Pizza Hut Invit. Girls Championship Game

SMITH – 48
PAGE – 39

All Tournament Team
Samantha Coffer —- Northern Guilford
Gretchen Bennett — Northwest Guilford
Ashley Fowler —— Page
Chevena Pickard —- Page
KaKendra Wilkerson – Smith

MVP — Ashley DuBose — Smith

1/2/10 5:30 PM at Special Events Center

PG-G (7-3)
PICKARD, Chevena 3-10 4-6 11; DREW, Brittany 3-13 1-2 10; FOWLER, Ashley 2-6 2-8 7; OAKLEY, Portia 1-7 3-6 5; SEEGER, Olivia 2-2 0-0 4; COLEMAN, Chelsey 1-1 0-0 2; SAUNDERS, Whitney 0-0 0-0 0; SMITH, Aletta 0-0 0-0 0; WHITSETT, Donika 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 12-39 10-22 39.

SM-G (8-4)
WILKERSON, LaKendra 5-10 4-8 14; GREER, Zhq. 4-12 4-5 13; DUBOSE, Ashley 4-12 2-3 10; CARTER, Destiney 3-4 1-4 7; NEAL-PHILLIPS, Alex. 2-3 0-1 4; WINTTERS, Zhana 0-1 0-0 0; GIBSON, Katrina 0-5 0-0 0. Totals 18-47 11-21 48.

PG-G…………………….. 11 15 6 7 – 39
SM-G…………………….. 10 12 9 17 – 48

3-point goals–PG-G 5-18 (DREW, Brittany 3-10; FOWLER, Ashley 1-4; PICKARD, Chevena 1-4), SM-G 1-9 (GREER, Zhq. 1-4; DUBOSE, Ashley 0-2; NEAL-PHILLIPS, Alex. 0-1; GIBSON, Katrina 0-2).
Fouled out–PG-G-FOWLER, Ashley, SM-G-None.
Rebounds–PG-G 34 (SEEGER, Olivia 8), SM-G 36 (WILKERSON, LaKendra 11).
Assists–PG-G 10 (PICKARD, Chevena 6), SM-G 9 (DUBOSE, Ashley 5).
Total fouls–PG-G 17, SM-G 18.
Technical fouls–PG-G-None, SM-G-None.


  1. Andy,
    C0ngrats to the Ben L. Smith Lady Eagles on their victory in the Little 4 Championship. In looking at their record, their 3 of 4 loses have come from Guilford County schools that can’t get invited to the tournament for various reasons. I wonder what the tournament would look like if Dudley, SE and HPC or Eastern would have been invited this year. They wear the crown of Guilfords best, but they have lost to 3 Guilford Schools who can’t play for the crown. There needs to be a change to the tournament pairings and who plays in this outstanding Guilford County so called Invitational.

  2. The tourney started as Greensboro’s Little 4 (Grimsley, Page, Dudley, Smith). I doubt HPC would be on the invite list.

    SE, EG and Dudley have all been in the event. The tourney is a fundraiser (for the participating schools) and each school needs to sell a certain amount of tickets. I believe WG is no longer in due to not being able sell an allotment of tickets.

    I think Dudley is the loser for dropping out of the event.

    Congrats on another great job by GSO Sports Council and all involved. Job well done. Everyone was taking about how great of a tourney it is every year.

  3. Pepe Maravich,
    So how can a team that’s not currently on the invite list become a part of this fundrasier tournament. We have to many quality teams in the Guilford County area that could benefit from playing in this tournament. Every year the sports council talks about supporting Guilford County school with between 5-10 thousand dollar raised per school and that it”s an invitational for guilford county school. A few days ago greensboro sports posted the winningest boys and girls programs over the last three seasons and half of those programs in the top half of the poll can’t get invited. It’s not a invitational if only a SELECT few are invited to play. Open up the tournament where you truly have a Guilford County Champion crowned each year, stop saying in want work, an match up teams on how they are playing going into the tournament and not what they think their going to be at tournament time. 7-3 Smith boys play 15- GDS in the first round when you got 3-5 vs 4-6 in the early game. Fan of the Game

  4. Congratulations to the Smith girls on their championship win. They wanted it more and they got it. Great coaching as well.

  5. I think the lady pirates played very well expecting not to finished that far in the tournment.The team yes, lost key starters last year,which one person commented of them not having players left to contend,mind you that team finished 3,this team finished 2.That just goes to show you dont judge a book by its cover.And congrats to the girls,and the coaching staff..

  6. Congrats to Smith and Grimsley;

    Regardless of who they played they still won!

    I don’t think Dudley dropped out. The council decided to drop Smith last year, but Dudley chose do something different last year and the Sports Council decided not to “invite” them this year.

    They may have and maybe Dudley decided not to participate who knows.

    It is a fun raiser sort of. Schools pay money for an allotment of tickets, then sell their tickets and the net is then split…something like that. So you must have a fan base so to speak. This years attendance count and money raised will be interesting.

    I do know this was the most boring tournament in my 8 years here

  7. this years tournament was boring at times and there was not much excitement. the bottomline is that the tournament and fans desire good match ups and better teams in the tournament. the attendance was low and it makes you feel like you should be somewhere else when there are not a lot of people showing up. people will show up and show some excitement when there are some high expectations and players/teams that can bring that “wow” to the floor.

    if you list the top 5 guilford co girls teams, it would include Dudley, HP Central and Eastern which neither were invited. if you list the top 5 guilford co boys teams, it would include Dudley, ORMA, and Westchester but neither were invited.

    how does the tournament justify not inviting 1 school or the other? why cannot the tournament come up with a format that gives 100% of the county schools an opportunity to participate and share in the proceeds. if you can develop the opportunity to get match ups that people actually want to pay to see, then the tournament could open itself up to the main coliseum floor because the attention would be so high.

    remember, this is the same county claims it is trying to create rules of fairness and level play. how is this tournament format fair or level ? Oh – I forgot – the county is getting its pockets fat from showcase teams of kids while excluding others that were not given a fair chance.

  8. It would be nice if Dudley boys were playing. Two or three years ago, they choose to blow off the tournament and go down to Puerto Rico and play. So the tounament put another team in its place. Now that they are not playing in another tournament, I guess the tournament should just kick the team out that replaced them. That seems fair. But it all about Dudley. The tournament is just fine without them.


    Your hate is showing… Fact is that Dudley Boys played Florida, Girls played in South Carolina…. and both teams flew to Puerto Rico last year.

    Fanfobb: you should read between the lines… The Little Four was; and is extremely boreing… Don’t fool yourself . Clearly the tournament needs better attractions… teams this year weren’t worth the weather outside… which was frightful!
    I say drop the dead wood! Give folk their money’s worth…
    By the way what team were you pulling for? I really don’t care… give us talent … give us excitement… And if that means DUDLEY…. We say Go Panthers!!! Go Nighthawks, Go Northern… Go Gboro Day … bring on ONLY the BEST!

  10. Couldn’t agree more with you Little4Fan because this year tournament was so poorly attended. It could be the teams, it could be the new time slot but whatever it was it wass awful. Dudley was told that they could not paritcipate in the tornament this year. I don’t know if that was an act of punishment for going to Puerto Rico last year or just meant to snub Dudley but i think it backfired.
    I agree they should invite all the local high school teams and stop making it all about the money becaus if they don’t change the lineup — the Little 4 will be the little nothing of the past. People are not going to support the current set up because it eliminates too many good teams.
    Westchester and ORMA should not be invited because they don’t have to comply with the same piblic high school restrictions — GDS should not be in it for that matter but old well they are in it, so let them stay. Lets not kick anybody out — just add to the other schools. I went to the championship and the attendance was horrible — so many empty seats — I know they lost money this year.

  11. Brittany Drew and Jessica Johnson got robbed-they should have got all tournament team

  12. they take 2 each from the 2 teams in the final game and 1 each from the 3-4 game—–who should have been left off in lieu of those 2—no one-no offense

  13. if we cannot get the sport council people to add the other schools in the county, then maybe we could appeal to the advertisers such as pizza hut, etc.. if enough people and organizations called for fairness for all of guilford county schools and they agreed, then the PHI people would have no choice but to expand the tournament.

    does anyone have the contact information of the people in charge and key ad companies for the tournament? we could start a call list for one week before the conversation dies and all of next years decisions are made for another year.

  14. It looked like they were mainly selecting based on points per game with the cumlative average over the three-day period/tournament….

    Leadership, rebounds and assists should also be taken into consideration….

  15. Ok. So the ALL-TOURNAMENT team was chosen based on points…
    To be an all-tournament candidate shouldn’t you be an ALL AROUND player?
    I just do not agree with the way that this team was chosen. I am not trying totake away from any of the players that received the award because they are all good athletes and they did not choose themselves. I blame it on the politics of basketball today.
    No one looks out for the little guy anymore, or I guess in this case, the little girl. So yes Andy, leadership, rebounds, assists, steals, basically every aspect of the game should have been taken into consideration.

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