The Weekend Shining Stars

*****Saturday games not included in this series.)


1. Lakendra Wilkerson: Smith: 21 pts: Brittany Clency: WG: 21 pts
2 .Julissa Anderson: SEG: 20 pts: Arielle Harris: HPC: 20 pts 3. Brittany Gywnn: HPC:
19 pts: Ayshia Mcneal: SEG: 19 pts: Chevena Pickard: Page: 19 pts
4. Kamille Horne: SG: 18 pts
5. Katrina Gibson: Smith: 17 pts: Brittany Price: SEG: 17 pts
6. Kiah Ashley: Shining Light: 15 pts: Ciarra Jackson: Ragsdale: 15 pts:
Megan Tate: HPC: 15 pts
7.Valarie Beale: HP Wesleyan: 14 pts
8. Jessica Johnson: NG: 13 pts: Lindsey Inman: SG: 13 pts: Ronata Rogers:
Greensboro Day:13 pts
9. Ashley Dubose: Smith: 12 pts: Khadejah Wilkerson: Greensboro Day: 12
pts: Catrina Green: Western Guilford: 12 pts
10. Taylor Wimbish: Shining Light: 11 pts: Gretchen Bennett: NWG: 11 pts:
Kelly Tessitore: NG: 11 pts


1.Antwoine Wilkerson: Western Guilford: 28 pts
2.Leek Leek: Wesleyan: 26 pts
3.Duece Bello:Westchester: 25 pts
4.Cole Morgenstern: Westchester: 24 pts
5.Amahd Simon: Shining Light: 23 pts: Jonathan Frye: NG: 23 pts: Will
Saunders: Caldwell
6.Demone Harrison: Page: 22 pts: Ike Nwanu: Westchester: 22 pts
7.Ewing Carter:Caldwell: 20 pts: Greg Bridges: SWG: 20 pts
8.Chris McCain: Oak Ridge: 19 pts
9.Jaylen Kitching: SWG: 18 pts
10.Beniah Wise: Ragsdale: 17 pts: Mitchell Oates:HPC: 17 pts: Jay Canty:
Oak Ridge: 17 pts


  1. jessica johnson has been stepping up her game these passed couple of games.Northern Guilford should be glad they have her!!

  2. You are exactly right and now is the time they have to all stick together with Jessica, Samantha, Kelly, Molly and the entire team….

    NG has a big re-match coming up with Eastern Guilford down the road in just a few weeks and that might just decide the conference championship…..

  3. They first have to deal with Eastern Alamance this friday. EA is very good so the NG girls better be ready.

  4. Why are we still pumping up a team that has only beaten 1 team with a winning record. Jessica maybe getting better, but all of the hype will still be going towards Samantha.

  5. They all deserve recognition and it is hard to get the word out on girl’s basketball, but with Northern’s girls they deserve the attention they are getting and Jessica and Samantha and Molly and Kelly and the others have come a long way and they are not finished yet…..

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