Pauls Pigskin Prognostications week 16

Last week another 9-7 mark, 148-74 for the season which when broken down to the lowest common denominator turns the Pigskin Prognostications into a Meatloaf song because two out of three ain’t bad.

Bills at Falcons: Never in their history have the Falcons had back to back winning seasons so motivation is obvious here even thiough the playoffs look to be out of reach. But then again stumbling on games like this is part of the reason why. Hunch play. Bills 20 Falcons 17

Chiefs at Bengals: Some wonder how much is left in the Bengals tank after the death of Chad Henry starts to fade. I think plenty. Bengals 38 Cheifs 7

Raiders at Browns: Just like when they played the Skins after upsetting the Steelers this is the type of game the Raiders lose. Browns 20 Raiders 17

Seahawks at Packers: They can smell playoffs on the frozen tundra. PAckers 27 Seahawks 10

Texans at Dolphins: Treat this one in essence as a playoff game. Dolphins 28 Texans 23

Jags at Pats: Not a lot the Pats can really do at this point to help themselves, but I still don’t see Jacksonville winning this one. Pats 28 Jags 20

Bucs at Saints: How well will the Saints stay focused after seeing the dream of running the table die, and will it matter against the Yucks. My inclination is to say not very and no on both counts. Saints 31 Bucs 10

Panthers at Giants: Hometown heroes playing much better with the Chicken Man on the sidelines. If Delhomme was smart he should in essence retire, they will carry him for a season or two till his deal runs out and then kick him up to the front office. I think I may have been wrong about Matt Moore, Unitas he probably is not but a capable QB he may well turn out to be. GIants though with way too much on the line to stumble here. Giants 24 Panthers 17

Ravens at Steelers: This will be a war. Steelers will not repeat but they also will not give up their title without a fight. Steelers 20 Ravens 16

Rams at Cardinals; Kurt torturing his old team once again. Cards 41 Rams 14

Lions at 49ers: Niners in a snoozefest. SF 27 Lions 9

Jets at Colts: Colts can see the peak, this is the same Jim Caldwell who stumbled around Wake for the better part of a decade? Then again Peyton Manning is a might bit better QB than Rusty LaRue. Reminds me of a limerick my old pal T.J. Foy used to like to say in the day. there once was a QB named Rusty who’s passing arm was all dusty because he never threw a TD pass in his life. Colts 23 Jets 10

Broncos at Eagles: Broncos need this one, they will not get it. Eagles going to be a very difficult out in the playoffs. Eagles 27 Broncos 21

Cowboys at Redskins: Hunch play #2, oh who am I kidding, Hope play #1. Skins 20 Cowboys 17

Vikings at Bears: Look for Minnesota to show a little more fire than last week, Bears have nothing left in the tank. Vikes 24 Bears 10