Coach Roy Williams post-game comments after loss to Georgia Tech in Chapel Hill

From the North Carolina Tar Heels post-game radio broadcast, with comments coming from head basketball coach, Roy Williams.

The comment that got our attention, was the way Coach Williams put it, when asked how the Heels were going to turn this thing around…..

“We’ve put ourselves in this spot, we’ve just got to find a way to dig out of it”…….

Another big day for William Graves from Dudley HS, with Will going 7-7 from 3-pont range in the second half and finishing with 23 points for the game….This might be one of the top shooting performances in Tar Heel history, when you consider distance and the connection…..


  1. I wish Graves had gone 7-7. If he had that would mean he made the last three that would have won the game at the buzzer

  2. Andy we know you think Dudley is the best at everything they do, but the top shooting performence in Tar Heel history? You should have left the bar hours ago if you believe that, you have had one to many.

  3. Roy Williams wants me to keep an eye on the local Greensboro talent for him and I just got my Bird Dog merit badge last week.

    Three-point shooting will be next on my merit badge list……

    I did listen to much of the game on the radio and I was there beside the radio for the post-game interview and I was not in bar or anywhere one, unless you count the salad bar at the Waffle House…….

  4. At least Ol’ Roy used his timeouts in this game. Must have been readin the message boards this week.

  5. Will Graves has been doing some good things as of late on the court…..Seth Davis was talking aboout him today on CBS Sports and that is what you call BIG….

    I didn’t hear Seth calling out any our names….Will Graves is there, he just has to keep getting better and improving defensively…..

    Good to see the discussion about our local players and also good to have known them on their way to the top…..

    When I get there one day, I won’t forget you guys….I promise!

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