The biggest game of the night last night was: South Carolina over Kentucky 68-62

Huge game last night down in Columbia, South Carolina and this might just be the biggest win in the history of University of South Carolina Gamecock sports.

To beat the the #1 team in the nation and it’s not like South Carolina hasn’t been beaten Kentucky lately, but this was the BIG ONE. To beat the unbeaten, #1 team in the country and one of our radio guys that helps with the broadcasts, Dennis White, his nephew is Devan Downey….

Downey is now the Man. He is among the five-best players in the country. He is averaging 30 points a game over his last six and he he has been tearing it up. He was at 30 last night and he hit for 36 last Saturday….

Devan Downey is “The Man” and his uncle lives right here in Greensboro and I just saw him this morning at the downtown library.

I heard this one last night with South Carolina over Kentucky, from the UK broadcast on 1530AM and we have more…….

The real scoop on last night’s game:
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  1. Just goes to show you why college basketball is still true to the game itself . . .UNC loses to Kentucky by 2 @ the Wilcats place . . . and you get the ‘Cats away from Rupp Arena to a team nobody is thinkinking much about . . . . UPSET CITY! The ” Cats” will lose some more ,just you watch and see. Can’t under estimate anybody, on even given nite it has possibilities(Hint: Blue Devils vs FSU)

  2. South Carolina would kick North Carolina’s butt or @$$. The Gamecocks are the Carolina around here and Downey stomped John Walls out last night like a dog. Dog.

    Devan Downey is the best college basketball player in the US and he is the top playa too.

    Downey for College POY and can you dig it DOGS.

  3. Clemson is still the best team in South Carolina. Even S.C. State is better than the roosters. Go Bulldogs and USC is last in my book. I would call what I have been reading here, False Advertising.

  4. Huh! That’s funny! I am with you, I don’t think South Carolina has ever won anything. But the fact that they did beat the two biggest crooks in college basketball, Calipari and Wall, that is all that matters to me. Loved seeing there faces after the loss. And as the commentator said on the game with a few minutes left, it WILL be difficult for UK to contend for the national title with so much inexperience come tournament time. Also, it did look like Downey was a handful. The coaches around the country should take notice especially if they have the 5’9″ jet type point guard.

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