Keenan Allen named to Parade All America team

Northern Guilford’s Keenan Allen has been named to the Parade All America high school football team and that is another tall order acquired by the young man who has made his intentions known for the University of Alabama in the fall if everything falls into place and if not you might see him heading elsewhere.

We’ll all know for sure on February 3, the upcoming National Signing Day, when all the HS football players sign the paperwork and let their intentions be made official……

Here is the good word on Keenan Allen on the Parade All America team from today’s News and Record and this should be coming out soon in your Sunday Parade Magazine that is usually found in your Sunday N&R….

Click Here for the news on Keenan Allen from the N&R on-line……


  1. Alabama?????
    Word on the street is Allen is not going to Alabama.
    He is having second thoughts and has visited Clemson, NC St.
    and could possibly be headed to Oregon as well. All this is speculation.
    Anyone out there know whats going on ?

  2. As we mentioned here on the site this past weekend, both Keenan and his brother Zach Maynard visited Clemson that past weekend and the Clemson people are putting out on their web sites and message boards that their mom likes Clemson and that Clemson is now a major player for both of their services, Zach and Keenan…..

    The mom likes Clemson and the family wants to see these guys go in as a package deal so they can play together again like they used to at Grimsley.

    I have also heard of visits to N.C. State, but had not heard of Oregon being in the mix. No matter where they go they should do very well…

    They have been practicing and hooking up with pass plays in their backyard since they were 5 years old and they will make somebody a good combination…….

  3. Is the Maynard kid transferring from Buffalo ? If he is, then he would have to sit out. Also, Clemson has a really good QB. I guess Saban at Bama decided not to tailor the offense to Kennan’s talents.

  4. Hey Andy, I just checked Clemson’s website. They have Kyle Parker (soph), Willie Korn (soph), and Tajh Boyd (fr). All of the QB’s were highly touted HS players. I think Maynard will make a mistake by transferring to Clemson. DId he really do his homework ? I think he shouild have followed Gill to Kansas. I read on thei site that the new coach was disappointed that he left.

  5. Andy, Clemson has 3 QB’s. Why would Maynard consider transferring there? That makes no sense what so ever. Why not follow Gill to Kansas?

  6. Congratulations Keenan! You deserve every bit of the accolades you have received, and wherever you decide to go to college, the Nighthawk Nation will be watching and cheering you on!

  7. Saban has lots of talent and a great offensive cast returning. I can see
    Keenan playing some defense and special teams. Keep in mind not to many players start their freshman year. Keenan would see a lot more playing at Clemson or NC St. on offense.

  8. sp@de…..Zach has to sit out for 1 year because of the transfer rules. Tajh Boyd was one of the top recruited
    High School QB’s in the nation. Zach may not play for a long time.

  9. Updated info on Keenan Allen from the Army All Star Game…

    Keenan didn’t play any offense only defense.He only touched the ball 3 times twice on punts in which he almost broke the only one that was returnalbe for 45yds… The kick off he returned for 50yds. The East scored on those posessions. He also caused two
    fumbles in which 1 he recovered.

    Clemson is looking interesting and at N.C. State they still have Russell Wilson and the Glennon kid. They say Zach Maynard has a cannon for an arm and Keenan want to grab a few of those cannonballs…..

  10. for all you saying zach hasnt done his homework nonsense.A) kyle parker is a projected 1st round pick in next years draft. B) willie korn announced at the end of the season he was transferrings only leave boyd who is more of a runner and doesnt have the arm zach has….nc state is also a logical choice because russell is a projected 1-3rd round pick in the draft and there worrried about glennon with inability to put on weight.. also for keenans stand point they both throw the ball a whole lot more than bama….nc state would probably be the smartest choice due to the 31 td passes thrown last year

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