ORMA and Grimsley boys winners tonight, High Point Central girls prevail

On the table for this evening we have found these finals already….ORMA and NWG in action in front of a packed house at the CiCi’s Pizza Northwest Guilford Shootout…..(Also Grimsley boys and HP Central girls win and Ragsdale falls to WS Reagan by 4 points.)
Oak Ridge Military Academy 56
Northwest Guilford 42

*****NWG now at (3-5) on the year.*****

At High Point Central…..
Grimsley 62
High Point Central 53

*****Grimsley now (6-3) and HP Central stands at (1-5)……*****

Girls FINAL:
High Point Central 52
Grimsley 40

*****HP Central now at (6-0) and Grimsley falls to (4-5)…..*****

In the Oak Ridge-NWG game, the halftime score stood at 32-19 in favor of the Cadets and then NWG went to work and cut the lead to 37-29, ORMA, at the end of three periods….

The lead was cut down to just 7 points at 39-32 with 6:30 to play in the game and then it went down to just a five-point game at 40-35 ORMA, before the Cadets and Xavier-bound Jay Canty began to put this game out of reach.

Canty went to work and he was killing NWG on the boards and his teammates Jacob Lawson and Chris McCain began to take over inside as ORMA was coming up way short on some of their outside long-range bombers…..

Reed Lucas was able to hit threes from both corners in a key second half stretch and that helped the NWG Vikings maintain hope for an upset before the Cadets made the run that put the game away……

Lucas led NWG with 19 points and Jay Canty grabbed scoring honors for ORMA with 16 points, while Jacob Lawson had some key blocks and Chris McCain pulled in important rebounds just like they did back in 2008/2009….

ORMA team scoring:
Jay Canty 16 points
Carlos Rankins 11
Jacob Lawson 9
Chris McCain 7
Asad Lamont 7
Chris Richmond 6

Northwest Guilford team scoring:
Reed Lucas 19 points
Keaton Haack 8
Kyle Vebber 4
Hunter Clary 4
Duncan Everette 4
Zach Elwood 3

*****Bobby Joyner of Northwest Guilford was tonight’s official scorer and you don’t want to argue with this guy. NWG state wrestling champ at 155 and All-State baseball player while at Northwest Guilford. We will take his word for these numbers….Pound-for-pound, he could be the strongest man to ever suit up for the Northwest Guilford Vikings and the now-deceased Kim Donahoe is a close second……*****


  1. At Ragsdale:
    Girls: Ragsdale 46
    Reagan 33
    Ragsdale improves to 6 – 1. They were in scoring by Ciara Jackson with 15. Kaitlyn Harrison had 9 and Courtney Marsh with 8. Lindsay Lee and Jackson dominated the boards as the Lady Tigers jumped out to a 10 – 5 first quarter lead and were never headed.

    Boys: Ragsdale 48
    Reagan 52
    Game was tied at 48 with 1:37 to go when Reagan’s All Conference senior William Peay made a steal and drove length of court and was fouled. He hit both foul shots to put Reagan up 50 – 48 with 31.7 seconds left. Ragsdale could not get off another good shot and Reagan hit 2 of 4 freebies in the closing seconds for the 4 point margin.

    Ragsdale lost to Reagan in Pfafftown two weeks ago by 20, but played much better tonight. Kalik Parker had 14 points and Seth White had 10. William Peay led Reagan wiht 21. Ragsdale falls to 3 – 6 as they prepare for the PHI.

  2. BBFan, were you at the NW game last night? I made it and I see what you were talking about. Look at the teams scores. A little lopsided. I did see what you were talking about the one guard. Sure he had 19 but the ratio turnovers/airballs must out weigh the number of shots he made. The other guards don’t have a shot out there if he is not going to give the ball up. A lot of poor decisions on his part. Can only wonder how what the score could have been if he just shares the ball a little. Not saying they could have won but with a little more help getting the shooters the ball it may have been a bit closer. Sure glad I don’t have a child playing out there anymore.

  3. Coach K is hands down the best coach to found in this area. Despite all the negativity thrown at him he thumps northwest. Northern sure neweds him back.

  4. truth, you call that a thumping? It was a close most of the game. Considering you all thought they were going to have a 100 point game and win by 40+. 16 is respectable. If they did not have Jay they would have nothing!!!

  5. Coach K is a good coach but he is not in the top 5-6 in this area. We are blessed with a number of good basketball coaches.

  6. For some reason ORMA tends to play to the level of their competition. And to say that Jay is the only good player on the team is not very accurate.

  7. How can anyone say that “K” is a top coach? He has the best staff of assistant coaches anyone could have including the former head coach @ @ ORMA, his former coach @ Dartmouth, and Ferdinand Cole, who was Reggie’s top assistant @ Smith when they went to the state 4A finals 2x and who also was Kent’s top assistant and translator for a year or two @ Page. The coach from Dartmouth appears to take a very active roll in coaching from what I saw against NWG last night. I do agree they will get better as the season goes along. Do they play Dudley and GDS in 2010?
    Can you imagine what NG would be this year with Lawson,Rankin, and McClain playing along with Frey,McBeth, Scoggis, and Berry. Another stae championship and no “tainted” meat to deal with.

  8. With the exception of Freddy Johnson at GDS, Mike Fulcher at ORMA, the former assistant at Dartmouth, might be the top overall coach in our area…….

    Fulcher knows it all and he has seen nearly all of it over the years….

    We are lucky to have a man of his background in our area….

  9. ok, orma would beat most of the teams in the area….THEY SHOULD! they dont operate with any rules. The fact that 2 area public schools have played them well, especially one being NW, should show they aren’t nearly as good as they should be.

    The coaching comments above are hilarious by the way, they have an excellent high school staff, but I would like to hear where you got your info on one particular coach’s role at a particular public school in the area.

  10. Fact of the matter is that there are a number of first rate coaches in this area. Coach Johnson wrote the book. Add to the list the Assistant @ Northwest, Doug Shelton. What about Pat Kahne @ Westchester and Robert Kent @ Page? Pat runs a great overall program and Robert is a true teacher of the x’s and o’s. Steve Shelton and Jeff Smith are first class. Brandon Clifford, over time, @ HP Christian will build a good program.

    And, don’t forget the middle schools. Bill Chambers @ Kernoodle is terrific as a teacher of the game.

  11. I think Andy must have been watching the GDS game when he made that comment. There are lots of good coaches in the area including the above list and Coach “K”. Why does it always get to “who has the biggest one”? It’s Christmas, everyone.
    Tiny Tim

  12. hey Rose C. Glasses, its hard to argue with about a coach who has coached over 1000 games and won over 750 of them. Not to mention 7 state championships. Coach Johnson always puts a team out on the court that is defensive minded and fundamentally sound. His teams are always able to compete at a very high level. Although GDS hardly has the most talented or athletic players, they continue to win every year. Freddy Johnson is without a doubt the best coach in the area if not the entire state.

  13. Good call by the Cat. We were just trying to cut out the fat. Good job by Pat, RK, Bill and others. It is the giving season and we need to give a toast of good Cheerwine to all of the above, but for real, I would like to see what Mike Fulcher could do with one of the local teams one year…

    Just always thinking on the top of the box…..Haven’t got quite outside yet….

  14. Come on, Andy—Tell us you are kidding—There’s a lot more to coaching than being a great assistant as you have crowned this guy. I’ve known some assistants who are good assistants and that is all they will ever be because they lack the other skills that it takes to be a good coach. I think that Ernie Nestor @ Elon, Washington State, etc. is another good assistant who never had any success as a head coach because he lacked the main ingredient ( being able to relate to all types of people and having great people skills)—he was, however, a great assistant coach. Why do you think people like Steve Shelton are content to stay as assistants—because they don’t have the cpmplete package—-Research is an important of being a good journalist and I have said enough for tonight.
    GDS will beat ORMA every time they play—not because Freddy is a great coach, but because his players are unselfish and they know they have to play “his way”—-you can do that @ GDS with minimal parental assistance, but it’s not the same @ the publec schools.
    I’m not even going to address that, ’cause it’s Christmas (Yom Kippur, too).
    Shalom and Mazeltov
    PS. This coach may be as good as you say, but I really doubt it.
    PPS. I “googled” him and can’t find where he was a coach @ Dartmouth.
    PPPS. Coach Shelton, I am not being critical, because I think you are a great assistant!!!!!

  15. To HaHa:
    You are wrong ,sir. He was a coach at Dartmouth and it does come up on “Google”.

  16. I was just wondering what these kids will do when they get to college.
    Most of the kids at ORMA have jumped from one school to another year to year.
    I wonder will they transfer from college to college if they don’t get there way.
    The fact is sometimes you have to stay where you are and compete for a spot
    or even ride out a tough situation. You can’t always move or follow the coach.

  17. Stan has been very fortunate to have Coach Fulcher working with him over the years and who knows, maybe Mike likes the role of assistant coach.

    I was at a game up in Hickory several years ago with Dudley vs. Gastonia Huss and the coaches were there to see Brendan Haywood(Dudley) battle Kris Lang(Huss)….

    From Wake Forest alone there was Dave Odom, Ernie Nestor, Ricky Stokes, Jerry Wainwright, and it was interesting to see how they all ended up…All the Wake assistants became head coaches and some had success and others did not….

    Interesting too, the Haywood and Lang did not make the trek to Wake, but they both ended up in Chapel-Hill…….

    In this coaching and playing business, you never know……

  18. Darren Corbett deserves to be mentioned as one of the best coaches in the area. As much of a dissapointment as the football teams been over there the basketball program has been great going 24-5, 18-8, and now 7-3, and they are competitive with everyone

  19. Coach Corbett is very deserving of your recognition….The boy’s baketball program at Grimley was something in the neighborhood of 112-28 for 9th grade, JV and Varsity combined coming into this year and that is over the past 3 years….

    Coach Corbett also makes his students do it in the classroom and if had to choose, I would take him as a teacher over him as a coach…Excellent top-notch coach, but in the classroom his excellence has been noted as he was named the top HS teacher in the County for 2008/2009….

    His English classed are among the best anywhere from what I hear and as we all know, I am one of the top writers in the US and I know what a tough day in the classroom can be like…..

    Coach Corbett was the head JV boys coach at Page and an assistant to Coach Kent at Page before he came over to Grimsley…..His dad and mom were academians and they both knew the value of a good education…Dad at N.C. A%T and mom a classroom veteran herself…..

    Happy Holidays to all of the above you have been mentioning and let’s make it a goal to write and learn more in 2010…..This is site is a very good place to begin the learning process.

  20. I take my hat off to anyone who gives his time to coaching hs athletes. There are many coaches who make a difference without seeking the spotlight—-they are very deserving in my opinion.
    merry christmas,
    eddie willis

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