ACC Shocker or not? Heels fall to COC with Ginyard and Graves not in the lineup

College Of Charleston 82, North Carolina 79(OT)
Charleston, S.C.

*****Is this really a shocker????? Marcus Ginyard and William Graves were not in the North Carolina lineup night and the Heels were at a direct disadvantage on the opponent’s home court without two of their superstars……

North Carolina was expected to lose a game such as this one, if you study the trends. College of Charleston and Bobby Cremins have always played the Heels hard and this was their chance to bask in the South Carolina sun and pull off what many are calling the upset, by taking down the Tar Heels last night….

Without Ginyard and Graves; that would be like last year’s Heels going into a big game without Tyler Hansbrough and Ty Lawson…..

College of Charleston can celebrate all they want to, but was this really an upset when the North Carolina Tar Heels were missing two key players that start and they both average right at 10 point per game? That’s 20 more points the Heels could have had if William and Marcus would have been there…

Let’s please take a long look at this one, before we call the College of Charleston win an upset…..

Come man, give me a break, an ACC team goes on the road without two of their key players….

What did you expect?????

Florida State 94, Texas A&M Corpus Christi 54
7:00 PM
Tallahassee, Fla.
TV: (XM 191)


  1. This is an atrocity. CofC lost to Clemson by 40 points. We stink this year. Go UNC! Go SoCon!

  2. I would not consider Ginyard and Graves superstars. Role players at best. Ginyard provides no offense and very little defense. He has lost a lot of quickness due to leg injuries. Graves is always in and out of the lineup. Too inconsistent to be a superstar. Bottom line is they were outhustled in every aspect of the game.

  3. You put Ginyard and Graves in the same league as Hansbrough and Lawson?? That’s a joke. That is one of the poorest comparisons I have heard in a long time. Neither Ginyard or Graves will make an all ACC team this year or any other year. What a Joke!!

    Give C of C the credit they deserve. They were a better team last night. It happens. Good teams play poorly. UNC will struggle all year with terrible guard play.

  4. I still feel that Ginyard and Graves would have made the difference and that they are important players.

    These two men provide leadership and that’s what was lacking for the young Heels last night.

    With Graves and Ginyard in the lineup, UNC would have never lost that game and Coach Cremins knows it and he was glad he got North Carolina in South Carolina and without the services of Mr. Graves and Mr. Ginyard……

  5. To answer the original question…YES…this is the shocker of the year so far in the ACC. Why? Because the ACC was undeafeated this season against the Southern Conference until last night.

  6. I am so tired of hearing about Carowhina losing without their entire lineup. Injuries are part of all sports. Cremmins is still the man just like at Appalachian and Georgia Tech.

  7. Let’s talk about the unbelievable disparity in the number of free throws attempted and made. UNC: 24 – 34, C of C: 3 – 6

    Now that’s something to complain and whine about. I would hate to have played this game at the Dean Dome. UNC made 18 more free throws than C of C attempted and still lost. UNC shot 28 more free throws overall than C of C. I guess it was the 8 points a game that was missing from Graves being sidelined that killed UNC.

  8. OK Andy, I might by the fact that UNC didn’t have a full roster, but how fo you explain the party where Roy was outcoached by Bobby?

  9. The COC Cougars won that game with talented players.

    Bobby Cremins will never out-coach Roy. That’s evident when you look at the fact that Roy just won a second National Championship and Bobby is coaching at a Mid-major.

    Bobby Cremins had plenty of chances to do it all, but he just walked away…

    Compare Monday’s game to the Heels’ NCAA titles and you will see where Roy stands and where Bobby is sitting when they hand out the titles….

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