The Weekend Warriors


1. Breonna Patterson: Dudley: 27 pts
2. Capicia Smalls: Eastern Guilford: 21 pts
3. Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: 19 pts
4. Ashley Fowler: Page: 19 pts
5. Brittany Price: Southeast: 17 pts
6.Denika Harden: Grimsley: 17 pts
Gabrielle King: Northeast: 17 pts
7. Katie Bryson: High Point Central: 16 pts
8. Shequana Jackson: Northeast: 15 pts
9. Chevena Pickard: Page: 15 pts
10. Capricia Small: Eastern Guilford: 15 pts
Samantha Coffer: Northern Guilford: 15 pts


1. PJ Harriston: Dudley: 30 pts
2. Jonathan Frye: Northern: 24 pts
Derek Grant: High Point Central: 23 pts
3. Darrius Dawkins: Eastern Guilford: 22 pts
4. Ike Nwanu: Westchester: 21 pts
Cole Morgenstern: Westchester: 21 pts
5. Deuce Bello: Westchester: 20 pts
6. Benaiah Wise: Ragsdale: 19 pts
7.Brandon Harriston: Eastern Guilford: 18 pts
8.Kreshaun Williams: Grimsley: 18 pts
9. Antwan Wilkerson: Western Guilford: 17 pts
10. Barry Scoggins: Northern Guilford: 16 pts
John McBeth: Northern Guilford: 16 pts
Luke Thomas: Greensboro Day: 16 pts


  1. Andy:

    Not understanding why top scorers are individually listed … a true blue coach knows that it takes a team to win a game. The top names listed day, after, day, after day should be asked the question… how many assist did you make for the (Team)?

    You have super talented folk listed … but many are just that shooters and not much else. Let’s focus on the TEAMS that WIN as a TEAM. Let mom and pop pump your … head about your score. Colleges are looking for TEAM players. Just remember that.

    We much rather see top scoring teams… just a thought!

  2. I agree that it would be nice to know who leads in assists, rebounds, steals, etc.. but let’s face it, the world only cares about the top scorer. The coaches want to know who is doing the dirty work and yes – the parents will track every number that their kid is producing but the public only cares about the top scorers. Last season my kid was #2 in scoring and assists, but #1 in rebounds, steals, blocks, free throw % and the best finisher going to the hole. When they won the championship who do you think was the MVP ? It was won by the other player who did not do the dirty work to get the fast break started but instead benefited directly by leading the break with easy points. My kid was only 1.5 points and .2 assists behind the MVP but averaged 8 more rebounds, 1.5 more steals, and 2 more blocks.

    The bottomline is that points matter on the team and to the public. The lesson that I learned was that I agree that the team is first but the coaches and public will see and promote the scorers first. I have no idea who is leading in assists or rebounds for any high school, college or NBA team currently. However in scoring, I can tell you that PJ is near the top in high school this year, Stephen Curry was near the top in college last year and that Kobe or LeBron are near the top in the NBA.

    The scorers produce the flash and that is what we all remember. Everyone else will just be in their shadow in the real world.

  3. Nobody keeps decent numbers on the secondary stats at least not any of the publications we follow…

    The scoring totals don’t lie and you can always check out a few extra sources like MaxPreps, home book, visitors’ book, etc.

    Again it’s hard to find reliable stats on assists, rebounds, steals etc…You can’t take these off of a parent’s sheet, but if any of you find a reliable source let us know….

    MaxPreps has not been up to date so far, as most coaches aren’t calling the toatals in. The Dudley boys do, but most teams do not…


    This website has every possible stat you would need for tracking purposes. I know it’s only useful if your following a player from Dudley. But maybe other schools should have a website as well so it’s fan can keep with stats other than Points Per Game Average.

  5. jayjay

    Do you have access to information that you can send in? Versus saying what is not being done? It is not PJ fault because his name appears many times. Nor is it anyone elses fault when their name appears. It does not take away from the team game at all. In fact, I believe the teams were listed on this site. No kid is intentionally overlooked when things are presented. What you should be doing if you have a kid whose name that is not listed is to have his or hers stats sent in by their coach. Maxpreps have a site. Have you done that yet? Someone scoring two points or grabbing two rebounds or one assist a game is not going to be listed in the top ten, no more than a kid making D’s in class is going to be listed on the weekly honor roll. It does not mean that the kid did not contribute. Check across any stat line across the country to see if that is true.

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