Jim Modlin survives heart attack scare and it looks like he is headed in the right direction

Big Jim Modlin, out of Gold’s Gym on Battleground Aveune and from many of our Friday night high school radio over the years, is battling back from a staph infection in his ankle and he had to go through a heart attack scare last week at the High Point Regional Hospital.

It looks like Jim will make it back from the ankle injury and the staph infection, plus the heart attack scare was just that, a false alarm, but Big Jim has been down a pretty long and tough road here in the past few weeks and he just about saw the road coming to a close a few times during his recent ordeals…..

Looks like he is on the road to recovery now and he should be back on his old schedule soon……


  1. That’s great news! Jim, we hope you continue to recover and will be back to normal soon.

  2. Best of luck to him. Please tell him to be very careful with the staph infection. My father just passed away from one. They are nothing to mess around with.

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