Bishop boys win at MLK Classic: Aaron Toomey hits for 47 points

MLK Holiday Hoops Classic
@ East Rutherford HS
Forest City, NC

Bishop 18 25 14 24 81
Chase 15 15 23 6 59

Bishop scoring
Aaron Toomey 47
Josh Rathburn 9
Atticus Lum 6
Trey Tatum 5
Marty DeFrancesco 4
Mike Banks 2
Steve Marrujo 2
Sean Wilson 2
Daniel McClurg 2
Tucker Crews 2

Chase scoring
Carlos Watkins 22
Wesley Roach 17
Andrew Scruggs 6
Kishon Crawford 4
Jake Shaneberger 3
Josh Mills 2
Tj McMullens 2
Adam Cooper 2
Danny Carpenter 1

Josh Rathburn 7 rebs
Aaron Toomey 5 assists 5 steals

Bishop used pressure defense in the second quarter (6 of their 17 steals) to jump
out to a 13 point halftime lead. Chase would storm back in the third quarter to cut
the Villains lead to 5 going into the fourth qtr. In the fourth Bishop held the
Trojans to only one field goal for the first seven and a half minutes along with 2
free throws. Toomeys 20 fourth qtr points (15-16 FT) sealed the victory for the

Bishop plays again on Monday at the Great 8 Invitational at Lenoir Rhyne College.

Bishop 11-4
Chase 8-5

Josh Thompson
Bishop McGuinness Basketball


  1. AAron is such a great player and great kid. My son played AAU with him this summer and I cannot understnd why he does not have several D1 offers. I hope the schools take notice of him and realize how gret of a contributor he could be at the next level. Way to go Aaron….

  2. Because he’s small and cannot go left. He will be eaten up by bigger, quicker guards. That’s why you are a mother itead of a basketball coach!

  3. There’s still a place for kids like him. There are some great academic schools out there in D3.

  4. He is 6’2 and so that does not constitute a small point guard. He is a an effective guard that use going right to garner 40+ points. They can’t stop him and why be so mean. You are right I am a mother and it amazes me how unnecessary the mother comment was. Instead of you going left and off course with your comments— why don’t you try and go the right way and be positive about kids. I remember the same thing being said about Stephon Curry. He may have a growth spurt — there is enough upside potential for him to be considered. I hope he makes you eat those words.

  5. Have you even seen that kid play? he goes left probably better than he goes right. There is nothing he cannot do, skill wise. He might be undersized and less athletic but as far as skill there are few better PGs in the state. Phyllis Wyatt is right

  6. I have not seen this kid play but I have seen his scoring potential on this site many times over the past month or so. Any kid that can score more than 20 points on a regular basis against good competition (much less the 40+ pts this kid has put up in multiple games) must be given some serious views by any college. One of the biggest problems that a lot of college kids have today is their lack of ability to create their own shot and having a go to move. I also can point out many NBA players today that basically only have 1-2 go to moves that just cannot be stopped. Plus if this kid is 6’2″, then he is actually avg or slightly above compared to most point guards in guilford co currently and about average for even the ACC.

    This is why parents or close associates of players must know that you have to avoiding listening to people that have never played the game or have only seen their kid play rec/ymca ball on the weekend. If this kid did not get the views that he needed during his AAU games this past year, then his coach can make the necessary phone calls to ensure that some scouts make it out to a game or two over the next month. Plus he needs to make sure he is playing enough showcase AAU tournaments in the spring/summer.

  7. My son played with Aaron on his AAU team this summer and Aaron broke his hand in April and didnt come back until nationals in July. He didnt have a great showing there after being out for so long so I figure thats why he didnt get much interest going into the season. I know coming into AAU a lot of the Ivy league schools were interested and Bucknell had come to see him play also. I went to see him play at Rockingham County this year and the Bishop coach’s dad told me that his interest from colleges had picked up lately. I see why, when I saw him play I think he had 44 against a good looking team from Virginia I think.

  8. I heard something similar from someone else. He had some interest last year and then struggled this summer after an injury and they lost interest but that his high school coach has been working pretty hard to market him again and some interest has picked up. I saw him in the playoffs last year at UNCG and though impressed was not sure about D I because of his build, but I saw him play once this year after going to see their girls play and he looked much better than he was last year. Not an ACC player or anything but absolutely could play mid major and maybe help pretty quickly for someone who needs a PG. That team he scored 44 against this year from VA was a large school defending state champ from VA, so that was pretty impressive.

  9. Phylis, David just gave an opinion. I did not read his comment as mean. If you have a kid that is fortunate enough to be recruited you have to get used to some comments you may not want to hear. Coaches can be brutally honest. Not always what a parent wants to hear.

    I hear nothing but great things about Aaron as a person. My pint was there are great opportunities out there in the smaller divisions. Plus, unless he’s going to the NBA it’s the education that counts anyway.

    Good luck to Aaron. he is a fine young man. And maybe he will surprise some people.

  10. Aaron Toomey is one of the best point guards in the state and arguably the best. People talk about his small size but he’s played against much bigger and stronger guards and totally dominated them. If you haven’t seen him play, you’re really missing out on a show. He’s so fun to watch.

  11. Amherst College thanks the state of North Carolina for a fine young player. He is on track to be the NESCAC Rookie of the Year.

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