Congrats to the “Big Cat”, going to Gardner Webb

The “Big Cat”, Catrina Green, from Western Guilford is headed to Gardner Webb next fall for women’s basketball and there is a very good article from Tom Keller on this subject in today’s(Saturday) News and Record.

The article is not available on-line yet, so we can’t link you up to it, but it is on B2 Sports in the N&R….

Congrats to the “Big Cat”, Catrina Green or “Tree” as her coach likes to call her and we are also hearing that Western Guilford football player Aaron Jones may be making the call to Coastal Carolina in the fall for football….

More word on the committment of Aaron Jones to Coastal coming soon, we hope, and we wish Aaron Jones and his family the best as they ponder this final football decision……

Hornets in the House….Green and Jones, getting ready to leave the House next fall…..


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