CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks contest Week #3 playoffs edition

This week’s Tie-breaker will be Total Passing yardage for Brett Farve and Drew Brees combined in the NFC Title Game with Minnesota at New Orleans…

Tie-breaker will be, once again, the total combined passing yardage for Farve and Brees…..This ought to be an offensive showcase…..Reggie Bush goes wild????? Sidney Rice goes off????? Brees and Farve go for 750, 880 or 1,000 yards maybe?????

Good luck and may the best teams win and I’ve heard that the home teams are favored……

Your games:

Sun., Jan. 24, 3pm CBS
N.Y. Jets at Indianapolis Colts

Sun., Jan. 24, 6:40pm FOX
Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints


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