! The ROAR of the PATNTHER continues!

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