Mat Madness: HS Wrestling from Thursday

If you can send us more mat news please do and in fact there used to be a publication called North Carolina Mat News and they had some real good information, so if you have it, we will print it and if you get some photographs send them to us as well…

From last night we saw these results/highlights in today’s N&R and here they are and BTW, I was the Triad 3-A champ and College heavyweight champ back in the day, so I can whip anybody in this county….Only a slight jab… On the modern-day prowess, I would probably be forced to throw in that white towel due to stiffness in the knee, but who knows, those Advil do work wonders….So let’s go with a few fireman’s carrries and a couple of half-nelsons(I do prefer the full-nelson) and maybe shoot the cross-face and follow that up with a nice reverse cradle into a chicken wing and do not let those hands touch…….And there’s nothing like a nice bear-hug to soothe the inner soul….

The scores and let’s kill the bull:
Northwest Guilford 33
Glenn 33
……NWG wins on 8th criteria and what in the heck is that????? This was a conference match…

SEG 40
Southern Alamance 33
….Jeff Wysosky(160 lb.) at Southeast Guilford may make our Pre-Christmas All-Star team…….

Eastern 41
Northern 23……
….NG lost some key components off of last year’s team…..