High School Scores – 1-26-10

A very big Metro 4-A win here with the Western Guilford boys over Grimsley courtesy of WG AD Jim Clontz:
Western 57
Grimsley 53

Girls FINAL:
Western Guilford 62
Grimsley 49

Girls FINAL:
Southwest Guilford 68
Northwest Guilford 56

Eastern Guilford – 52
Northern Guilford – 48

Dudley – 68
Smith – 39

SE Guilford Girls 51
Southern Alamance 37

Dudley – 71
Smith – 55

Northern Guilford 58
Eastern Guilford 55

Southwest Guilford 73
Northwest Gulilford 70

*****SWG led by Greg Bridges with 21 and NWG by Reed Lucas with 20.*****

SE Guilford Boys 71
Southern Alamance 46

Box score on Smith at Dudley with the Panthers prevailing 71-55 on the scoreboard and 74-52 on the score sheet….No PJ Hairston tonight and no Brennan Wyatt late in the game and both could sit out Friday when the Panthers face Southern Alamance. Both young men are now nursing injuries and who knows if Hairston is not needed maybe he sits out the game Saturday night at Burlington Cummings….

With the overall Panther injury status now pending, it is possible that Wyatt goes, PJ sits both nights and Dominique Byrd, who sat out the entire game tonight versus Smith, sits Friday and possibly Saturday…Dudley is banged up, but their reserves are stepping up and carrying the load…..

Dudley out-rebounded Smith 37-24 and the Panthers were 11-18 at the free throw line, while the Golden Eagles went 4-10…..

Tonight’s scoring….
Brennan Wyatt 23 points…8-9 from the floor and 3-3 at the foul line….Wyatt played just 22 minutes….
Reggie Dillard 18 pts./8 rebounds
Sam Hunt 15 pts.
Jaquel Richmond 5
Stephon Redd 5
DJ Alston 4 pts./8 rebounds
Anthony Hamlett 3 pts.
Brandon Clyburn 2
Josh Level 1 pt. on the last free throw of the game….

Smith scoring:
Dominique Bartell 18 points
Tracy Gathings 12
Donte Johnson 10
Tony Pinnix 6
Drew Williams 2
Jordan McMasters 2
Darin Jones 2

NWG and SWG boys totals with SWG over NWG 73-70…
SWG scoring:
Bridges 21
Brown 17
Kitching 11
Surgeon 9
Bostic 5
Degroat 4
Leach 3
Love 3

NWG scoring:
Reed Lucas 20
Adam Coble 12
Keaton Haack 12
Kyle Vebber 10
Kyle Berger 8
Hunter Clary 4
Matt Pawlowski 2
Zach Ellwood 2

Northwest 1A/2A Game

Bishop 12 5 24 13 54
West Stokes 17 16 22 13 68

Bishop scoring
Aaron Toomey 22
Atticus Lum 11
Kevin Weckworth 7
Josh Rathburn 6
Mike Banks 3
Daniel McClurg 3
Marty Defrancesco 2

West Stokes
Austin Fleming 17
Brett Boyles 12
Andrew Smith 9
Jacob Nunn 9
Zack Southern 7
Josh Spainhour 7
Will Bennett 3

Bishop could not overcome a slow start and cold shooting from the field as the Villains fell to West stokes for a battle for 2nd place in the conference.

Bishop 13-6, 6-4
West Stokes 15-5, 8-1

Josh Thompson
Bishop McGuinness Basketball


  1. Dudley boys played tonight without two staters in PJ Hairston and Dominque Byrd both sat out with injuries. pj resting his ankle but did dress out just in case and dominque bryd and on regular clothes as he sat out with stitches in his mouth… good team effort by the panthers tonight…. got to see alot of the future tonight of panther basketball as both freshmen jaquel richmond and sam hunt started for the panthers. i know sam hunt finished with 15 pts.. not sure how many richmand had off the top of my had but played a heck of a game….wyatt and dillard played lights out..hats off to the eagles of smith they played hard all night with only 9 players… not sure what happened to the rest of thier team…

  2. Dudley played a good game. They have great 3 point shooters and played defense. However, #22 Dominique Bartell played a heck of a game (defense, assists, steals, fast breaks and the points he scored within 10 minutes…..OMG!!!! This kid doesn’t get the credit he deserves. I can’t wait to hear more about him and where’s he’s going to school in the fall. Dudley couldn’t contain him. I’m telling you the truth this kid is awesome!!!! He’s a quiet player on the court that makes things happen. I know him personally and he’s such a team player who loves the game of basketball!!!

  3. I see that Dudley has a stable of young and athletic players who have been stepping up in the absence of PJ. It must be a remarkable feat the Dudley is able to reload every year on some of the best prospects that guilford county has to offer. With the new fair play rules in place, I see that it hasn’t stopped him from looking at adding additional talent to next year and future teams at Dudley. Weve seen the head coach and JV Coach over the last two weeks at a middle school watching the next great talent to come out of the guilford county. This young man has the same skill set as a PJ, not quiet as tall, but a great upside. The only problem is that he doesn’t play for one of Dudley’s feeder schools. Why is he showing up to this kids games and setting in the stands with his parent(we have the photo’s to prove it) if he isn’t on a recruiting trip. I though with the way all the violation that hit the county last year that he would easy up on the things he was doing, but showing up at 2 of the kids last three ball games was unbelievable. Everyone has a cell phone which takes photo’s, so why would he chance it? The Kid averaged 28 pts against Eastern, Hairston and NE middle school in the presence of Coach P. Fair Play or no Fair Play, it’s time we level the playing fields in guilford county and keep the kids playing for their community schools. The next Kevin Swinton!!!!

  4. You must be talking about the kid at Southeast Middle. Let’s hope GCS keeps an eye on this situation.

  5. …………………. here we again with all the rumors and blaming game…you might as well go ahead and blame dudley for having an academy at thier school just like many others schools in guilford county….who knows why coach price was there…. maybe he wants to see good young talent in the area.. he might know the kid personally…. might even be family who knows….lol… its more then one school in guilford county with academies or IB programs….. so you cant blame it all on dudley…. who knows what his district high school is… who knows where his PARENTS want him to go to high school and pursue a good education….. NO ONE DOES BUT HIS FAMILY… THE CHOICE WHERE HE GOES TO SCHOOL NEXT YEAR OR TWO YEARS OR WHATEVER DEPENDS ON WHERE HIS FAMILY THINKS IS BEST FOR HIM!!!

  6. Grimsley without lee sweeny for the rest of the year. Perkins and wilkerson lokked good for western ang gourley and r sweeny looked good for the whirlies. lots of missed opportunities. western is a good team

  7. Why would anyone want to go to Dudley for the Education factor? A lot a families are hurting from the low performing education that those kids receive from over there. If Coach Price is setting in some middle school gym its about basketball. The fact is he is recruiting for the team not the academy. Its called Fair Play, play with the ones who grow up in your neighborhood, but I guess the witness thinks its okay to recruit kids to your school. His day is coming. I’m just glad people are taking notice of what going on in High School athletics.

  8. witness this…What school you go to or your kids? There are many high performing kids at James B Dudley High School!!

    What school district do you or your kids live in? Oh you must not be very educated. Unfortunately schools that have most students from low income high poverty areas will not perform as well as other schools.

    I have a study we can do. Redraw the lines to move the low income areas to your school district for 4 years and see if your school can maintain its high performance.

    You guys kill me. I can’t say what I want.

    You people have no clue what it takes to run a school such as Dudley. I invite you to visit the academy visit the kids that come to school but are sleeping outside or in shelters, come see the students who may only get 1 meal a day. Come meet the teachers and others who try to keep those kids focused. Come meet the kids who don’t have to attend Dudley but choose too for the academies…medical education and engineering….my child will have her first year of college in her senior year. A year that I don’t have to pay for Thanks to the Academy at Dudley.

    I pray for you guys to get some understanding.

  9. Andy,

    Did you attend the NG/EG games tonight? Two great games were played by two pretty evenly matched sets of teams. EG girls proved that they are the class of the conference by beating NG for the second time this year.

    The boys game was another tight matchup between two pretty good teams. It looked like either team could have won the game but NG pulled out the win against an EG team that looked to be pretty solid. Great night of basketball I thought.

  10. people still under estimate dudley academics… everyone knows that the school has its academic problems to a certain extent… but what school doesnt… if i remember correctly dudley has been among the very top in scholarship money awarded in guilford county year in and year out… espesically last year i know… they were among the very very top…. everyone has such a negative stereotype about this school academic performance…. yeah there is a percentage of kids who doesnt have education as thier number 1 priorityand and doesnt take advantage of a free education… but this school does have an excellent program so dont doubt them.. both of my children graduated from the dudley academy and earned full ACADEMIC scholarships to college… they have an EXCELLENT academy director who truly cares about her children… i know tons of children who arent in the academy who are excellent in the classroom…. so dont judge a school if you dont know anything about it….

  11. I’m very proud of my Dudley education. It has literally carried me around the world and back. We have a fine, young man that is getting ready to compete in the Super Bowl and we also have one currently on the Panther basketball team that will be headed to the Naval Academy.’ The Davis Boys’ will be AWESOME next season as they are already hitting the weights as we speak! Baseball should be good, track should be good and another group of Dudley Panthers will graduate in June and headed off to make their mark in the world. Now THAT”S truly fair play!

  12. Let’s get off the Dudley academics. Everyone with half a brain knows the academy exists to TRY to get the average SAT scores up to remove JBD from the “At Risk” list. There is no need to discuss it anymore. They may be victims of the 80-20 rule, but I can tell you tis much, I would not work there or send my children there—-Not even for the athletics!!!!!!!!!

  13. So the story is that Coach P is offering this young man an opportunity for higher education within the academy, I DON”T THINK SO. If he is setting in these middle school gyms, its strictly to build up his basketball team. Don’t get the story twisted. Lol. Keep protecting someone that thinks he is above the law and watch the hammer fall.

  14. You Dudley people KNOW that Price and staff shouldnt be attending SE Middle games. There is only one reason for it and it isnt a good reason You guys pointed fingers at Northern for recruiting and turn a blind eye to your own. You get on here to talk about how good you are and how great your staff is but you dont even win with your own kids but with kids that belong to other schools and use the academy as a way to recruit athletes.

  15. Hmmmm……! Could it have anything to do with race? And GCS not wanting to rock the boat because they are afraid that certain schools would throw the discrimination card out there? Neighborhood schools people! Every school offers the exact same opportunities and GCS has to hire staff in order to do this. It appears that this is something that has trickled down because of GCS’ ability to piece opportunity together for the students of this county. They have the opportunity but a kid that lives in the SE district has to go to like HP Andrews in order to be apart of the program. Then you got NE kids going out to SW all the way across the county. These are just examples people, not real situations. But imagine my child wanted to be apart of an aviation program that the county offers and I live on NC Hwy 150. Are you telling me that I have to find a way to get my kid over to the other side of the county in High Point so he can realize his dreams and goals. This is the heart of the problem all you are speaking of. Dudley has this academy to fall back on as the reason a kid turns up at their school. It is in essence a recruiting tool. I don’t see the culinary program over at HP Central being sold at middle schools around the county.

  16. It would be interesting to see how many of the athletes on the bball teams actually live in the Dudley district. How many are in the Academy? How many joined the Academy and are no longer in the Academy? This would settle this issue one way or another. It would either prove that Dudley is being run correctly or that they are using it for recruiting. The “gossip” is that they are using it for recruiting. It would be nice to know the facts and we could stop talking about this. The same holds true for the other schools that have special (IB) programs.
    A solution to the problem is that the students can go to school wherever they want, but they must play sports in their home district. If the Academy offers great oppotunities, kids will want to go there anyway.

  17. NW loses again by less than 5, simply amazing. 33 plays 5 min and scores 14, 21 plays 30 min and scores 14. Something wrong with that picture. They need to wake up if they are going to have any chance of salvaging the rest of the season. The big guy that is supposed to be getting things done is possible not the big man they think they need.

  18. Also, the EG-NG games were very good. The EG girls are very talented and the NG girls put up a good fight. We may see them play again in the conference tournament. The boys game was entertaining as well. EG had a couple good looks to tie it at the end.

  19. i think tom really makes some good points, gcs will never do anything about it. our leadership is the same in all areas. look @ city council, we are approving a swim center @ the high end of the funds required and now we learn that we will have an $11.2MM deficit.

  20. Could Race be the issue on why so many people on this board hate Dudley?
    Guy’s Dudley has been investigated several times prior to NG Being investigated and again since NG was investigated.

  21. The answers are easy to get about the Academy at Dudley. It is a public school so the numbers are available. The problem is nobody can believe that the Academy is actually a great opportunity for these kids. They must meet the requirements to get into the program and must maintain a certain gpa to stay in. If they are dismissed from the program they are sent back to their home school the beginning of the next school year.
    All athletes playing sports at Dudley this year had to be cleared through the student assignment office of GCS if they live out of district and go to Dudley. So maybe the problem is not at Dudley or any of the other schools that have athletes on their teams that live out of district. Maybe the problem is at the office that signs the reassignment letters. This board is so concerned with the program at Dudley, but the real question should be about the rules that are in place through GCS. There are I know some kids on the basketball teams that are in the Academy. There are some kids who attend Dudley that are not in Dudley district, but their paperwork is in order, on file at the school, stamped and approved by GCS. It would be unfair to ask these kids, because that is what they are, to go to school and forms bonds on campus and then have to play sports where they don’t go to school. The kids should not be punished because the system is broken. So stop condeming the school and start questioning the sytem!

  22. Race has nothing to do with it. If they have been investigated, I have never seen the results of the investigation. Did GCS publish these results? If they haven’t, they should so that this issue can end. If they did, Andy should add a link so that everybody can see them.

  23. A lot of folks on this board bash Dudley. But folks how many of you are trying to help fix the problems you say exist? I’m not from the area but all I heard was how bad Dudley was. As a person that over came a lot of odds in life I took it upon myself to reach out and help Dudley. Folks we are talking KIDS! There are a lot of good kids at Dudley High School, There are a lot kids at Dudley that just need to be pointed in the right direction by caring adults. Yes there are some kids at Dudley that are only going to school because the law or their parents say they have to. But that is at any school in America! Teahers can only do some much during the course of day. It still takes a village to raise a child. Many of the kids that I have work with at Dudley often do not know where the next meal is coming from, living from place to place. Living in cars. A lot of these do not have the luxury of having both parents in the home. ADULTS LETS STOP POINTING THE FINGER AND STEP UP AND VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME AND EFFORTS. Guys you say this is not your problem? But it takes is for the school board to redo a school zone and you guys could very have the same problems at you high school! Please stop bashing these kids, stop degrading these kids. Trust me a lot of good kids have come through Dudley. I never hear of anyone talk about the two young men from Dudley that sat down at the WoolWorth Counter 50 years ago and help change the course of history and that is topic of conversation today and that the city will celebrate on Monday. At least some in the city. I never hear about guys like Marques Douglass from Dudley High School who holds an annual football camp at Dudley High School, I never hear about the countless students that have come through Dudley that have gone on to become, Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, Judges, CEO’s etc.

  24. JT it was widley publicized during the NG that Dudley High was also investigated. The report said that they found no wrong doing. Let me search the NR website and see if I can find the article and post it for you to read.

  25. We all know that there are plenty of great kids at Dudley. It has nothing to do with the kids. I want to see all of the kids succeed in our county. It has to do with the Fair Play theory. The goal is to create an equal playing field. It doesn’t exist in Guilford County. It probably never will. I enjoy watching Dudley play and I pull for them when they play in the state tournaments. I do, however, know that the Academy gives them a decided advantage.
    If you attend the other magnet type schools(Weaver, Early College, etc..) in the county, you can play athletics at your home school. The same should be true for the Academies/IB programs. If the public really wants the FAIR PLAY theory, we should push GCS to impose something like this.

  26. Tom:

    who gives a crap if the athletes attend the academy or not. If they are in the academy you best believe they have to maintain. Do you know what the kids have to provide now before they can play? Do you know that almost every athlete on the girls and boys basketball teams were investigated from the anonymous hot line.

    You guys need to be mind your own…It is not our problem GC has no open enrollment.
    There are many academies…HPC, Smith, Grimsley….oops they are not on top so it doesn’t matter.

    The academy (and students can go to other programs) exists to yes offer the kids in lower income advantages, allow many low performing schools the opportunity to compete academically and a place for those students who excel and want the opportunity to get a year of college under their belt FOR FREE!

    You guys are bigots and racists and if Dudley athletics wasn’t on top you would not give a crap. Mad because our academically, and athletically gifted kids still choose an all black high school.

    To Mr. Murdoch…I know of a Murdoch that had a really good brain who is jail now. However, why don’t they close the at risk school and move all the students to where you teach and your kids go to school? hmmm. You would probably run for the border.
    Since you are so adamant: Let’s think Mr. Murdoch…redraw the lines to include your neighborhood in Dudley District. Now what would you do with your 15 year old. Oh “choose” for your child to attend another school. Point made!

    You guys are looking at your reflection coming off the water and have no clue as to how much bigger the picture really is; especially if you don’t have to deal with it.

    A picture has a million words..you guys are just shallow.

  27. How unreal that you guys constantly put Dudley and the Aademy down at such a low evel. To go so far as to say how no one would send there kid there for acdemics is absolutely racist. This is based on an assumption that stems from ignorance and prejudice. Why wouldn’t a parent let there kid be a part of a program that could allow their child to enter college their freshmen year with 24- 30 hours. The hours taken at no charge. The kids that go to the Academy have the experience of adjusting the demands of college prior to acctually entering their freshmen year. I also don’t see that many kids that are in the academy paricipating in sports but if they do then assures that academically they are prepareed and able to enter without grade issues. Your comments are made off prjudice and jealousy of the athletic programs that exist at Dudlye. How darre you compare the basketball program at Dudley to NG when the wonderful coach provided a job for the parent of an athlete outside of Guilford county, imported another player from Burlington, and brought an entire team with him. If it wsn’t his team then why did they all follow him when he left. I commend the Frye’s family for not following him to ORM but they had folowed him twice before to HPC and then NG. So stop throwing stones — all schools have special programs and your only problem with Dudley is that they win. Every school has a questionable kid on their roster but no one cares unless you are winning. The reasoin NG got caught is because it was so blatant that you would have to be blind not to see what he was up to. They may have only caught 2 of the players but their were more.
    So stop hating Dudley — The Wyatt kid is an Academy kid with a 4.9 gpa , 4.0 gpa at A&T( senior yr no course taken at Dudle), several ivy offers to play basketball and decided on the Naval Academy. You tell me why his parents were dumb to choose Dudley? Looks like he did pretty well to me and he is one of many doiing well with the Academy.

  28. This is in response to the comment made by JT,
    Race is the reason Coach Price can recruit players, if it was wrong for Coach K. at Northern, why is it okay for Price. Recruiting is the same whether you bring the kids into your high school, or through the middle school. I think its past time that Dudley should be held accountable like the rest of Guilford County.

  29. If you would have read my post, I said it should be true for all academies! That includes Grimsley, Page, Smith, HPC, Dudley, etc.. You can rant all you want, but it is an advantage for the athletic programs at these schools. If the academies give kids the opportunity for a better academic opportunity, I am all for it. If you are trying to create a fair athletic environment, they should play at their home schools. They can still go to the academy.
    I have never been called a bigot or racist, but you have escalated my point of view to an insane end. It is an opinion, nothing more, nothing less. BTW, AP classes at all of our schools can get you free credits towards college.

  30. Tell me what the other alternative is in GC if you want your child to have the best opportunity to play in a winning program and compete for DI scholarships….? Coach Price doesn’t have to recruit, parents and their children want to go to Dudley High School. Believe it or not there is something called Panther Pride that runs through the veins of alumni and fans. Black people are capable of continuing legacy and taking pride in a school that was created for the black community. Why are people so stuck on ignorance and jealousy?…. because they are not winning and are getting beat by the very people who are suppose to be an inferior race. Talk all you want Dudley was cleared and there is nothing you can do about it, but continue to hate on success!

  31. Okay Dudleyobserver you keep talking about academics within the academy, we just want to know why coach P and staff are allowed to sit in these middle school gyms and try to persuade these young me and their parents to come to the Dudley basketball factory. The question is are we going to enforce the rules of fairplay are will gcs continue to allow certain coaches to sit in any gym inthe county and talk to student athletes and parents

  32. DITTO!

    I have read many of your posts and have posted myself always trying to be in the middle. I too have been escalated to another level with the continous comments.


    I understand what you are saying to a point, but what you are saying Tom is not realistic. To attend a high school and play at another school makes absolutely no sense. Have you really thought that through?
    I was taught if you complain then have a solution, if you have a solution, be sure to have dotted all the I’s and crossed the T’s.

    There are many problems with your suggestion. Please elaborate on how you would handle transportation, peer pressure, time issues, and the other pitfalls with that suggestion.
    Oh, my bad the parents would have to work all that out. When the child is right on the campus in which they attend classes.

    Accept what is and leave the kids alone. What is done wrongly will come to light. If any of the coaches are doing something wrong; sooner or later it will come out.

    And as far as AP college credits.

    #1 you have to pass the AP exam with a 3 or 4 to get the credit and #2 many colleges do not accept the credit. The academy students last year of high school is on college campus…UNCG or A&T actually taking college courses that all colleges accept! For Free!

  33. Again Dudley had been investigated and have been cleared by the County.

    You guys say Dudley recruit well i never heard the rumbling when Page was winning with kids that were out of district!

  34. Someone had asked earlier if I made it out to the EG-NG games last night and I was there for the girls game and it was a good one. I had not seen the Northern girls very many times and that Jessica Johnson kid was impressive and others were too, but since I said she might be an X-Factor and she was, then it got my attention.

    I don’t believe I have ever seen so many held ball calls…They were really tying this one up and Capricia Smalls hit some key free throws for EG to help put it away, but EG missed some free throws that could have locked down the win sooner.

    I didn’t catch the boys game as I headed over to Dudley to try and catch the end of the girls there, but the boys were already at the half and moving on…..

    EG girls have locked down first place for now and it was a good outing for them after falling to Southwest Guilford last Friday and SWG may be the hottest girls team in the area right now after tripping up NWG at Northwest last night….

    The conference tournaments should be interesting when they get going in early February……

  35. Dudley basketball team consist of two Academy students, you act as if the whole team is made up of the Academy. Everybody else on the team lives in Dudley District. Second of all what does it prove that Coach Price was at a game, there are a million reasons why he could be there. You are just making assumptions.

  36. Tom-
    I believe Dudley basketball is good for all of gc public schools. Having1 or 2 really strong basketball (or any sport for that matter) helps all schools. Having a team like Dudley visit the other public school helps fund athletics for all schools they play. I have attended many local games and unless it is a rivalry game, attendance is not good. There is usually a crowd at Dudley games (the team everyone loves to hate).

    I personally don’t have an issue if a parent feels their child will be looked after like family if they attend a certain school versus going in unknown.

    I much rather have some strong representation in public schools rather than all good athletes pushed to privates to play competitive sports. 1-3 athletes a year should not skew the balance of power so much that the other public schools have no shot at winning. Their are a lot of good athletes in gc.

    Tom- Don’t sell your kids (if you have any) and mine short. They can compete with good coaching.

    I say let it go.

    High School is a stepping stone to greater things.

    Let parents make the choices that they feel are best for them without adding more regulations and restrictions to choose the path they want for their family.

    Go Dudley! (Unless you are playing my school 8))

  37. Thanks. That is the information I wanted. I will not say another word about the academy. 2 kids. I know one is the point guard and he is heading off to the Naval Academy. You can’t get better than that. If the rest of the county knew that only 2 bball players are in the academy, you wouldn’t hear the “gossip”.
    I still stand by my assertion that all kids that go to any special GCS school should have to play at their home school.

  38. Offer the same programs at all the high schools and allow no transfers. Also don’t allow parents to move into another attendance zone just to qualify their child. That would level the playing field instead of robbing talent from the natural home schools.

  39. Tom – you seem reasonable. As someone stated above, one of the biggest reasons you can not go to school one place and play at another is peer pressure.

    Imagine participating in spirit week, senior night or any other number of events at one school and then leaving school and having to play somewhere else?

    Is ok for the schools that don’t have sports programs but for schools that have sports programs, it is…

  40. Tom, First I would like to say that majority of the magnet programs you speak of (other magnet type schools (Weaver, Early College, etc.)) are institutions of higher learning and not high schools, so obviously the kids have to attend their home school for sports.

    Are these kids being scrutinized for attending and taking advantage of an EDUCATION OPPORTUNITY? I applaud GSC for being innovative to offer such education programs; after all that’s the business we charge them with. I know that if these type of programs existed when (and where) I attended in high school, I would be enrolled in one of them weather it was at my home school or not. I would also be on the football, debate, soccer, chess, checker, or whatever other team I DESIRED. So would a lot of the people on this site that are throwing stones! Has our country lost its way? I think so in some cases! Athletics (and winning) at this level or any level has consumed so much of our integrity, that we forget what should be important. Recall the NCAA commercials that say something to the effect that, (and I’m paraphrasing) “we have so many of thousand of athlete’s, and most of them go pro in something other than sports.” Let these kids have their dreams, weather it’s Dudley Academy, Greensboro Day, Weaver Academy, or their district high school. Ultimately, it’s their (parents and child) CHOICE! Not mine, not yours, not the coach, but theirs! If it’s approved through GCS (Fair Play) just like all the other kids who do not participate in sports, then so be it. Attrition and the system will catch up with the ones that cheat and or sink all their hopes in athletics and winning sooner or later.

  41. With the discussion on Dudley and their academy, it seems like the class was on Greensboro Day’s case last week and now this week everyone is piling on Dudley.

    The talk is about Dudley going out and getting players. If that is the case the shoe is on the County’s foot. The Guilford County Schools front office checks into every kid that applies for the Academies and the IB programs and etc.

    If there is any negligence, it is on the County office.

    Why would Dudley need to go out now and look for more new players???? They have two freshman guards that started in recent games and they will be around for the next several years….They also have some good young inside talent.

    I don’t see Coach Price being around long after the 2010/2011 season. The man had a stroke last year and his health is much better now, and we are grateful for that, but he probably won’t keep at this current grind too much longer….There is a lot of stress with a job like this.

    He has done a fine job at Dudley over the years in what many would consider to be an inner-city school and the kids there are hanging in and doing a good job. I have been there many times over the years and find Dudley to be one of the very best stops on our game day tours…..

    Great people at Dudley and they seem like a family the way they work together and work things out when they need to be handled.

    If a coach shows up at a Middle School game he may have put himself into a compromising position if the fans at that game want to start making something of it.

    There is a lot of jealousy out here and if the coaches at the schools where you all say the talent is located would do their job and take care of there kids at the middle school level, then why would a parent ever want their kid to leave that school when it comes time to go to high school.

    Show some interest in the kids. Coaching basketball or football or baseball is a full-time, year-round job now….If the kid likes you and your program, he would never want to leave.

    If the Acadmey is set to be an academy then students will continue to come in there and many might just be athletes, but did you do your best to keep them at your place?

    The rules the County set up last year are in place and if you have problems with it why not go to the County office and file your complaints.

    I still say if the coaches would do their jobs then a kid would never want to leave a school and go to another. If a coach shows loyalty to a player, then in turn a player will show loyalty to a coach.

    If you have a player in Middle School then you should be able to go watch him play, if he is in your district and the high school coaches should already be in contact with the kids within your system. If not, you are not doing your job.

    Are we taking too many things for granted here?

    If I am coaching at Western Guilford(that’s where I went to HS) then I need to be in touch with my kids at Guilford Middle. I have to know the names of every player on that team and who they play for in the summer and the year-round. If that player or players see the interest I have in them on year-round basis they will stick with me and my program…

    The coaches that go into the communities and stay in the communities will have ties all through that community and they will be in touch with their program. Parents have to support the coaches and in turn the coaches have to be a part of the families.

    You have to keep in touch. Everyone is losing touch with their players…..

    A lot of jealousy out here and if there is a problem, the shoe is on the County’s foot and they need to be on top of it, but if the coaches would support their players and the parents would support the coaches we wouldn’t have these problems…….

    I don’t really see where there is a problem with Dudley here. They are working and the rest of you are sitting around talking…….

    If you see or hear of playing that might be leaving your school, go to that kid and tell them, “you aren’t going anywhere, you are sticking with us, we want and need you here”….Take an interest in all the kids and not just your kid…

    Ray Crawford Sr., over at Dudley took an interest in all the kids on that Dudley baseball team and they have grown together and they have stuck together…

    Coaches Partee, Seagraves and James with the Dudley basketball program all came up through the Dudley community and Coach Price has been there now for 20 years. That’s sticking with a program….Coach Everett James played for Dudley back in the 60’s I believe and he is still with that program…That is sticking with it….

    This can happen in your community if all of you will come together and don’t be so quick to judge and try and pull Guilford County apart. We need to come together and respect this great game of basketball and begin to teach the children to respect the game..Even our NBA players don’t respect the game today. Men like Coach James, who I just mentioned above, do know that respect.

    Let’s learn to respect the game and to respect each other. We are all in this game together and please read all that I have written here. I feel this is some of my all-time best work as I got on this roll this morning.

    Some of you may say it is not as easy as I have stated. It can happen. We must make it work and do it together…..

  42. Tom I agree with the poster above once you have information does that help clarify the team at Dudley. There are two academy students, Wyatt and Dillard and both are excellect students! There are some other kids on the team that do not live in Dudley’s school distric that have reassignment approved through GCS. Nobody knows what the reasons are for these students to be at Dudley, but whatever the reason it was approved by GCS. You should contact the reassignment office and ask what constitues a player being allowed to play out of district upon approval from GCS. I did and the number of reasons is mind blowing, but you can’t fault individual schools for a mismanaged system. The same opportunity exists for any school in the county, Dudley has just perfected the art of working the system.

    As for Coach Price being at middle school games, Ive seen him myself and trust me he just has to show up. I sat in the stands and clearly heard him tell some people asking that he was just at the game watching some of the players that his kids have been talking about. One parent made the comment, loud enough for coach P to hear, ” If his grades get him into the Academy then he will be part of panther nation.” Price does not have to go after anybody…the players and families are trying to get to him. If that is the case some of these other coaches need to start watching some middle school games too! Nobody is going to give you anything in this life you have to take it!

  43. I understand that it is very difficult to expect a kid to commute to their home schools to play sports. I wish there was a truly fair way to do it. How do we keep it fair for the schools who do not have an academy type program? They lose their neighborhood kids because their schools don’t have these services. I imagine there is no perfect solution.

  44. Tom again I will say that the system the way it is set up now may not be fair in all aspects. Andy makes a great point about community. There is a legacy at Dudley HIgh School and that can’t be denied. Young children attend thoes games and dream of one day playing for the Panthers. I am at every game and have been for many years. I watch the games this year and you can see a group of kids scrammbling behind the team at home and away games, the same little boys. Last year they got their own shirts that say ball boy on the back. That is a little thing, but something that makes them feel like they are part of that Dudley family. They are already knocking down 3pt baskets, showing skillful dribbling moves, and playing one on one during halftime. Not a lot of people look at thoes little boys and recognize the future players they will be. The ball boys for Dudley right now are the legacy that I talk about that is built at this place. Andy is right, the community and family of this place are second to none. Parents from players of long past still attend games. Will Grave’s mom can still be found working the concession stand at the games, this is how Dudley stays a part of your life even after your child is gone. I heard PJ Hairston’s mom tell Reggie Dillard that even when PJ is gone she will be ther cheering on the rest of her babies! Catch this connection the ball boys have; Reggie Dillard’s younger brother, PJ Hairston’s 2 younger brothers, Coach Seagraves 2 sons… in the next 5-10 years thoes little ball boys will be playing on that same court and continuing the legacy and tradition of PANTHER PRIDE!!

  45. That PANTHER PRIDE is something else. I have caught it after a few years of not caring for it. My oldest child had applied to 4 different magnet programs (Academies & Early College Programs), got accepted at all and chose Dudley because he/she felt like that was the best place for them. I (not originally from this area) listened too all the gossip about Dudley and had reservations about the decision. But I always stressed to MY CHILDREN about making decisions that was BEST FOR THEM, and I had to give it a chance. Great decision by my child, and he/she is thriving there. Being the sports junkie I am, The PANTHER NATION has rubbed off on me, and accepted me and the rest of my family (even though my wife is a “Whirlie”(or whatever that thing is) lol). Dudley is not perfect, but it’s the best place for this child. My others will have the same decision to make soon, And It will be THEIR DECISION, and I have to give it a chance. It’s looking like it may not be the PANTHER NATION for them! And yes, all my children play some sport or another! None have been recruited or will be recruited because academics come first! And yes again, they (my children) are all pretty good at the sports they play!

  46. To Tom says:

    One parent made the comment, loud enough for coach P to hear, ” If his grades get him into the Academy then he will be part of panther nation.” Price does not have to go after anybody…the players and families are trying to get to him. If that is the case some of these other coaches need to start watching some middle school games too! Nobody is going to give you anything in this life you have to take it!

    While I partially agree with what you are saying – you also just said very clearly why some people have issues with Dudley and the Academy. Coach Price knows he can show up in any middle school gym and know that a great player that has the grades can just apply to the Academy and Bingo! he has a new great player in his program.

    Now you say – other coaches need to start going to middle school games so they can do the same. But Western and Southeast and Ragsdale and a few other schools don’t have magnet programs or Academies. If a kid at SE Middle school has good grades and wants to play for Western they can’t just “apply to the academy” since Western doesn’t have one. Now it means having to go to the board for special approval to attend out of district. And while the Dudley coach gets absolved of recruiting since the Academy is involved – the Western coach won’t have that luxury – it looks more like recruiting since the kid didn’t transfer for a special academic program.

    Can Dudley supporters not see how this is an issue for other schools?

  47. I mean it’s why the whole thing blew up at Northern. If Northern had an Academy or special programs and the kids playing out of district that got them in trouble had attended Northern through a special academic program their situation would have been no different than Dudley. But no special programs at Northern meant one thing and one thing only – recruiting! and that lost those kids and that school a state championship

  48. The concern here is not about the tradition of Dudley and it’s academic or sports programs. It ‘s about why Coach P and his staff continue to show up at this kids basketball games when there not playing a Dudley feeder school and he doesn’t attend a school that feeds into Dudley!LoL. It appears that he also just happened to find a seat right beside the kids father at the EMS game !

  49. Tom,
    All that “gossip” you keep talking about has probably been already reported to the GCS fairplay hotline. All credible tips are investigated , all bogus “gossip” is thrown out.
    I am an alumni of Dudley and proud of it. My daughter went to the Dudley Academy and finished college in three years. My son goes there now , member of the football team and enjoying every minute of it.
    What Dudley is doing for our community works.
    Maybe just doesn’t work for you.

  50. Oh Full court, stop crying and report it. If you have proof that something illeagal actually happened report it! Everything you have said so far is not illeagal, but report it any way if you feel like it is.

    Better yet if it was illeagal why wouldn’t the kid parent report it?

    Anyway, lets get back to talking about conference play and get ready for the play offs!

    What do you think about that Andy?

  51. Observations-
    1. Everyone should investage facts before speaking of want they think they know-
    -# of players in the academy,Criteria for Early Colleges @ Dudley

    2. Speak from factual information that you can support with proof -# of players in the academy,

    3. DO NOT ASSUME – Why are Coach P @ Middle school games

    4. Refrain from trying to disect that which you do not understand -Panther Pride(Family)

    5. Don’t place blame until you obtained the burden of proof- Why the kids apply yo academy

    Food for thought-
    Why were kids Flocking to Grimsley to play in the spring
    Why were kids flocking to Ragsdale to play in the spring.
    Why did kids jump to NG to play last fall & spring
    Why are kids playing for ORMA

    The OVERALL focus on priorites is like the focus on the orginal topic of this post …LOST

    The focus should be on getting an education….IF the kids are getting that and are legal according to the rules that are set forth by the powers that be. Then we must all except it … NOT like but Except… .

    6.STAY on TOPIC of the POST …. SCORES

  52. The Southeast kid will not be at Dudley next year. Trust me. Westchester, Maybe. Word of God, Maybe. Dudley, Not going to happen.

  53. All of this over a coach showing up at a middle school basketball game????????
    You guys are a joke just take a look at yourself in the mirror yes you are a joke.
    Now days its a blessing to see a kid go to school now matter what school or what kind of school. I wish you guys were discussing how we can keep them there I think that would be worth your while.
    Please give the kids a break and discuss their accomplishments find another sight to
    discuss GCS problems please. WHY WHERE YOU AT THE GAME?????????? Thats a JOKE

  54. There is alot of truth in most of these posting. The fact is that any and every coach in the county just wants to be able to enjoy a little TEAM or SCHOOL Pride. We have to blame the parents who shop their kids around for what they call the best opportunity to secure a scholorship. With the way the system is set up with the use of computers, if you are a true athlete, the college coaches will find you. They shouldn”t look at a place like Dudley, Northern, Smith or Western and think it gives my child the best opportunity. Send your child to combines,AAU showcases, play on a AAU team and try to be the best player at your school. If your a diamond in the ruff, they will find you, but if your deep on someones bench, you’ve just wasted a season. I’m just glad I’m from a small town, were everyone knew everyone and it meant something to play for your local high school team.

  55. Dudley Fan,
    If the shoe was on the other foot, you would fell the same way. A kid comes up through your youth programs, attends your team camps, plays on your local AAU sponsorerd team, is the star at the middle school next door, then someone else reaps the benefit of your programs and coaches hard work and efforts for what you would call the DUDLEY TRADITION!! Give me a break. I just fell bad that you’ll have that talent year end and year out and can’t beat teams with real coaches. What would coaches like the ones at Trinity, Kinston or even Freddy Johnson do with that level of talent? Your court would be filled with a dozen banners and not just the 3 or 4 that you currently have.

  56. To: Fan
    That is a good question, but one that, I am sure, will go unanswered. I do honorthe fact that Dudley has their traditions, but I am also aware that other schools have lost their traditions for the same reasons that Dudley has been allowed to retain theirs.

  57. Might funny how last year all of those kids said they were at NG because of it’s great academics all left when the Coach left.
    Fan Carolina gets the top talent in basketball year in and year out, The Yankees get the best talent in baseball year in and year out, UCON get the best girls year in and year……….My point is none of them win Titles every year.
    You guys always want to talk about how bad of a Coach Price is!
    Take a look in the mirror how many times have you guys been employee of the month, employee of the year on your job? Are you the best at what you do? Probably not but yet you want to hold Coach Price to a higher standard?

  58. What many of you guys do not realize is that Dudley tradition is not all about what happens on the football field or the basketball Courts…………….I mean from the Greensboro Four like one posters has already stated to Doctors, Lawyers, CEO’s, etc.

  59. Fan:

    Freddy has the luxury of working at a private school ala Oak Hill Academy that offers schollys to get kids into his program and he still can’t win any state titles, lol!! What’s your point here? Look guys, Panther Pride is here to stay whether you like it or not . Since when was it illegal for coaches showing up at basketball games? It’s a free country so Coach Price, Coach Shoemaker, Coach Johnson or Coach Shaka Zulu can attend if they are so inclined.

    Take issue with Dudley all you want but Panther Nation is fully behind our program and we are very grateful to have a great band, great students and yes, great athletic programs.

  60. Fan,

    Your beginning and end do not support each other.

    First you talk of work being put in and kids playing with in programs and then you mention Freddie Johnson who will reap the benefits of someone else hardwork in a heartbeat.How many states does Freddie have with paid talent

    Then you mention Kinston who has loads of talent and how many championships.

    The point is he has Championships Do you or your school

  61. Fan
    That to me sounds personal if you have a personal gripe with The basketball coach then write him a letter dont put it out on this site.
    Andy does a great job of keeping us abreast of whats going on in high school sports please lets stay positive and remember that its not just about my kid its about all kids.
    I know what you are saying just be mindful that kids are reading this sight and you
    may not think much of the basketball coach but maybe some kid does………..
    Banners are nice but they are not the most important thing in a childs life.
    Respect for other people is very important.

  62. It is a lot of people on this board throwing stones at Dudley but yet they stay in a GLASS HOUSE! Stop hiding the hand that is throwing the stone! Stop drinking the poison and hoping Dudley roll over and dies.

  63. Tom,

    I am the original poster of To Tom:

    See what you started…Lol. I do apologize for my tone in using the words bigot and racist.


    65 comments is enough. Please shut this one down.

  64. Don’t shut down just yet. I have a few observations:

    1) I don’t really think anyone is playing a race card. What would the reaction be if someone said don’t be hating on an all white school? I don’t think anyone is making a comment about Dudley because of the color of skin. Are you saying Dudley wouldn’t want a white player? I think the last one I can remember was Hankins. Is that correct? Let’s make this about something besides race.

    2) It’s no secret Coach Price has pursued players through the years. Even before the Academy. I have no issue with any kid or parent trying to improve their life or opportunity to succeed by attending the school they think is best for them. That would be my argument for any kid attending GDS. They have 100% enrollment in college. If he is not caught, or if GCS chooses not to pursue, there is no reason harping on it.

    3) I have heard this kid has like 6 schools, public and private all over him. Has anyone seen him play that can tell me what he does? Know when he plays again. I would like to see him myself.

  65. and don’t forget that jimmy hankins was the coache’s son—does that really count? all i can say about a ballyhooed middle school player is braxton williams ( now don’t get me wrong, he had a very good hs career and plated football @ clemson—and I might add is a very nice man)—my point is that when he was in middle school everyone thought he would be the 2nd coming ( i do mean of the big man’s son ), but he probably did not grow an inch. he got bigger and stronger and was still a fine athlete. By the way, good old FJ tried like hell to get him to go to GDS, just as he did with #13 @ UNC. I do admire both those young men for not selling out, however.

  66. just a note!!! southeast middle school can be a feeder school into DUDLEY HIGH SCHOOL. all depends on the lines… there are many students who went to southeast middle that attend dudley now…..dudley and southeast share bordering lines and zones….it all depends on the neighborhood…

  67. Why hasnt anyone addressed maybe why T@#$! doesnt want to attend his home school………..The SouthEast Guilford basketball coaching staff is terrible (abusive)! Can somebody address that, cause the adminstration out there hasnt & its time for a change. Just come watch a game & no its not the kids there is talent out there…..A GOOD coach will make a team out of what he has with positive reinforcement & hard work fundmentally, then maybe theywouldnt be losing their players. LETS TALK ABOUT THAT! GCS needs to review/evaluate coaching positions just like teaching positions as well. If they arent making the mark then replace them. Our children are also under their supervison just a in the classroom & the same rules should apply. Some of these coaches are just collecting a paycheck at the expense of our childrens well being, coaches being verbally & mentally abusive etc. So monitor those positions as well & maybe people , big maybe, people wont be so inclined to shop thier kids around. Dont get me wrong it will still happen, but in this case (SE Guilford) I’m willing to guarantee this is the 1# problem.

  68. The only way te SE middle school lines could direct a student to Dudley instead of SE is if Price drew them himself.

  69. If you don’t know this kid then you are not a basketball fan. He has been the best player his age in this area and in the state since he was 8 years old. Now he is one of the best 14year old players in the nation. This kid has a “motor” that won’t quit. His basketball IQ is off the charts. Size and skill! When you see him play its like a man playing with boys. Oh yeah, he played with the 17u D-One Sports team this past summer and played a lot. The people in the basketball circle call him “The Big Ticket”. He is a humble kid that has great parents that keep him grounded. Awesome kid! I wish him and his family well.

  70. Fellows it is time to let this go and then we can all rest in peace(RIP) for another night. If you have any questions call the County offices and complain and maybe you can get something done.

    I think we have done about all we can here for a while and maybe we can re-address this issue again at a later date. The kid at SEG needs his space and so does his family and our coaches have to get ready for their games that are coming up on Friday.

    Hopefully Brandon Jennings won’t be the featured speaker at the SEG Middle School sports banquet and we can keep our kids in the county and let’s hope they all have an equal opportunity.

    This one/topic will be closed now, until another day.

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