HS basketball Saturday morning rewind

Coming up today we have:
Greensboro Day School at Providence Day in Charlotte at 3:30pm
Dudley vs. Kinston(Boys only) at the Smith Center in Chapel Hill…..

More from last night and we still haven’t seen anything on Eastern Guilford-McMichael, but here is more from last evening with:
Page 76
Southern Alamance 40

SWG 59
Glenn 51

HP Wesleyan 63
North Raleigh 51

Westchester Country Day 71
Carolina Friends 54

Page 53
Southern Alamance 40

NWG 55
Ragsdale 37


  1. GDS with a terrific win today @ Providence Day. Wonderful defensive effort.
    Again, I have seen dozens of games and with my coaching background I feel sligthly qualified to comment.

    Without question, the proper order of teams in this area is:

    1- GDS
    3- Dudley/ Westchester/ORMA
    6- Wesleyan
    7- Grimsley

    Each team brings something different. GDS has the system, the unslefishness (which no other teams has) and the caring of the coaching staff. Northern has the desire and the talent. Dudley has talent. Westchester has talent and a couple of hard nosed players and ORMA had talent.

    Let’s just all enjoy watching these young men play

  2. With MY coaching background I can unequivocally say that most of you posting on here have no clue what you are saying. You sound like a bunch of parents trying to brag about your kid’s team and you GDS people may be the worst ones. GDS SHOULD be the best team in the area since their entire lifeline involves having to recruit and you guys don’t even have the decency to admit it or the brains to see it. Any half decent coach could win just as much as GDS’s staff with the talent they have.

  3. Qualified, I too have spent a lifetime coaching and mentoring. In fact, I personally know many of the young men currently playing high school basketball in our area. They call me and stay in constant contact on a regular basis. I have worked with, and know a number of the local coaches as well. To this day, many 30-40 year old fathers, who I coached, stay in touch. I am even enjoying watching the sons of some of my former players. Further, I have one son in the GDS program and another son who plays at Westchester. I am involved on a daily basis and try my best to do the right thing for all these boys. I trust you will agree that I have earned my credibility.

    For you to say that GDS or WCDS recruits, is well, quite simply wrong. Neither of my sons were recruited. In fact, in the past month I know of three young men on other city school teams that have called and asked to have the coaches call them. The coaches absolutly refuse. Several of these youngsters are very, very good. They do not recruit as do some of the other private schools in the area. Oh, I guess you can say that GDS recruits because it sounds good and because it makes you sound as if you know what is going on. However, they don’t and you don’t.

    In the case of GDS, not only do they not try to take other kids but they, in fact help young men not in their program. I can tell you of several cases where the coaches assisted in finding a home at the next level for a young man who was not even in their program. There was no reason to do this other than it being the right thing to do. I can also tell you of how they have gone the extra mile for non-athletes when they needed help.

    In both cases, my sons are benefiting academically, athletically and socially. They are learning to become solid citizens. They are learning honesty to a fault.

    I saw a post on here the other day stating that the GDS staff would beat you with their players and then beat you with your players against theirs. I guess that says it the best. Having watched their practices and having watched any number of other practices I can tell you they are not the same. The attention to detail, hard work, unselfishness and academics are second to none. I have tried to refrain from posting but can’t help myself. I have been around all of this for over 35 years and really do not care for these types of rumors.

    Finally, keep in mind that while I have a son @ GDS, I knew their program for over 20 years, well before my son was born. This is not simply a parent defending his turf.

  4. Cat/rcristal exposed. Did yours sons reclass for “academic” reasons. If so, would they have reclassed if they couldn’t play basketball their senior year like the public school rules? Do you think they will be better players by their senior year because they got that extra year of eligibility? Even a fool would have to say they will be better. Do you think that gives GDS and unfair advantage over public schools who play with less experienced players? Even a fool would have to admit it does. Do players who are playing in their fifth year of high school look better coached than second, third, and fourth year players? I hope so. Do they look better coached because their coaches are geniuses or is it because they have played longer and have more experience than their opponents. Do you think the fact that they play about ten more games a year than public schools gives them an advantage? Does going into the little four having played 20 games make them look better coached than the public schools that go into the L4 with only 10 games? Can you really say they are just better because of the great coaching? You are kidding yourself. The GDS nation is one brainwashed group. What are you going to do when they bring in a player better than your son, reclass him so he is a grade below your son, and then begin playing him over your son because he has more year of eligibility left? Will you be a big fan then? All GDS and WCDS did when they reclassed your kids was lock in another year of tuition based on the dream of a basketball scholarship that probably won’t come. They are making money on the dreams of kids and their overzealous parents. Sure they will get a good education, very similar to the one they could get in a public school for free, and be well coached, just like they could at many public schools, especially the one your kids left. I hope it works out for you and your kids. I think you are brainwashed by the GDS myth. Best of luck.

  5. Mr Cristal…I don’t know you or pretend to. I never said that GDS is not a good school or that they do not have a good program. I simply stated the FACTS when I said they SHOULD be one of the best in the area when they have some of the best talent. also, don’t think I am some naive guy who doesn’t know the system or how it works. Also don’t fool yourself by thinking that GDS doesn’t have a huge advantage in regards to scheduling more games, reclassifying, practicing on Sundays, etc. GDS PARENT..enuff said.

  6. Mr. Dog,

    First off I am not Cat. Next, as a most hands on parent I could not care less whether my sons play at the next level. It means nothing to me. I have them at these special places for academics and to become productive citizens.

    Next, I admit to being curious as to the reason for your interest. I share your interest in the public schools having coached in the system for a number of years.

  7. Mr. Dog,

    First off, I am a most hands on parent I could not care less whether my sons play at the next level. It means nothing to me. I have them at these special places for academics and to become productive citizens.

    Next, I admit to being curious as to the reason for your interest. I share your interest in the public schools having coached in the system for a number of years.

  8. Cat is morty morgenstern, and dog you are right his sons were previously at grimsley and we know you can get a great education there. but his boys are fine young men

  9. I have seen GDS play a couple of times this year and they do not have the best talent. They play extremely hard and they are well coached. Why does it bother you so much that they have kids who get reclassified and have this unfair advantage. There are schools like this all of the country. It is so obvious that we don’t have a fair system in Guilford county. Dudley has the academy, Grimsley and Page have IB programs. Who cares? This is the way it is. The kids appear to enjoy playing these schools. The adults need to get over it.

  10. GDS should be compared to other schools that can reclass kids. In
    1st they are not playing anybody and the coaching staff is weak I watch the drills
    they where doing and my son @ the YMCA Is doing the same drills.
    GDS players @ the next level never do well b/c the play out of
    position to fit in GDS system. Look @ Thomas kid @ NC State
    The kid from eastern at the D1 level is a three but they have him playing the 5 when he does get on the wing
    he will be lost and want have the skills he needs to be a complete player. The dorsett kid us great in the open court
    but can’t hit a jumper or the side of a barn, and he has been in the system
    since the 8th grade. GDS don’t develop talent that well.

  11. wow…..hey idiot why dont you look at GDS’s track record and the number of people from the Day school who have furthered there athletic careers in college. GDS develops their players into well rounded individuals and ones that play the game the right way. i dont understand why there has been this sudden outburst of GDS hating. I mean lets be honest people are always on here complaining about something that GDS has done but these attacks are getting worse and worse. I you cant beat em…..shut up. Its not as if you opinion matters anyway. No matter what is said on this website, life goes on for Freddy Johnson and the Bengals as they continue to develop and win.

  12. Schedule highlights
    Christ School – top team public or private in the state
    Charlotte Christian – top 3 team rated by the Charlotte Observer in the greater Mecklenburg area
    Wakefield – rated #12 by Max Preps in the state
    Oak Ridge (Jay Canty and Jacob Lawson)
    Mt. Zion
    Wesleyan 2x (who beat our very own Western Guilford)
    Forsyth 2 (big kid committed to high pt and top pg in the class of 2012 w/ offers from va tech and auburn)
    Cannon School (Jarell Eddie Va Tech commitment)
    Trinity Christian – top eastern nc team
    ***I don’t have time to continue looking at their schedule online this morning but GDS does play a good
    schedule “Keeping It Real”

    I would then argue to say that most team’s public or private in the area try to play a competitive schedule
    to prepare for the playoffs.

  13. B ball fan, I sEEyour comments on the site and I must say ever time I read them. I REALIZE how ingnorant you are. all I am saying is look at the players that went to college the best player on last year team did not get any offers. and when they do go to college and play we never hear from them again. it is like a black hole. Look at the 6’9 kid that went to wake a couple of years ago then transfed to greensboro college and he could make the all conf team on the D3 level. these are facts the kid that played last year that was 6’9 where is he????? the guards never do anything on the next level. GDS gets alot of respect but how much is it DESERVED!!!!!!!!! THAT AWAT THE RECLASS OPTION AND SEE HOW GOOD THEY WILL BE ……..

  14. umm wait, who are you talking about? Last year GDS sent two players to play division
    1 basketball on scholarship and had another player with offers who decided to attend NC State instead. Im pretty sure i know much more about GDS and what goes on there than you do. Why dont you keep your ignorant comments to yourself please.

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