Free Parking At The Greensboro Coliseum

Inside the City of Greensboro’s monthly Trash and Water Bill was a Free Parking Pass for the Greensboro Coliseum. It’s only good for One Event and only valid through January 31, 2010. Only originals are accepted – no photocopies.

As many long timers recall, parking was promised to be free after a short term parking fee was accessed to pay for the parking lot when the coliseum was first built some 50 years ago. As with all fees and taxes, getting government to roll it back after they have the taste of our money in their mouths is impossible.

So let’s see where we could use this gift:
– WWE House Show (tonight)
– 7 separate UNC-G Basketball Games
– Pizza Hut Invitational (only good for 1 of 3 days)
– RV Show or Boat Show
– Monster Truck Show (only good for 1 of 2 days)
– MLK Jr. Basketball Classic
– George Strait / Reba McIntire
– 102 JAMZ Birthday Bash
– Motocross
– There are smaller events as well.

I suspect the Strait/McIntire concert parking will be the highest priced as ticket “start” at $79.50.

It’s a shame that this is not redeemable elsewhere. Who knows there might be a black market for these Free Parking Passes. They might be of value to some folks.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the free parking pass coupon in our water bill statement. I had no idea it was there before reading this posting on Saturday morning. I used it on Saturday night for the WWE and saved $10 on parking. Now I need to get some extra ones from my neighbors so I can park for free during the Pizza Hut Invitational all 3 days. Great catch and thanks again!!!!

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