Northern Guilford-Rockingham moved to tonight: Will other Fridays follow due to forecast?

We got word earlier today that the Rockingham County at Northern Guilford basketball games had been moved from Friday to Thursday due to the weather forecast of snow coming in on Friday afternoon.

Will all the other Guilford County schools follow and make the same move and is this standard procedure? If one school makes this move, do all others follow suit or is it done on a per-case-basis?????

If anyone hears, please let us know>>>>>>>


  1. I understand that Rockingham asked for the games to be moved. Their last day before Christmas break is tomorrow, so they would not be able to make up the game on Monday next week.
    Go Nighthawks!
    The team looks good this year, different dynamic, but they are coming together well. Frye/Berry/Scoggins work well together. The other new kids are contributing as well.

  2. We have been hearing real good things about the new point guard Patrick Chandler and Jon McBeth shouold be a load…..

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