Bank of North Carolina Christmas Classic Basketball Tournament‏ begins today

Bank of North Carolina Christmas Classic Basketball Tournament‏

Jessica Bryan(SWG), Brandon Chrisman(SWG) and Kenny Carter(HPC) have been working very hard putting this one together……..

Southwest Guilford and High Point Central will host the 2nd Annual Christmas Classic Basketball Tournament sponsored by Bank of North Carolina. The games will begin TODAY Monday, Dec. 28th and end with the Championships on Wednesday, Dec. 30th at High Point Central with the girl’s championship at 6pm and the boy’s championship at 7:30pm.

Cost: Tickets will be sold at the door, Prices: $7 All day pass (includes both sites), $17 for a three day pass

Passes: NCHSAA membership pass, Team Comp Passes, official passes, and NCISAA Pass are accepted.

Site: Southwest Guilford Site: High Point Central

Girls: 3pm Wesleyan Christian Academy vs. Christian Academy of Knoxville
3pm Southern vs. Andrews

6pm Southwest Guilford vs.Cardinal Gibbons 6pm High Point Central vs. Calvary Baptist

Boys: 4:30pm Wesleyan Christian Academy vs. Western Guilford 4:30pm Westchester Country Day vs. Southern Guilford

7:30pm Southwest Guilford vs. Christian Academy of Knoxville
7:30pm High Point Central vs. Calvary Baptist


  1. I watched Wesleyan Christian Academy prior to this game and so far I am not impressed. What’s the deal with having a 7 footer and not getting him the ball. This may not be true now, but it was the case when I watched. This team should be a lot better. Help me out here if you can.

  2. I agree with you sportstalk2315. It looks like #1 Deng Leek is keeping the ball too much to himself and he won’t get the ball to his younger brother, #32 Leak Leek(the 7-footer), who should be the focus of the entire game and not #1 Deng Leek…..

    You can’t teach height and you can’t stop height(7’0) if it is used correctly…..

    I would pound it inside to the 7-footer until the oppostion figured out a way to stop him and then I would have him pass it back outside to a free man for the uncoverd jumper from take-your-pick range….

    Good call sportstalk2315……

    *****It hope I didn’t get the Leek’s names confused. It is easy to do unless you are watching them every day. Much easier to go by, #1 at 6’6 and #32 at 7 feet….

  3. Andy, you did get the names mixed up as many people do. But how do you expect a team to play when most of the guys hadn’t had played together before, plus with the addition of three new coaches. Teams that haven’t gelled yet are bound to play a little sloppy and stupid. Besides, if you have seen them play lately you might think otherwise, considering the rout they laid on Westchester in the championship game.

  4. They are well on their way to being a very dominant team. #1 is Leek Leek and #32 is the 7 footer Deng Leek. They are beginning to understand the power of having a 7 footer but as they showed everyone in the Westchester game, the entire team can contribute when needed. It is hard for Deng to get inside passes, dunks, lay-ups and tip-in’s when they have two guys swinging on him like a tree and the refs WON’T CALL FOULS. It is rediculous! So if the refs read this…it is not your job to even the playing field just because he is seven feet tall….call the fouls when they happen!!!!!

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