Best Girls HS Basketball records in recent years


1. Dudely 58-13
2. Ragsdale 54-10
3.Southeast 52-16
4.Northwest Guilford 49-14
5. Eastern Guilford 46-18
6. Grimsley 43-22
7. High Point Central 39-23
8. Page 34-22
9. Northeast Guilford 35-27
10. Northern Guilford 33-29
11. Southwest Guilford 31-30
12. Smith 24-29
13. Western Guilford 18-37


  1. since we are at the end of a decade almost, why don’t you look back that long,three years can’t tell you anything on a team,three years doesn’t tell us very much about a program. Another joke of a poll by

  2. Actually, that is a list based on most wins in the period. If you take just a minute, you will see that Dudley’s % is less than ragsdale’s—–I hate to agree with “hoops fan”, but I do.

  3. What out guys. Even though you speak the truth someone is going to call you a hater, facts be danged.

  4. You take your % ranking
    Dudley has the total win ranking in recent years , which included a nice playoff run and championship.

  5. So Ragsdale have a win percentage of 84.3 versus Dudley 81.6. Wow big difference. I’m sure Ragsdale would trade that 84.3 win percentage for a State Title.

  6. Seems like some folks have problems with polls of any sort that has Dudley at the top of it. Come on folks we talking about “Kids”. Grown Folks grow up and get a life and stop getting your rocks off on your hatred for a certain school. I’m not a Dudley fan but all this Dudley bashing gets on my nerves. I played at a rival school and only hated Dudley on the field but off the field I had not ill will towards Dudley. I think they have help elavate the area with their state titles over the last 5 or 6 years.

  7. Who really cares about the past records or rankings? What matters is what’s going on now. I would like to hear more about where the girls are signing to go to College, is it D-1,D-2, ect. At the end of the day, it’s the girls hard work that is going to pay off.

  8. One of our site contributors sent this piece in and I believe the intention was to bring more attention to the girl’s basketball teams.

    I don’t understand what the big deal is. This is the basketball site and we give you basketball. It would be tough to go back 10 years and get all the records, but the with what we have for you, it is just here for you to read and enjoy.

    Some readers want us to always include more so it will make them or the team of their choosing look better and that is hard to do. We can’t do it all to please you and it would almost be impossible to accomplish that task….They(the teams) are what we thought they were…..

    I feel we are providing more than any other local source right now and we hope to stay on that roll.

    The deal on Dudley is that the have the best football and basketball programs among our Guilford County public schools right now. When you look at football, plus boys and girls basketball over the past several years, they(the Dudley Panthers) have been and are the best…..Ragsdale has done very well in football and in boys and girls basketball in recent years, but they have no state titles to show for it.(We are not looking to dis anybody here, the facts show this to be true.)

    The bottom line is, that back in the early and on through the mid-eighties, the Page Pirates had the best football and boys basketball teams in the Guilford County area and all we ever heard was Page back then and rightfully so.

    That’s the way is it now for Dudley. They have attained that status and they deserve it.(Another good example would be the Reidsville football team. They have this type of status up in Reidsville and throuhout the Rockingham County area.)

    I have worked hard to make this the #1 pure sports source in the area and we have reached that level in my opinion……We could have gone the route of including the R-rated links and adult nightclubs and the gambling sites, but we have decided to stay away from that and bring you content.

    Those adult-related links get other sites tons of hits, be here we don’t even have as many photos or videos….This is mostly news and comment oriented content and I do believe readers enjoy and get a kick out of reading the articles which are usually a few weeks ahead of the larger sites with larger budgets.

    Readers also enjoy, get a kick out of reading what others have to say on these topics as they hit and for the most part we have a pretty good sounding board going on here and have had the pulse beating strong for the past couple of years.

    Let’s keep pushing forward and by tomorrow we will have more games to talk about as the tournaments resume and until then, maybe we have given some of you some fuel for the fire. We seem to do a good job of that too and to me that is what it is all about.

    You want to get breaking into a discussion and still be able to get out of that discussion with your sanity intact…..

    Any thoughts on this Sunday afternoon?????

  9. Andy; you couldn’t have made it any clearer.

    Robert Jones…
    Hope you’re not a father figure. You seem full of hate. Usually what you believe is what you teach… Be careful … don’t want history repeating itself…
    Folks … it’s people like this that fuel the fire. Robert Jones… find another site… move on to college ball… Oh d___, A Dudley player will most likely be college team too.
    What is a fool like you to do? Over the years Dudley has received the most $$$’s for Academics and athletics scholarships of all Guilford County schools. Check the facts with GCS. I bet that just kills you too?

    Beleive it or not: Not a Dudley parent… fair is fair fellow!

    Ms. B:
    Since you only addressed D-1, D-2 schools it has to be about the athletics.

    It’s well known that numberous Dudley kids; both men and women athletics (basketball, football, track, etc…) continue to receive scholarships for their hard work and recognized talent and commitment. College recruiters around the country know what they want and will follow good talent no matter the school…

    What parent wouldn’t be proud… kid going to college… and doing what they love to do…I hear most Dudley kids are D-1… but what does it matter people?

    Hats off to ALL Guilford county students receiving a well earned scholarship…you have done yourself and family proud!

  10. Nothing against Dudley, they have been able to work the system that is put before them and it works. They are able to go outside their lines and get players that should be at other schools because they can say that they are attending the academy. If the other public schools were able to do the same then it would be a level playing field. Northern tried it but it didn’t work. I know of at least three player on the basketball team that if they had to live in the school district; they wouldn’t be at Dudley. But Guilford County Schools have always made sure that there is not a level playing field. I don’t blame Dudley. Just Guilford County Schools. At least we can have one loaded school to compete.


    Which is it Fanforbb you can’t bring yourself to accept the fact that Dudleys Academy has been; and remains a very structured program for those who have excelled academicly in both middle school and High school. Believe what you may but these students earn the right to be there. Students take on numberous AP and honors courses which earns them advanced college placement which saves them time and their families money. By no means is the academy a joke…

    The newest program based on the same Academy concept is the “IB program” now offered at many other Guilford County Schools such as Grimsley and Smith. They too have strict academic requirements. Both programs have strick academic requirements excepting only the brightess students in Guilfor that choose to enter college early. These programs are not for every student. However; is open to all Guilford County School students that quailify.

    Seems your issue is… you just can’t believe these kids are just that d____ smart;
    and can still be a top notch althlete… I’m sure you won’t believe this either; that Dudley athletics across the board are held to high academic standards with gpa’s ranging from 3.0 – 4.68 with many in the top 25 of their class.

    Know a student wanting to attend the academey, tell them it’s all about academics… No joke bud!

  12. Ok jay jay, read what I wrote again. I didn’t only address D-1 or D-2 schools and this isn’t about any paticular high school. It’s not all about athletics either, it’s also about academics and fundamentals. What role do you play in all of this since you say believe it or not your not a Dudley parent? Like I said before, it’s the girls hardwork that is going to pay off in the end no matter what school they go to!

  13. jayjay,
    No have no problem if a player wants to go to Dudley for academic reasons. If he plays sports and is suppose to go to another school then he should have to set out the first year that he attends any different school unless he moves into that district. As far as the grades. You are probably right, most of the kids deserve to be there but it is amazing to me how some of the players were flunking in middle school and are now excellent student. Summer school must be amazing. But I know these players didn’t go to summer schools because I know them personally. And that is no joke!

  14. jayjay what are you smoking?? Why do you think these kids are being GIVEN these grades? I know personally that 2 of Dudleys 4 BEST players were failing in Middle school. Now please tell me how one from failing in middle school to excelling in High School. Do you really think they would be receiving these grades if they were not very good basketball players. Dudley is and has been USING the system for years. But for some reason it is okay to use the system if you live on th east side of Greensboro. I’ll be the first to admit that Northern was recruiting, but it is AMAZING to me that Dudley is allowed to get by with it .WAKE UP MO GREEN AND LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD.

    David Price is also been given TOO much credit for being a great coach. The truth is he is a below average coach who has been given great “ILLEGAL” players to coach. If you think Price is a good coach you were obviously not at the ‘LITTLE FOUR” when Freddie Johnson at Greensboro Day School made Price look like a child. Wake up jayjay and face REALITY”.


  15. Ok;

    You guys are just plain “stupid.” Sit out a year because I attend an academy that just happens to be out of district!!! You people get on my nerves.

    The district lines kept getting re-drawn…..everytime more and more underserved in the community send them to Dudley.

    An academy to help keep other academicalky focused students at Dudley….because you guys keep re-drawing the lines. Now it is a problem.

    Check it out again!!!!Highest $$$ in academic and athletic scholarships.

    Those kids take numerous AP courses nothing is given…oh yeah it is “opportunity” to be the best at whatever you choose to be.

    Opportunity! You guys are full of jokes you should be on stage.

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