Open-jam session on Sunday hoops

Can you believe that the Charlotte Bobcats scored only 59 points on their opening game of this season in a loss to the Boston Celtics and that the Bobcats were the first NBA team to lose this season to the New Jersey Nets??????

NC State(8-1) @ Wake Forest(7-2)
7:45 PM
Winston-Salem, N.C.

Now let’s really open up the jam session and go back and pick up some of our talk where we left off yesterday and the day before in the comment boxes….

Sunday hoops food for thought…..
Greensboro Day staff told me Friday that there was no game set for January 30 with ORMA…..ORMA has it on their new schedule and we printed it that way here at the site and we were wrong…..

Coach K thought that they would have a second game coming with GDS, but it will not happen based on what I was told on Friday…..

Maybe they can work something out later, but for right now…..No dice……

We may have to come up with a seperate private school poll for the area with GDS, ORMA, WCD, HPW, HPCA, Caldwell Academy and others…..

Let’s kick that around and see how they stack up…..HPW over WCD? Caldwell over HPCA????? Who else should be in this private school poll???????

We may have enough schools to do a Top Ten…….

There’s a good chance that Dudley would beat all the privates, with the exception of Greensboro Day and who knows maybe ORMA would give Dudley a run, but at Dudley the Panthers would beat the Cadets….

It is just so tough to go into Dudley and get a win….

John Wall and The Word of God couldn’t do it last year they had CJ Leslie too….Burlington Cummings and JT Terrell couldn’t do last year, and BTW, Terrell is on a four-game suspension now at West Charlotte for fighting during a game….Northern Guilford couldn’t do it last year….The Nighhawks lost at Dudley and then won against the Panthers at their place(NG)….

GW Danville beat Dudley up there in Virginia a couple of weeks ago and they will get a chance to try and defeat the Panthers on January 16 at Dudley, and I do believe that is the date…..

Some good basketball going on in this area and this season is just getting started good…..

Let us know about that Private School Poll and what all of your thoughts are on it…..

We are talking basketball here and this is the stop…..

I wonder who the last team to beat Dudley at Dudley was????? Nobody beat them there last year and I remember about two years ago that Dudley lost one on the road, sort of a Friday night fluker at Rockingham County…..

I don’t think Greensboro Day has ever played Dudley at Dudley…..

Just some hoop talk for a Sunday in Decmeber and do most of you think that the Wake-N.C. State game this afternoon will be toss up?????

CJ Harris from Mount Tabor has been playing well for Wake, but what has happened to Johnny Thomas from GDS at N.C. State?????? Someone told me his injury was almost as bad as Toney Baker’s and that Thomas just hasn’t been able to come back full-strength yet……

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  1. HPCA over Caldwell and WCDS over HPW. WCDS already beat HPW and HPCA should beat Caldwell with Mitch Oates back. GDS at the top of course with ORMA close behind and WCDS 3rd maybe. And don’t forget Hebrew Academy somewhere. They aren’t great but have several transfer students in that make them a solid team.

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