Former Grimsley guard Shamarr Bowden bowing out in Charlotte, could he be headed to Greensboro?

from today’s News and Record at Click Here for the full story on Shamarr Bowden, a former Grimsley Whirlie guard that can shoot the lights out and he has turned the lights out in Charlotte and he is headed elsewhere.

This kid can light it up in a hurry from three-point range and what if he decided to make the move back to Greensboro and attend UNCG? This would be a great catch for the Spartans and he would provide them with instant offense.

How about’s we get in the middle of this one and put in word with the powers that be on both sides and say, “Bowden we want you back, come back to Greensboro Bowden”. Shamarr you a star and you’ve gone too far….Come back home to Greensboro and bring your stroke and show it to the home folk…..

Here is the brief word on Shamarr and you can hit the Click Here above to get the full ride on this article……

CHARLOTTE (AP) — Redshirt freshman guard Shamarr Bowden has decided to transfer from Charlotte, leaving the 49ers without one of their top 3-point shooting threats.


  1. I think his dad played at UNCG back in the day. It would be nice to have him in the blue and gold playing at the Coliseum. Come on home Shamarr. We could have used his services this year!

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