Hornets in the house, but SWG Cowboys claim win at the NEST!

There were a load of Hornets in the house at the NEST over off of Friendway Drive last night and the Southwest Guilford Cowboys and their head coach Guy Shavers came in and stole one from Coach Wade and his Hornets…..

We had Hornet help in the house and they filed this report and we are always glad to get first-hand, bird’s eye views, of the games and we will print reports and photos that you send us….

Let’s head back out to the school where I once dunked a doughnut through a waste basket out behind Mr. Frazier’s shop class while Mr. Payne was playing defense with a crowbar….

Southwest Guilford 54
Western Guilford 48

First win for Southwest and first loss for Western Guilford – strange game as in it looked like Southwest had more athletes then Western yet Western was undefeated and Southwest had not won. Highlights were Sophomore Braxton Day was the most athletic man in the building, he was jumping all over the place, great potential here. Point guard Greg Bridges sealed the Cowboys first victory going 8 for 8 from free throw line down the stretch in the fourth quarter, when Southwest outscored Western 27-15 to notch their first win of the year.

Western looks like possibly the number two team in the conference next to Dudley. They are deep and have many weapons.

Notables in attendance tonite – Page head coach Robert Kent(A former Hornet hoops star in the 70’s), SWG Baseball Coach Reid Holmes(A former Hornet himself back in the day when he teamed up with Coach Causey), Western AD Jim Clontz(Former girl’s hoops coach at SEG), and Standout Western Guilford Shortstop – Mr. Casey Jones


  1. No doubt about it, SWG has the most athletic kids. They did not have their small forward or shooting guard there last night. These guys have not really played together until the first practice in November. Most of these kids play other sports. They are still trying to figure out who can do what. They are good athletes, but WG has more “basketball players”. Last night SWG made basketball plays which kept them into the game. Example: last week Reggie Perkins had about 26 points against them b/c they could not find him on the court. Last night they were aware of him and contested his shots. SWG will be alright by the time conference play rolls around.

  2. Western Guilford will also be alright come conference time. Basketball players outplayed the SW athletics last week. Western took them for granted since they had not won a game. I still think true basketball players who are serious about the sport, will be in the playoffs and get the necessary looks for a college career. The SW atheletes will fizzed like they do every year.

  3. I agree jj, but good teams don’t take any opponent for granted. I have seen Western play 4 times this year and except for the first meeting w/ SW, Western played the same style with no passion or intensity. Low scoring and no leadership on that team will doom this team before the playoffs. SW athletes will be ok, but no one except the coaches and the players believe that they have a chance, so when teams “overlook” them a lost is in their future.

    As for a college career, I didn’t see any Division I talent on the floor except for Reggie Perkins and I was disappointed that he did not take the team on his shoulders in the last 3 minutes of the game. A “true” DI player would have created problems for those “athletes”.

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