N.C. State takes down Big, Bad, Mighty DUKE and WAKE whips North Carolina as Heels lose third straight game!

N.C. State 88

*****Check out the balanced Wolfpack scoring with Smith at 23, Horner at 20, Javey at 15, Farnold at 11 and Scott Wood at 10 points….This is the biggest win in a long time for N.C. State and it was a long time coming and it couldn’t have come against a better team. A great Wolfpack win and it makes you think back to the good old days with Jim Valvano and Norm Sloan in Raleigh….Big time win TONIGHT!!!!!*****
Tracy Smith, F 10-12 0-0 3-4 1 5 0 1 3 1 3 23
Dennis Horner, F 8-15 1-5 3-5 0 2 2 1 1 1 5 20
Javier Gonzalez, G 4-9 2-4 5-6 0 3 8 0 0 2 2 15
Farnold Degand, G 3-6 1-1 4-5 1 4 6 1 0 1 2 11
Scott Wood, G-F 3-5 1-1 3-3 0 2 1 0 0 0 4 10
*****Numbers from www.espn.com*****

Wake Forest 82
North Carolina 69

*****The Heels fall for the third time in-a-row and this is starting to look Matt Doherty picturesque……Will this UNC team finish below .500 in the ACC?????*****


  1. great basketball action on a rainy wednesday night things are heating up in the acc tarheel fans will have to wait a couple of years rumor has it the might play in the nit

  2. Might play in the NIT! If they go to 1-4 in the league after their next game, it is a given that they will be in the NIT!

  3. No way do the Heels go to the NIT. Way too much talent. Plus, they are still in the top 25. If the slide continues, and that is a big if given the upcoming schedule., the selection committee will just give them a pass ala Arizona last year.

  4. The WOLFPACK is back so get out of the way all you pretenders!

    Duke was and is OVER-RATED!


    We are coming for you NEXT!

  5. This is right where we want to be. Underdogs coming to Greensboro for the ACC Tournament and we will it all and then move on to the NCAA’s. No NIT for us.

    Go Heels.

  6. Ummmmm……..it Bizarro Greensborosports.com. The Heels and Wolfies haved switched places.

    Wolfies calling people overrated? Heels talking about having to win the ACC tourny for a bid? Amazing!

  7. Dear state fans,
    you won 1 meaningful game this decade, congrats! still sucks to be a redheaded stepchild!!

  8. Hey you morons, Virginia is the number one team in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Virginia is for basketball lovers and not losers like you guys in the Carolinas. We got rid of Terry, Jeff, Pete and Dave L. and now we will win the Title. Wait and see the ACC will make its new home in Charlottesville.

  9. The Heels WILL go to the NIT. And whoever thinks they could put on a three day show in Greensboro (likely a four day show due to the fact they will be near the bottom) is off their proverbial rockers. Yes, North Carolina is a great basketball program and will continue to be but no men’s program in America can win at the expected rate of Carolina Basketball fans. This happens to be a down year, and I believe, IF they could stay healthy and find a leader they could salvage a somewhat decent season. Once they lose game 10 they will be in real trouble and the name North Carolina will mean less in the war room of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Committee in early March. And remember they are already at loss 7, so you got 3 to go! They have a gauntlet of upcoming games including Virginia, VT, Maryland, NC State twice, and Duke. And as competitive as the ACC is this year getting out 4-3 or 5-2 in those games will be a MIRACLE! And that would put them at 5-6 or 6-5 in the league. The best bet for the Heels is to hope everyone else beats the crap out of one another and creates such a logjam in the league that everybody is 8-8, highly unlikely to happen though! Just deal with the fact y’all aren’t having a stellar year and be glad that you know who, MD, isn’t on your sidelines and y’all aren’t going 8-20.

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