Presbyterian fan lays out his Dean Dome defense

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A Presbyterian College fan who was ejected from Saturday’s game at North Carolina said he was not intoxicated and was sitting in the UNC section because his friends had invited him to sit there.

Brian King, of Concord, was ejected after Carolina coach Roy Williams pointed to him. Security officers escorted him out of his seat.

King, a 1996 Presbyterian graduate, said Monday that he didn’t blame Williams for being upset, but that he was concerned about how he was portrayed after the game.

“I was not a drunken idiot who happened to be where he wasn’t supposed to be,” King said.

Steve Kirshner, associate athletics director at UNC, said Sunday that security personnel found the man intoxicated and sitting in the wrong seat. Kirschner, reached again Monday, said, “Our security people said he was non-responsive to their requests and they thought he was intoxicated.”

King was sitting in a section in the lower level, not far behind the UNC bench.

Kirschner said the fan was removed because of how he responded when arena personnel arrived. Kirschner said a uniformed policeman went to see him first and then the security officers appeared. The security officers determined he had been drinking, Kirschner said.

“It had zero to do with what he said and zero to do with Roy Williams,” Kirschner said.

King said he bought two tickets from StubHub for the game. He said he moved in the second half to sit with buddies from elementary school who had seats in the lower level behind the UNC bench. King said he was invited to sit there and that his friends had extra tickets available. He said he could have shown the security officers the tickets if they had asked.

King said the Smith Center was quiet in the second half, except for him rooting for his team. He said he had some beers before the game but didn’t do or say anything inappropriate. When UNC’s Deon Thompson was at the foul line, King said he yelled, “Miss it, Deon!”

“I didn’t say anything but, ‘Miss it, Deon!’ That is the truth,” King said.

King said he is a huge basketball fan who “grew up going to the Duke games. I love Cameron Indoor Stadium.

“I really love basketball. That’s all I was, an enthusiastic fan.”

King said he was surprised when Williams turned to him.

“He told me to shut up. I said, ‘Who, me?'” King said.

“And he said, ‘Yeah, I’m talking to you.’

“And I said, ‘Go Blue Hose!’ and pointed to my shirt.”

Williams motioned to someone at the Smith Center and security guards emerged to escort King out.


  1. This has been blown way out of proportion. There’s two clashing stories going on with. I was at the game as part of the band. I couldn’t see exactly what happened but I do know the fan took the spotlight from the hardwood for about 3 minutes. Everyone in the Dome was looking over there except the players on the court. The whole situation was kind of odd, but the fact that the fan was in the family and friends section was a legitimate reason to question him. Again, I’m not sure what happened, but who am I to question Roy?

    P.S. Get ready for the ABCers…

  2. This guy deserved to be tossed. Anyone who shows up at the DD and cheers against our Tar Heels deserves to be thrown out.

    I was there and saw the whole thing. This guy in a PC golf shirt is yelling Allah Akbar and all this extremist stuff right behind the Carolina bench. The fans near him didn’t seem too concerned. Maybe they just thought he was one of the students, who knows? That’s when Roy turns around and stares this jerk down. The security forces arrived just in time because Roy was about to go up there himself and extract a little playground justice. When those security guards started shaking this guy down they found a bomb strapped under his shirt, three semi automatic pistols and a copy of the latest food network magazine. Face it guys, Roy Williams just saved everyone in the DD the other night and we need to give him the credit he deserves. All these guys sitting around talking golf and stock portfoli0s had no idea how close they came to getting capped.

    And before you guys start giving me a bunch of crap, I’m an App fan. Everybody knows that kids that can”t get into Carolina go to Socon schools. Mountaineer nation supports UNC in times of need and so does the entire Southern Conference. Go Heels! Go Roy! Stop the Jihadists! We need transparancy now!

  3. It’s not everyday where you’re own SID throws you under the bus like that.

    I still question the facts behind this. If he was a PC fan, what the heck was he doing sitting behind the Carolina bench? That’s an usher failure…and they are usually pretty tight defending those who “earn” the right to sit there.

    At the end of the day, this is not news. Good job WRAL.

  4. This is absolutely ridonkulous! I mean I thought it was a free country and you could say what you wanted at a sporting event. Now if he had said, “I hope you miss the f—ing free throw, Deon, you stupid blah blah blah then yes have security go warn him. This wouldn’t have happened at the campus 8 miles away because they let fans enjoy the games and don’t have wine and cheesers sitting close to the court. And as Charles Kuralt used to say I thought Carolina was the “university of the people”! Oh yeah people who are snoring before halftime. I HAD tremendous respect for Roy Williams but I don’t anymore for the simple fact that he stopped a college basketball game because he thought his 6’9″ big guy could not handle a little heckling. “Miss it, Deon”! Are you serious? How did he get by the wall of security to get so close? I have sat in the family section twice at Heels games and it was incredibly boring and I am sure all this guy was doing was trying to liven it up a little bit. Hah!

  5. Roy said in SI (Dec 14th) “he likes it when opposing fans go crazy”. Hope Roy will one day learn to tell the truth.

  6. I was at Border’s yesterday buying my Dad a book for Xmas.

    I was not buying the Roy Williams book that the throng of folks dressed in powder blue were purchasing.

    RW was doing a book signing there. I walked past him on my way to the New Age section.

    I said “John Wooden is the Messiah!”

    He gave me a wicked glance. Next thing I know two thugs escort me out of the store.

    I’m going to Barnes and Noble next time…

  7. They threw me out too Bob! And they took the Playboy mags that had mysteriously fallen into my jacket. Them same thugs tried to get me to take a copy of Coach K’s Little Blue Book but even us shoplifters (alleged) have our standards! I told them to call the police and let me do my 2 years in jail but making me take that book is cruel and unusual punishment!!!

  8. I was at the game sitting behind the basket closest to the UNC bench. Someone threw something at the UNC bench late in the second half and Roy turned around and pointed into the crowd. Once Roy starting pointing everyone in the sections starting pointing back and the guy proclaiming innocence stood up pointing at his shirt. It could have been bad timing on his part but it ,ade it seem that he was the one who threw the object towards the bench. He was not very close to the benchso I find it hard to believe he threw the item but he stood up and pointed to his shirt which had the other teams logo so I think it was a case of bad timing.

  9. Like I said. The ABCers (mainly Dookies) love this kind of stuff. Fans enjoy themselves at the Carolina games. If they didn’t why would they go? Why was the energy level down Saturday in the Dome? We were playing Presbyterian. It wasn’t even a game when this incident happened. I admit our fanbase including myself is a little spoiled in watching great Carolina Basketball. However, “Wine & Cheese” isn’t passed around at every game. The atmosphere at the Michigan State game was phenomenal. Even the general crowd was on their feet making noise from “Jump Around” until the clock hit triple zeros in the second half. We get up for the big games and we will get up for the Dookies.

  10. The guy was wearing a PC shirt – Politically Correct? when is that a bad thing in Chapel Hill?

  11. I understand that the Cameron Crazies have already got this guy a seat behind the Carolina bench at the Duke game in Durham. That game will be a thriller.

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