Day 2 – Pizza Hut Invitational

01/01/10 7:00 pm at Coliseum Special Events
Northern Guilford – 53
Greensboro Day School – 51

NG-B (7-0)
FRYE, Jonathan 8-13 7-9 23; BERRY, Dylan 3-12 2-2 11; DOWING, Daniel 2-3 2-7 6; McBETH, John 2-10 2-7 6; ARENDAS, D.C. 2-2 0-0 4; CHANDLER, Patrick 1-3 0-0 3; DANIEL, Joe 0-0 0-0 0; ROSS, Jalen 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 18-43 13-25 53.

GDS-B (17-2)
DORSETT, Brandon 4-12 3-3 11; WEAVIL, Lucas 3-11 0-0 8; KLEINMAN, Robert 2-6 2-2 7; ROBERTSON, Jordan 3-7 0-0 6; PULLIAM, Christian 2-6 1-3 5; BRUMLEY, Jimbo 2-3 0-1 5; TERRY, John 2-5 0-0 5; WILLIAMS, Quayshad 2-4 0-2 4; ROBERTS, Jaleel 0-1 0-0 0; WHITE, Jake 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 20-55 6-11 51.

NG-B…………………….. 14 11 12 16 – 53
GDS-B……………………. 8 15 11 17 – 51

3-point goals–NG-B 4-16 (BERRY, Dylan 3-10; CHANDLER, Patrick 1-1; McBETH, John 0-2; FRYE, Jonathan 0-3), GDS-B 5-21 (WEAVIL, Lucas 2-9; KLEINMAN, Robert 1-4; TERRY, John 1-2; BRUMLEY, Jimbo 1-2; PULLIAM, Christian 0-1; DORSETT, Brandon 0-3).
Fouled out–NG-B-None, GDS-B-WEAVIL, Lucas.
Rebounds–NG-B 35 (FRYE, Jonathan 7), GDS-B 35 (TERRY, John 7).
Assists–NG-B 8 (FRYE, Jonathan 3), GDS-B 8 (PULLIAM, Christian 3).
Total fouls–NG-B 14, GDS-B 21.
Technical fouls–NG-B-None, GDS-B-None.


  1. Congrats to NG on a huge win. Its good to see the doing good especially without coach K and company. Now Dale amd others are you sure that y’all would wanna play Oak Ridge again?

  2. Sp@de u an idiot. this had nothing at all to do with us playig orma. Yall still suck adn we still beat yall. we have nothing left to prove. get over it

  3. Congratulations to Northern for a good win. They played hard and outhustled GDS. That is one of the few times atch in January willl be a good one. GDS did have a remarkable comeback at the end of the game. I am not worried about GDS they will bounce back strong. These two teams are undoubtebly the best 2 teas in the area.

  4. all i can say is that the gds players, coaches, and fans are shocked. This horrible loss is the exact wake up call needed to propel these guys forward for the rest of the season. The gds players got out-hustled tonight and also shot extremely bad from the field and the free throw line. GDS will be ready from this point forward, ans i feel sorry for Northern who will have to play in front of an angry GDS crowd on homecoming. The players and coaches will be ready as well.

  5. You are right but you guys were the one who thought y’all were invinsible, and couldn’t be beat. “Too Deep” for pretty much anyone. Like I said earlier great win for the Nighthawks. GDS Fan you are the idiot.

  6. A great win for Northern and their program. They totally outplayed and out worked GDS. The bigs were awful for GDS and the guards got out hustled and worked. However, there was a very questionable travel call with about 20 seconds left that could have had an impact on the outcome of the game. Frye was good. but way too many jumpers for GDS. Their advantage was in paint and they didnt take advantage of it. The Williams kid looked like he was not interested in being in the game. Looking forward to seeing NG and GDS again. Not sure the outcome will be that much different if the Bengals dont get that fire back in their belly. Northern has it.

  7. sp@de: “You are right but you guys were the one who thought yâ€all were invinsible, and couldnâ€t be beat.”

    If they were invisible, they’d be really hard to beat! Imagine those screens coming out of nowhere. Kids sneaking into the game and stuff. If your best invisible player gets in foul trouble, just have him switch jerseys with some scrub on the end of the bench! Plus, you’d never know if there was a guard on their center or vice versa. I’d venture to say they’d be… INVICIBLE!

  8. Invincible (Incapable of being overcome or defeated; unconquerable) not invisible i misspell the word on my phone. But unless you are an idiot you know what I meant.

  9. wj,

    i dont know about that last statment!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know if they are undoubtebly the two best teams in the area……. now i do believe they are two of the best but wont say that they are the top 2….. dont get me wrong… i do believe they are two great teams but there are some other great teams that will give them a run for thier money…..

  10. neither of theses teams are great! they are pretty good hs teams, but that’s it? at tis point, dudley would probably beat them both, but we will never know now, with last year’s realignment. my rankings of the local teams are listed below, but all in all I think the teams in the area are weaker than usual. there is more parity, but overall th teams are not as good.

    1- dudley
    2- northern
    3- gds
    4- orma
    5- westchester
    6- grimsley
    7- wesleyan
    8- western
    9- page
    10- hpc

    others— hp andrews, swg, seg, southern, smith, ragsdale, caldwell, home school, vandalia,

  11. Having seen a lot of hoops sp far this year and, to some extent, agree with the above rankings with one exception. I would place Dudley somewhere between 4-6. Grimsley has definately been the surprise.

    GDS is still the class of the area and will bounce back nicely. Northern is really good. ORMA is good but a little overated and it will be interesting to see how Westchester respodns to their first loss.

  12. kidding?

    do you even watch basketball in the area? EGHS beat SWG @ SWG, they beat Ragsdale by 15 and Southern has been down for years. I don’t disagree with your top 5 but the rest of your list is not good.

  13. my apologies for leaving eghs of the others” list” which is where i would have them. they are not a top 10 team in my opinion, but they were just overlooked. I forgot they had rebuilt the school and are trying to rebuild the basketball program as well.
    happy new year!

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