Bring on the Swim Center: Council gives Green Light to build


Greensboro, NC – Local leaders voted to allow an aquatic center to go forward.

Last year voters approved a bond for a $12 million-dollar aquatic center. But now the projected cost is $18.8 million.

Members of the Greensboro Swimming Association rallied outside council chambers to keep the center afloat. Some supporters donned goggles and swim caps inside the chambers.

“A lot of our facilities are just antiquated and it would just be a great thing,” said Chrissy Olson with the Greensboro Swimming Association. “It would bring in a lot of tourism, a lot of diving competitions, synchronized swimming, water polo, you name it,” she said. “Build it and they will come.”

But some councilmembers are hesitant to swallow the $6.8 million dollar increase.

“This is not what the citizens voted for,” said councilwoman Mary Rakestraw. “They voted for a $12 million-dollar pool. They were told that because of economic times they could get that size pool and price of pool for $12 million.”

She would prefer to put a bond referendum on the ballot to see if voters would back the more expensive swim center.

The previous council decided to use a hotel tax to cover the $6.8 million gap. But with a new mayor and new council members, that went back up for debate.

The proposed 58,000 square foot facility would be located at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex.


  1. Congrats to the Swimmers.

    Not only will the Swim Facility be supported by the Hotel & Motel tax, you will be supporting it with your $5 Parking Fees, Swimming User Fees, $3 Bottles of Water and your silence when the coliseum tells you the facility is closed for the ACC Tournament, special conventions, circus and several other events.

    You will be find yourself strengthened by your long walks to the Swim Center from the first available parking space located on the opposite side of the property. Be sure to dry off first, it’s a long walk.

  2. Natural Science Center isnt free. It isnt free to swim at Grimsley or LPP either. I too have parking concerns. For the most part high prices for fairly mundane items is the norm no matter public or private (Newbridge Bank Park, Movies, Lindley Park concessions during City Meet, CVM, Circus, ACC Tournament, Concerts).

    I can see closing for the ACC but not for circus, conventions, concerts, etc. We shall see.

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