Riding the Amazon on 1530/700AM out of Cincinnati and going up and down the dial…..

1530 Homer and 700AM the Big One, both radio stations based out of Cincinnati, Ohio carry the Cincinnati Bengals post-game show on Sundays and I was tuned in yesterday, while driving down the road in the Sports Car and I heard a voice from the past, hosting the show on the Sports Talk station and on the talker coming in from Ohio.

Mark Amazon was running the show and he was here in the Triad a few years back at “The Ball”, which translates to 790AM on your local listings…

I heard that voice and I said to myself, that sounds very familiar and it was Amazon and he was one of the Sports Talk guys that came through the Triad and made an impact over the years……

He hosted the afternoon time slot on 790 the Ball going from 3-6pm and his show had a large market approach and a smaller market appeal. Amazon gave it a local flavor, since he was born in the Triad, became a huge Wake Forest Demon Deacon fan, but his family had moved out of here, while he was still just a little kid…….

He had a solid segment or two that really stood out and one in particular was the, “You Blow” segement that ran on Wednesdays…..

Amazon had the voice and he will probably be with one of the networks one day. Bob Lamey, who used to be here in town doing the Carolina Cougars broadcasts back in the 70’s, is and has been, the voice of the Indianapolis Colts for many years…..Bob Licht is still the voice of the New Orleans Hornets after growing up in Greensboro and attending Aycock Junior High, before heading off to New York and Syracuse University….Licht did it all, Greensboro Hornets baseball, Wake Forest basketball and the old Charlotte Hornets NBA basketball….

Tony Schiavonne was here at the old WKEW 1400AM and he did all the local games on raido and he later hit Charlotte and the Charlotte O’s Triple A baseball and then he went on to World Championship Wrestling fame. Johnny Renshaw grew up in Greensboro(Claxton School area off of Westridge Road) and he is still out there in the Louisville, Kentucky area and he is still trying to find himself these days…..Renshaw was with One-on-One Sports and others over the years.

Craig Way from Jamestown and Ragsdale High School has been the voice of the Texas Longhorns’ football, basketball and baseball for many years…..

The list goes on and on and you never know who you might find out there….I have heard all of the guys mentioned above at one time or another on different stations throughtout the nation…….

*****In honor and in memory, let’s not forget Steven Gates, who was with the University of North Carolina and he was a rising-star, moving up the ladder quickly and you would probably hear him in the Jones Angell spot on the North Carolina Tar Heel sports broadcasts today, if not for the tragic car accident that took his life nearly 7 years ago, on Highway 85/40, as he was stopped to change a tire on the side of the road, on his way back to Chapel Hill and he was struck by an on-coming vehicle and he died on the spot.

Gates would have made the big-time on the air at Chapel Hill and he was a star of the future who had his life cut short by a irresponsible and careless driver….Gates was also a graduate of our local Western Guilford High School……*****


  1. Nice report, Andy.

    Wanted to reiterate a few things. Amazon was a ntoable talent in the Triad. In addition to being a rising talent, Steven Gates was a great guy.

  2. Nice report, Andy.

    Wanted to reiterate a few things. Amazon was a notable talent in the Triad. In addition to being a rising talent, Steven Gates was a great guy.

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